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  1. Oh no... what would we have done if we couldn't show off our riven to other players or the market... the calamity the horror!
  2. In the state it is rn ye definently
  3. We got different power level standards then. The companions by themselves do really low damage and the status proc is rather low for the actual nr of attacks they do (that or mine are on the low IQ side of the evolution pool) . I'll admit one thing do, the fact that the foxes (i refuse to call them kavats because kavats are supposed to eat infestation ...) can resurrect is a nice QoL effect and the dogs should have had it as well (all our companions for that mater... ). Your idea of tying the mechanic to something else is good and probably what they will do some time in the next 1
  4. So much for trusting the % you guys give us ... While we are with this ... a lot more items in the game have different % than the ones you guys say they have ... just saying. How did that get in? I thought that was for after tencent was the new owner... I sure hope you give us a mute option like with ordis she is for sure background noise lately. I'm curious to see the fixes on host migration, it was a real issue. Until 29.0.8 keep on giving DE.
  5. Tbh it looks better on the dark theme than on the light one ... The modifications you propose for the light theme look better honestly speaking.
  6. True for 98%-ish of the players that are crying about resources on the forums. Animal conservation do should be looked at ... the spawn rates for the rare ones is a bit (to put it nicely) a dumbster fire
  7. Have you tried do ? Moral support helps in the rice fields you know ...
  8. Have you tried using nekros or hidroid ? You want balance breaking abilities for free? earn them :) Also mutagen samples to hig? lol good one i think they are too low xD
  9. That moment when he asks for 50 plant(at least i'm treating it as a plant...) parts and you already have 2k xD feels bad man
  10. Yea... guess not so endgame as they tough hmmm oh well gotta feed bob the 5th frame :P
  11. It's not being rude it's being critical of Quality control. Poor coding practices is not an excuse for not doing it correctly in the first place. I'm saying this from the point of view of a software enginer that actually works building code for a living.
  12. This post is to bring attention to this isue and to ask again. Stil waiting for an example that would make any one chose this new pets over what we already have. This filler content fails to even be filler coz they don't give mastery after gilding.<---Another bug that would have appeared min 1 if it was properly play tested....
  13. Play testing the product at it's finest... another bug that would have been the first thing that poped up after checking it out for bugs..... I'm starting to believe DE doesn't test at all what they release any more....
  14. Do tell me what magical build will you make for the first fox species and the other 2 that are sooooooo diferent . They are filler content and give hardly any reason to use them other than being permanent QoL coz they can't die and give you a % to not get damaged when they are dead ( when they are alive if you kil somthing you get a % of the same until you atack again... so after you kiled everything you get a few mins of damage reduction coz while you are atacking on melee or with fire arms you desactivate it wow so usefull so well made) . they don't realy bring somthing good to the table or
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