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  1. Someone that has been playing this game long enough to acquire 160,000 mastery, having done a good portion of the star chart and ranked up several weapons and/or frames isn't a "noob". MR 8 guy still has a lot of Warframe goals available to them, I don't see the harm in availing the Helminth system to them as another goal to pursue. Those of us raising our pitchforks or trying to quell the unrest in the middle of the day on a Wednesday are clearly a vocal minority. Getting into this Helminth system and trying new combinations is the only goal that remains for some of us 'cause we already ha
  2. Balance guy prophesying about game breaking synergies in a power fantasy PVE game = fun cop. I've seen Mirage and Rhino in the same squad. I've seen Chroma and Rhino in the same squad. I dunno, the game seems fine to me.
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