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  1. The absolute mental gymnastics you are going to is absurdly hilarious. Let me quote what you said "You: Hey devs, what do you think of Rahetalius video? Player 1: Who is Rahetalius? (User searches on youtube) Player 2: Oh, he made a video? Better check that out. (opens youtube)" Here is your same logic "Brozimes idea is good" Player 1: Who is Brozime? (searches on youtube) Player 2: Oh, he made a new video? Better check that out (opens youtube) The least you could be is consistent. Remember, I wanted DE to respond to Rahetalius' feedback. That's right, his feedback. The same thing you said is alright. I want DE to give their opinions on it. Since it relates to the devstream, and this thread is partially dedicated to it, meaning that discussions around what feedback DE should discuss is completely relevant.
  2. The problem with this is people discuss ideas from warframe videos FREQUENTLY. They'd have to get rid of every single mention of any warframe youtuber and their ideas, by your logic. I frequently see posts like "brozimes idea for a (insert x warframe) looks good!" or "X youtuber said Y weapon is actually really good" in feedback threads. Why aren't those posts removed for advertising?
  3. That really has nothing to do with what I'm saying. No doubt DE has already seen the video, I was merely hoping they were to address the points made in his video. How is that advertising?
  4. My comment got deleted, and it didn't link the video, though. This is exactly what I said: "I really hope points made in Rahetalius' video are brought up during the devstream."
  5. Could any mod explain to me why any mention of Rahetalius gets removed? I merely suggested that DE comment on his video on the devstream, and it was deleted. I see no reason to remove it.
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