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  1. Lmao what? The evidence for change wasn't just whispers and rumors, it was documented. And again, DE could have easily kept the guides if they wanted to, but guess what? They got rid of them, and they (DE) themselves say it was a good decision.
  2. They didn't force their hand, DE could have easily kept the guides (it wouldn't have been a good decision, but they could have). Even Reb in this exact thread said it was a good thing for the community that its gone.
  3. I remember all the old "worship" threads people in LPW used to get. Is that still a trend or did they die off a long time ago?
  4. Speaking of discord, if you want mine just PM me and I'll send you my ID
  5. Some peoples names have changed around. I know who magprime is, but anyone else mind refreshing my memory?
  6. First time posting here since like 2016... any regulars still around?
  7. I am absolutely loving all the enemy variation in the Orb Vallis. Will we be seeing more variety like this in normal missions anytime soon? It really spices up the game.
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