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  1. You got 1 in 19??? That's too many ... nerf hammer time! Now seriosly, it's rng man i belive it's 5% to get one in the first place.
  2. Well technically we did death sentence withaut the reading rights , giving them a chanse to defend themselfs against suposed crimes etc etc... So... kiling , betraying and all that good stuff is fine n,n i plan to staby stab the lotus any ways... one more corpse to the pile won't change things xD
  3. Congratz , so now will you fix NPC lack of AI , map cliping , weapon and wf cliping animations , addons that aren't aligned on wfs ... the 3rd orb mother , raids , fix to eidolon flash bangs -like effects and the long list that is actualy 200 pages long ?
  4. I don't see the point of you calling them event mods if they are no longer that.... Wait for the actual numbers before saying that about DE.... This is the original reason i comented. Fundamentally there wasen't any change in usage and the only thing killed off was attack speed that now instead of berserk we have to use primed furry. No one said they are not behinde grind walls , but the main diference is that one is being sold as a buff to a lot of weapons while the other is just being gutted for the sake of the feelings of animation director. Don't get me wrong, art in general in this game is what is carrying them hard right now but i just doubt the fancy movements that take ages to perform without any attack speed is a factor in player retention... <- This is coming from a player that mostly used and ejoyed melee from back in the stamina era....
  5. Exactly, that is what is being sold as a buff right now. And even forgeting the nerfs and suposing we have the new mods... melee will stil outperform ... I'm serisoly confused to who are they listening to. Any one that has a few hours into this game will realize. Withaut changing the topic i'll just point to the parazon and Pablo having to use a barely moded weapon to showcase finishers... DE day by day seem to know less about how this game plays and in some instances works (coz some bugs just keep on repeating in the first isntace of some repeated content , example recharge arcane for kitguns) ...
  6. I doupt that even if i explain to you why the afirmation you say is flawed you would understand but here i go: In a scenario of 0 mods , melee weapons outscale the rest because of the combo counter. With mods, the combo counter gous in overdrive, extra crit chanse , damage , status chanse ... we even get a mod that uses applied status chanse and adds damage(condition overload). At this point in time is where we are. Lets take it as a baseline. DE afirms that people don't use the rest of the arsenal or that "animations too fast" <- a false afirmation from them because hardly any weapon build will ever use furry and berserk simultanrously if its not a meme build. Melee deal more damage , atack faster and don"t need ammo ansiety. DE says we will buff the rest of the weapons to bring their usage up in steel path(the exact wording is for hig level content if i'm not mistaken) <- up to here ok , perfectly razonable, more choices more power to every one (bot hdesign team and also to players). What is the buff? We get some mods that are locked behind grind walls that force you to deal with the content that was hard to do with thous weapons.... Picture this : you love primary and secundary. You dread melee... steel path will be straight up torture ( if you don't like to use 20+ ammo per mob that is). You say " locked behind a temporary event " either you realy don't know or you are the target audience for this buffs that they made... the mods they nerfed drop from the core star chart withaut any event, more specificalt deimos. To finalize, we get the core star system weaker (that won't change anything coz melee stil go brrrr) and in order to boost artificial usage numbers we get a grind wall(both in endo and farm). It is ok to defend a game you like but look in the mirror and ask yourself if it's worth to defend somthing that is fundamentaly out of touch with the reality of the game you like. Or are you going to tell me you admire every one of the melee combos in slow motion, enjoy seeing that message of "you been playing over one hour... consider a breack" , bugs that are stil in the game since 2018... with a long list that i can keep on saying but won't help any one coz DE only reads 0.001% of the forums , feedbacks etc. Have a good day
  7. I belive many asked for combo count equivalent... but maybe that's just me ... i haven't read the meme chanel in a while.... 3 to 4 years late and just position swap no revisit to base length ... it's better than a slap in the face but stil not a buff at the end of the day. Overall the more i think about it the more i belive the "on kill" condition has basically deleted some mods for true late game(500+levs) or for the boss "content" that you guys trow out in the past 2 years(100bilion hp and call it balanced). Your game, your rules i guess ...
