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  1. As of this writing, I'm hunting my 5th Kuva Lich. I'm pretty familiar with the game-play at this point and wanted to offer some feedback for consideration. Overall, I'm really enjoying the update and I think the Kuva Liches are a good addition to the game. Having said that, I think there is some opportunity to make some of the game-play loop more rewarding and a little less demanding of our time. Kuva Liches The dynamic appearance, voice, and attributes are awesome. I was shocked to see the Tennogen helmets were also available as Lich adornments, bravo! Scaling difficulty is interesting. I welcome the tension and sense of urgency as the Liches grow stronger and exert more influence over the Sol system. Absent markers and their health bar on top of the screen, the Liches don't necessarily stand out among the crowd in mission. If they were a bit bigger, had flashier colors, or perhaps a bright aura about them they might stand out a bit more from regular Grineer troops. It would be nice for more of the game to react to the presence of Kuva Liches. For example, have Lich-specific dialogue on the scanner or from Nora. Perhaps our operators could infrequently say something in response to Lich banter. Outside our orbiter window, if there were Grineer ships bearing the Lich flag w/ matching colors, that would be cool. Most enemies have limited mobility in stark contrast to Warfames. I think Lich engagements would be a bit more engaging if they featured dramatically enhanced mobility and and some sense of self preservation. As it stands now, they pretty much just stand there while you shoot them in the face. I vaguely recall watching a GDC video from one of the Digital Extemes developers talking about how you used data from players to instruct how specters traverse mission terrain. Perhaps there is opportunity to leverage a similar approach to instruct Lich behavior and mobility. Sphere of Influence Missions & Thralls Seeking out Thalls in mission is fun and engaging. As a tenured player with tons of materials, credits, mods, endo, etc. the end of mission taxes are inconsequential. I think this is compounded by the relatively low percentages that are at risk. Similarly, when you finish off the Lich and you're rewarded with all your missing bounty it's underwhelming. Ultimately, I think this aspect of the loop could use some tweaking. It would be nice to have a thrall-specific drop table with interesting rewards. Some rewards that I think would be relevant to the Lich game-play loop are void traces or kuva. These too would be subject to the end of mission tax. It would be nice for the Grineer enemies on Lich controlled missions to take on the thematic appearance of your Thrall - color scheme, energy color, etc. Similarly, in mission have some Lich graffiti on the walls/floors or banners in mission to drive home the immersion of their presence. Establish opportunities to earn requiem relics in Lich mission nodes - sprinkle them in spy, sabotage cache, excavation, end of mission reward tables. Every once in a while getting one of those relics while running the missions would be a nice feels good moment. If the thralls were an incremental threat, that would be welcome too. Consider re-purposing some of the units from Rathuum and crank their levels up a bit from their peers in mission. This would give us a different silhouette and a little more challenge making each Thrall engagement a little bit more rewarding. Requiem Relics & Mods There's whole separate loop for getting the relics and running them separate from the rest of the Lich system, any opportunity to integrate these loops a bit more would be welcome. Ideas offered above about getting relics or traces in Lich controlled missions or from Thralls would be one way to connect the loops. Similarly, you could have thralls spawn into the Siphon or Requiem Relic missions to help connect the systems - this way you're still making progress (or have an opportunity to make progress) regardless of which loop you're actively working in. I've only seen Rescue and Survival for the Requiem relic missions - I'm not sure if that's just my firsthand experience or by design constrained to these 2 mission types. If it's the latter, I'd recommend opening it up to all of the Kuva Fortress missions.
  2. The acknowledgement and updates are greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Can someone at DE take a look at the data and see how many Amalgam mods have dropped in the past few weeks on PC? Can someone at DE confirm or deny that the Amalgam mods are in fact dropping as intended right now?
  4. It's frustrating that the faux outrage over the mod drop chance booster warrants a response from DE but the radio silence on forthcoming content persists. I may be in the minority, but I don't care about the mod drop chances or loot frame buffs/nerfs. Forthcoming content is of interest to everyone, can we maybe get a couple paragraphs about any of this stuff: Melee 3.0, the New War, Railjack, Stalker mode, new player experience, arch-wing changes, Warframe reworks, enemy scaling, Dark Sectors, re-invigoration of frequent Tenno Reinforcements, bringing trials back, or any other gameplay related content?
  5. @Xandis - Thank you for posting this video, I hope this will get patched soon.
  6. I ran some more missions last night without vacuum to get a better view of the drops. On one mission, I killed an Amalgam Cinder Machinist and out sprang 2 mods from it's corpse at the same time - one was a Motus Setup and the other one was an Orokin Cell. It looked like two mods but only one of them really was a mod. I'll try to get a video of this tonight and post for review.
  7. Provided is a screenshot I took this evening while running a mission on Ananke. One of the amalgams dropped what otherwise looked like a mod. When marked, it came up as Hexenon and when I picked it up it was in fact Hexenon. I recall similar reports about Orokin Cells looking like mod drops related to Amalgam enemies; is this related to unconfirmed issues with Amalgam mods I reported earlier, problematic but unrelated to Amalgam mods, or simply working as intended? Completely unrelated, the floor textures in this room look amazing. For comparison, later in the same mission, I took another screenshot of Hexenon from a broken container with the correct Hexenon drop graphic.
  8. Is it possible that these mods are bugged again? I've run 98 Jupiter missions (capture and exterminate) over the past few days. I roughly estimate I've hit 200 secret rooms and killed 600+ amalgams that drop these mods. I haven't managed to acquire a single one of these mods during this span. I believe I've experienced the issue where the mods drop but when you pick them up it doesn't pop up revealing what you got, the same use case the OP expressed. Confirmation that it is or is not working as intended would be much appreciated - thank you.
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