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  1. I only use Narrow Minded for mobile defense missions. Base size for Cataclysm seems fine for me, maybe just a 15% bump from Cunning Drift if anything. Larger than that and teammates usually start to complain. I find Energy Siphon really isn't needed, as energy generation inside the Rift is quite good on its own. I used to end up using Enemy Radar/Loot Detector/Corrosive Projection situationally instead, otherwise just Speed Boost to rush through missions. I ended up putting an Aura Forma on Limbo so my teams can benefit from Power Donation, or Steel Charge to make my Exodia Contagion dagger even more lethal. Also, any Limbo build should try to find room for Rolling Guard, as it makes dashing out of the Rift much less dangerous.
  2. Per title, ran some Jupiter invasions siding with the Corpus, but Amalgam enemies are still spawning as hostiles. Even Corpus NPC allies will target and attack Amalgam spawns.
  3. "Apply Sigil to all Frames" when? Would love to be able to switch Syndicate sigil to all frames to make it easy when trying to earn specific Standing.
  4. Still a problem with stealth hunting for me while using Ivara. Had 2 Thumpers in a row disappear after destroying 3 legs. Had them marked to track them, and can verify they just vanished off the map.
  5. I always wanted to go to safe.
  6. I usually find that most random teams have a mindset of "Everyone needs to have fun MY WAY..." It's why I solo a lot and don't run a lot of Eidolons or Profit Taker. *shrug*
  7. As noted above, Autoblock apparently counts as "Aim Glide" to launch Contagion's infested grenade. If you're using a Zaw and try to make a melee attack after a double-jump (like a melee slam), any incoming fire that triggers Autoblock will cause you to launch an Infested Grenade that will most likely kill you. Please, oh please bring back old-fashioned Blocking instead of Autoblocking, or give us a toggle in Options.
  8. Barely visible, barely audible Corpus grenades.
  9. Definitely buggy this week. There's also a challenge for "Jailer: Complete 3 Captures" but it only showed during missions (I completed it, but it doesn't show as done in Liset either).
  10. Can you just ... REMOVE the Lotus transmission after the first run-through of the mission? It's bad enough she clutters 50% of the screen and I can't see half the enemies shooting at me while traversing to the boss, but the fact that it has to be listened to at full length for every run through makes me feel like I'm watching "Metroid: Other M" cut-scenes all over again ...
  11. Not just you, it's been happening regularly to a lot of people including myself. I can deploy 5 extractors on PC and 4 on Switch copied account. Both regularly seem to be missing an extractor when I come back to claim/cycle them.
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