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  1. TYPE: In-game, cambion drift bounty DESCRIPTION: Latrox Une doesn't spawn. Previous objective waypoint stuck on Garv and didn't tell us where Latrox was. REPRODUCTION: Previous stage in bounty was the grineer defense/exterminate where you double their kills, next was the latrox une stage. EXPECTED RESULT: Latrox Une should've spawned, and the objective waypoint should've been bound to him. OBSERVED RESULT: Waypoint stayed on previous objective, didn't show us where Latrox was REPRODUCTION RATE: I have no idea, this is the first time happening to me.
  2. TYPE: In game, Cambion Drift bounties DESCRIPTION: Archwing launcher says invalid location no matter where you are after exiting Necramech REPRODUCTION: Exit Archwing with melee attack, Summon Nechramech, enter Nechramech, exit Nechramech, use archwing launcher. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have entered Archwing mode in a clearly valid location. OBSERVED RESULT: No matter the location, the archwing deployer will say you are in an invalid location REPRODUCTION RATE: This happens 2/3 times from my experience. I usually use Atlas with a moa companion. Not sure if thats
  3. TYPE: In game, Necramech DESCRIPTION: User can get stuck outside necramech in a faceplanted pose, not allowing them to move even with /unstuck. Necramech gets frozen in place and had the side effect of not allowing loid to go the isolation vault code room VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Not entirely sure. It could involve getting staggered with an archweapon in hand while also owning a necromech. EXPECTED RESULT: Necromech works fine, user not perma staggered. Loid can get to the vault OBSERVED RESULT: User of necromech locked in stagger animation with archweapon visible, L
  4. TYPE: In-Game, Isolation Vault DESCRIPTION: Isolation Vault Crystal does not spawn VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Play the isolation vault bounty, incredibly easy to reproduce EXPECTED RESULT: The crystal should've spawned so we could hit it with operator beams to open the vault OBSERVED RESULT: Crystal did not spawn REPRODUCTION RATE: 5/5 times the crystal did not spawn. 3/5 was with a lobby, 2/5 was solo.
  5. I raised a pup from a random egg. I am very happy <3 I named her Blue Bossa (kudos to who ever gets the reference)
  6. This is Dr Chubbs >3< And the newborn <3 (Chubby Tumbles) Edit: added name
  7. Honestly, I'd love to get it through some sort(s) of quest(s). That way it isn't just killing a boss over and over and adds some diversity to how you acquire a frame.
  8. Who needs profanity when you have sarcasm?
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