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  1. Don't take my Velocitus :*( I actually enjoy it, the only thing I don't enjoy is the knockback animation on full charge. If that was replaced with a 1-2m push backwards (with no animation lock) I'd use it even more.
  2. Random ideas: Combine ranged and melee function. Equip a throwing secondary without a melee weapon and you're able to use them as a single or double dagger. Possibly convert daggers into this too, with high damage but low reserves (or you can retrieve them from your foe like spearguns when thrown). Like bows, give them innate punchthrough as our warframes can probably throw them harder than a normal person. Could help make them less of a single-target weapon. Give all throwing secondaries some homing function. When you add multi-shot, each individual "shot" can track a differ
  3. Eh, there's plenty of choices still left. You can choose any other primary or secondary and then slap a 200% damage modifier on top of that with a level 5 Combat crewmate. At this point I've just gone for aesthetics because when playing solo, once you leave the railjack to enter a ship or point of interest, it's like the AI just shuts off and they become defenseless. It's real annoying.
  4. Possible reasons: *Balance. A lot of bows, namely Kuva Bramma and Lenz, are absurdly powerful. *Lore. Crew members lack the strength and/or skill to use bows and arm cannons, compared to our warframes. *AI. Although liches can use the Kuva Bramma, there are no other NPCs that wield bows that I recall (maybe a Silver Grover specter?) so they didn't want to go through the hassle of programming an entirely new AI just to use a handful of weapons. Same with arm cannons, though that may be more of an animation thing since only tenno use arm cannons and our animation sets are entirely
  5. Sucks, but the chance of him appearing is relatively low. Once you get his mark removed though, you'll not experience the same issue again.
  6. Lavan is okay, just doesn't have the best stats. I'd recommend getting a Vidar or Zetki when possible. Carcinnox has some pretty good raw DPS and is great at close to medium range. Glazio would be pretty good on a gunner NPC because of its high velocity so yeah. I've tried it before and they can engage things over 3 kilometers out no problem.
  7. To be honest it's kinda hard to pick my favorite. For main guns I usually run Apoc or Vort for their good damage, fire rate, and accuracy. On turrets I run Pulsar or Photor (used to be Carcinnox) because the hitscan speed and high accuracy turns the gunnery NPCs into aimbots. The only guns I cannot recommend are the Cryophon and the Talyn. Cryophon can only hit a single target with its wide projectile and just performs very poorly against groups of fighters for how much heat it generates. Talyn are cool but they take a second or two to spin up to max fire rate and the gunnery NPCs have a
  8. I too miss the larger ship. Would have been just fine with the map change and nothing else.
  9. Play with clanmates/friends or accept that pickup groups are like everything else in this game: at the mercy of RNG.
  10. I usually get in close to kill the shield drone. It helps to immobilize it with a Blackout pulse first to stop the ship from moving, or take out the engines if you're a good enough shot. The drone is really easy to hit with the Vort guns because their projectiles are so big. Edit: To clarify, after the shields are down, one shot with forward artillery should do (may need the artillery damage mod for higher levels). It helps to shoot the crewship's own shields (blue HP) before firing artillery since the shields will block like 95% of damage that goes through it on depletion.
  11. Glad to see elitism here is still alive and well. +1 to adding a basic confirmation screen for Primed mods / making Primed mods incompatible with dissolve/transmute. For the rest of you who have never had this accident to you, you will literally be unaffected by it. It's really not that big of an ask.
  12. An interesting idea, though there would likely have to be a lot of adjustments to make them viable for tenno to use like reducing the detonation delay, increasing damage, and not getting blow up by a single point of AoE damage. That said, a homing explosive mine would be a cool addition to our arsenal.
  13. Because the sharks are technically Objects iirc, therefore it doesn't count as a kill when you smack 'em. The witty answer is it's because DE is bad.
  14. might just will bullets into existence with her inexplicable space ninja magic
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