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  1. Not a single Wolf sighting for me, and I play at least an hour every day if not more.
  2. Having automatic block messes up charge attacks. As someone who often uses charge attacks with melee (Kestrel, Redeemer, Sarpa, Sancti Magistar, etc.) I often find them getting interrupted by the block animation. If anything, please add a toggle in Options to disable this. The default Aim/Block button (Right Mouse) will often switch you out of melee and back into guns unless you ONLY have a melee weapon equipped. As a result, if you try to Aim Glide with melee it changes you back to your Primary/Secondary weapon.
  3. Can confirm the same. Balefire only works when activated before starting Aegis Storm. If Balefire is turned off while Aegis Storm is running, it cannot be reactivated as well. On a tangent: if Balefire is the only attack that can be used when Aegis Storm is active, shouldn't Balefire automatically activate with Aegis Storm? At the very least, maybe a Long Press of 4 can activate/deactivate both abilities.
  4. Seems to be a problem with any Warframe with melee Exalted Weapons. Also tested the same with Wukong and Baruuk: Exalted ability can be activated but then pressing Mouse Button 1 will draw out their Primary/Secondary weapon while the ability still drains energy.
  5. I'm comfortable where I am, thanks very much. You can leave it you want. I'm sure you're very busy directing all sorts of traffic wherever you are.
  6. On the Internet, it's hard to say if people don't understand objectification or if they just don't care.
  7. I'd go with the latter for now, mostly because I don't care for Spin2Win melee.
  8. Her abilities already have placeholder names that were leaked in the last Devstream (Reservoir, Light, Harness, Reverie). Odds are her abilities are mostly set, they just need some more internal testing/tweaking.
  9. Nice, but was hoping for animals in general. Was hoping this would also include the POE Condorocs and Kuaka, Earth Kubrows, Derilect Kavats, etc.
  10. We just got Corpus Kit Guns for secondary weapons. We have Ostron Zaws on the Grineer-patrolled Plains of Eidolon (and some Infested Zaws) for melee. When modular primaries eventually come out, will they be from a Grineer faction, or will it be an Infested-based weapon? I would assume the former, but personally I would really rather see the next open-world zone be an Infested Xini. Maybe the best of both: modular Grineer primaries available for helping a faction reclaim an Infested landscape? *Edit: Alternately, New Loka is due for some quest/zone attention. Since their specter is an Infested Ancient, maybe they could be tied to reclaiming an Infested Zone?
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