  8. Stil heavy situational I want them to stop runing from me ... not them to start runing around.... Is it that hard to code the sentinel to land and need to be resurected like pets???? Serisly it's been a few years since we are asking for this ... guess a half way solution is better than no solution ... More speed yes ! Damage reduction during hacking ? Just ... why? So basicaly ... Humongus nuke on averange damge , minimum effort expansion to the other system and around 30% damage buff to primary and secondary ... I'm honestly a bit disapointed
  9. Live reaction as reading ... Lets go ... hope it's better than the nuke you droped on melee What happens to the lost experience we didn't get coz we had a cap before? I sacrificed a few wfs after the cap already.... ... so instead of arcane guardian we infuse this ? This is a tier 12 ?????? Actualy ... pretty good one depending on the numbers probably will see decent use. Only usefull if we had somthing that was such a sponge for the damage and procs ... gl geting over the 5% usage little ability! OwO this one will probably see the least usage of all , but i finde it interesting ! Also ... max rank for this? >,< com on guys .... it's interesting but hardly worth the ammout of resource sink.... Please god don't make me hunt red animals in red grass again ... Tx god ! i won't have to hunt down red animals ! ... This affinity system is pure rng and you can't control it , if it's the frame i mostly use i'll interact with it if no it won't see any usage. <--- Don't you see the 3 out of 46 warframes being low % of hiting the ones you mostly play? I don't see anything that says the ones you most use will have higer % ... This will result in somthing obscure that might be used from time to time. For every 2 months of interacting with the system you can chose 1 waframe... And stil 0 info on the cost to get this blessing... Honestly i expected 50k starting price or even 75k .. This "expansion" is lacking tbh , for it to be a 2-3 month radio silence it's realy realy low effort. Only thing interesting is that treasure finding wisp but seriosly not making up for the nuke on melee
  10. Unga bung big stick no damge , will me use big gun now pew pew .... The tone-deaf sentiment is what i got from this as well specialy the "accidental trow part" made me laugh a bit.
  11. Live reaction as i read this.... Lets go! So instead of boosting the ones that are laking you lower the strong ones and bandaid the others ... oke Stil no reason why no buff to the "unfun" acording to you guys ... i personaly mess around with all my arsenal but maybe i'm the strange one... So rip weapons that actualy needed that much attack speed to be usefull Masive damage lose for the weapons that were near the edge of red crits and no effect on the ones that were siting pretty over it. Yes coz making status based weapons (that are about 60%+ of them) do less damage than the unga bunga crits is giving us choises... Welcome back to the obscure part of the arsenal glaives. Also "accidentally trow" ermm did you ask a Kotaku or some other game jornalist about this one? Seriosly not seeing how it can be posible... You seriosly don't see the doble dip in the nerf here do you? condition overload nerfed , status aplication nerfed(also there are other ways to apply tons of status that isn't the kuva nukor just saying...) , critical nerfed for an overal reduction of damage output of like 50% ish on averange or more in some particualr cases. Oh boy can't wait for 10%-20 % dps increase ... *edit after reading full post* oke oke probably more like 30 % on averange, but you just created potential problems on the multishot+ status department That's an bandaid if i ever seen one. Arcanes are not a weapon reward are a bonus for grinding. If some one doesn't go out and farm this they won't see any of that reward for the skil now, will they? So the mentality is : " you have a hard time doing this content? -> make rewards that help you do that content as a drop in the content you are having a hard time in... oh and we made it harder coz we nerfed the alternatives" ... I guess the 1+1 =2 is not an universal logic thing any more. WOW! So many choises such WOW! *after reading the arcanes* : So basicaly all the same? Game award pick Will be the less used if i't not in eidolon hunting and you should know this by now, just by the weapon usage metrics. For this one in particular i'd recomend to have it as plat option as well, there are not many plat sinks right now after a certain point in the game. Honest recomendation , I'll probably end up farming them to have somthing to do ingame until new content... Multishot and status ones ... You will end up nerfing them in 2-3 years when you revisit the melle weapons coz of low usage... Fare enoght , your game, your rules. Will give feedback on the actual "feel" of this changes once played. But i would like to add that you didn't adress rivens , specialy the atack speed ones. And honestly i don't see why you had to delay this post 2 days , hope it wasn't because the super original arcanes and the variety they bring. Tx for your time.
  12. Ye... i don't know if it's an age thing or what but lately the entire game industry forgot that the aim of their games is to entertain/make players have fun ... because if players have fun they will buy the next microtransaction , the instalment etc. DE sadly has gradually forgotten their origins and instead of giving content to players to have fun they focus on big instalments that are 6 months + apart. Instalment that in my honest opinion are normaly underpolished and if you don't go at it solo (a lot of the bugs seem to be related to p2p) you will find 30 bugs per second until hotfix nr 3~4. Not to mention the fictional unicorn of "balance" that is ussed to nerf to oblivion anything they deem reduces the grind.
  13. Definition of life in the second millenia
  14. As someone that works for a living i understand the sentiment of ye dude i don't have time for this bs grind here's 20 keep the change... But remember that if you encourage the skip aspect , they will make the game more grindy to maximize the skip.... Look at assasin's creed exp "boost" for example... an single player game that let's you skip grind (grind that was put in by design) Today you skip grind for 7 misions (example) tomorrow they will just make that 30 and ask for x3 pl etc The argument of it's a free to play...spending on content like warframes weps , skins is one thing spending on literaly not playing the game asks this important question: Do you want to play this game or not? Remember that sniper mod that super charges first shot?(charged shot i belive) it was originaly as a reward to top x.... It's a slippery slope...
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