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  1. He hasn't spawned for me at all on PC, but twice on Switch. The first time he spawned, he showed up alone while I was running solo with a Loki ranking up a Tatsu with no other weapons. Cheesed him by whittling him down with an operator amp which took over 10 minutes. I got a Fever Strike. The second time he spawned with 3 invulnerable fugitives while I was running solo Loki ranking up a Broken Scepter. Between the hammer whirlwind and the constant fire support, I stood no chance. I died and he disappeared. So basically it's a long annoying fight with terrible drop chance
  2. Are you playing with the Steam version or the standalone version of Warframe? For the longest time I had nothing but problems with Xbox controllers and Steam myself, but this last big update actually fixed all of my problems.
  3. Everyone is going nuts trying to get their digital ticket just like me...
  4. The speed of the response sometimes is also affected by the type of problem. For account issues like the password problem noted above, it takes much longer. For a simply misuse of chat (that hopefully doesn't include profanity or hate speech) it's may only a short chat ban of a day or two. Additionally, DE is still kind of an indie company with a large playerbase, their support staff has a lot of tickets on their plate. I've sometime put the wrong chat in the wrong channel, but have only gotten kicked from chat temporarily for it. To be actually banned, you may have made a similar mistake
  5. IMO, it should show up over the Cetus/Plains nodes when you hover over them on the Star Chart. The same way it should for other Earth nodes that have a day/night timer.
  6. You appear to be sailing across the sky whilst standing upon a creature of the avian variety...
  7. You may have more fun recruiting squads rather than trying to police how random people on the internet behave when you're lumped in with them. Best wishes.
  8. No where in game is any sort of notice about an AFK system. There is no warning when you are reaching AFK penalty, and no notice when you've passed it. I'm all for anti-leeching systems, but this one is poorly implemented. And as noted, even if it is known, it's poorly explained if it can still penalize smart use of frames like Banshee, Mesa, etc...
  9. And it was a fundamentally flawed system that easily allowed for monopolies to be created, and made the alliances that held sectors veritably impossible to unseat.
  10. And then we'd just have to nerf the next META FOTM. It's a vicious cycle.
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