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  1. Presently there are no ways to receive another copy of the Sacrificial or Umbral mods in-game. Contact support and hope they take pity. You will be waiting, but they're your only hope short of waiting for an update that adds them as a repeatable reward.
  2. I can nearly guarantee that the gunfire origin point thing is the result of the entire Empyrean demo being held together by duct tape and bubblegum, rather than it being a permanent design choice. They had their minimally viable build and it held up, so small details like that weren't given time. Here's to hoping the final product isn't like that (or at the very least it get fixed in a hotfix right after the initial launch)
  3. They would be more tolerable if Ancients couldn't also harpoon while stunned, knocked down, or on fire. Grineer Scorpions can't do all that and when Ancients do it, the animations often don't play so it doesn't even seem like a proper feature. There's little you can do to predict it when they don't follow the normal procedure of crowd control effects stopping enemy attacks. Corpus Techs and Grineer Bombard/Heavy Gunners can also do this with their AoE slam which is real annoying.
  4. I like part of this. On one hand, yeah, Magnetic should get Bullet Attractor and keep its damage bonus to shields, making it more attractive as a damage type overall. However I feel Void damage needs a sufficient status effect replacement and the Shield Debuff isn't that. A lot of Sentients do not have shields and the ones that do (the Amalgams) do not have the adaptation effect that makes Sentients harder to kill. Here's some of my ideas I've had for Void Damage. 1) No longer ineffective against Cloned Flesh, Machinery, and Fossilized. Make it a true neutral damage. 2) Status Effect should be something universal. Perhaps status effects will sap energy from enemies to our warframes (or operator!) as a small fraction of the damage dealt. This could also just be added to Magnetic's status effect to make it an attractive damage type without swapping it with Bullet Attractor.
  5. Literally just Loki with Hushed Invisibility or Ivara with a silent weapon. Build for energy/duration. Recast out of sight. I've had this one several times and its a relief to not be something like killing Dargyn Pilots before they hit the ground.
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