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  1. I posted about it in the test server feedback and I'll say it again: Give us a slider for camera offsets.
  2. You can equip the echo-lure of the animal you are looking to hunt to remove all other sites from your map. This works on all free roam worlds, for all animals with an echo-lure. Is that what you're looking for?
  3. DE has what you might call a "Content Debt" with how they develop Warframe. Because new content is what drives sales and player count growth, fixing and refining past content rarely receives the attention it deserves. Typically they will spend a month or two scouring feedback and bug reports so that recent updates can be fixed, but after that anything that slips through the cracks may not get noticed until happenstance, the devs decide to do a rework of it, or some influencer brings it up and makes it relevant again. If you have the time, keep sending in those bug reports. If you're serio
  4. imagine if MBTs could reflect damage like the Voidrig can tho
  5. rip Goes to show how much I use the Artax anymore.
  6. Railjack came out Dec. 13th, 2019, so it hasn't even been a full year since release. That said, command intrinsics are still nowhere to be found, nor is the mission type shown in the Fortuna gameplay at Tennocon. Still no real ETA on the next Railjack update which will feature Corpus stuff either. I'm a fan of Railjack but have lost the drive to farm for the last things I want long ago.
  7. Personally I use Artax for slowing down capture or synthesis targets. It's actual status chance is pretty low but so is the damage, so you don't have as much risk of killing a synthesis target outright with it. Cryotra I use for weakening the hell out of the nearest enemy. With Viral, it can easily get multiple stacks by the time the enemy reaches you, making them a lot easier to take down. Definitely recommend Cryotra for general purpose usage.
  8. When DE reworked beam weapons to deal damage at a faster rate per second (a lot deal 8 to 12 ticks of damage per second), they also made status chance calculated on every single tick of damage, so when you raise the fire rate, you raise the number of status effects per second.
  9. Dispensary is always fun. With max strength and duration, it'll churn out drops at a decent rate. It won't really add to your ability to crowd control or DPS but will support you and your team's endurance. Alternatively, it seems that Vauban's Overdrive is not included on the list of damage buff abilities, so if you wanted to add Roar or something it should work just fine. EDIT: Fire Blast or Thermal Sunder would be good candidates for debuffing but negative range really hurts them. Breach Surge could possibly amplify the damage of your Flechette Orb over an area, supposing the scali
  10. This. Just like how Volt's Speed and Limbo's Banish is opt-out, there needs to be a way to for squad mates to control their experience too. Yes, it's frustrating that a lot of players massacre thralls indiscriminately. I'm guilty of it on occasion when not really paying attention, but when I am paying attention it's easy to coordinate with whomever is playing Revenant. I'd say "don't play with people who don't want to cooperate with your playstyle" but that's kind of moot if you're in a public squad. I'm not sure what the solution would be that doesn't take away from your squad mate's con
  11. Warframe.Market is not illegal. All it does is let people list what they are selling in a more accessible place than trade chat. No posting WTB/WTS in trade chat, waiting, and haggling with folks for their prices. Just find someone online w/ the price you're looking for and voila, you can message them directly in-game. As for what to sell, there are several things like riven mods and vaulted prime sets that can sell for a good chunk of plat but will require considerable farming and perhaps an initial investment of plat to get started. Mods and prime parts a la carte are a better way to ge
  12. +1 Even without vertigo and such it's an annoying thing to watch every single time you catch a fish. Many a time I have missed the the opportunity for the fish I'm going after because the catch cut scene adds a few seconds before I can return to fishing again. Perhaps the same toggle could be applied to conservation hunting although that is less frequent.
  13. Closest we'll probably get is Orokin / Corpus / Grineer / Ostron / Solaris text floating off our warframe with no customization as to what it says. I, for one, would love that.
  14. Still no fix for Granum Tribute hands becoming unusable if your mission starts with the tile that has a giant coin in the middle.
  15. Been farming for her Systems about a week now. Haven't been farming 24/7 (also been farming other frames to subsume) but so far I think I've done about 20+ runs with no results. Given that I was able to farm her one release within a few days, it's no surprise my luck is down. Even getting the last part of Nova took over two dozen runs. Edit: 6 Stahlta Barrels, 10 Stropha Stocks, and an untold number of Mortuus Shoulders because those don't stack so yeah about 20 or more runs.
  16. Because vidyagame It probably boiled down to the feel of the game at the time. The Velocitus is a pretty old weapon and although its sounds aren't bad, they're not quite as meaty as more recent additions like the Stahlta or Corinth. I'm not the biggest fan of how that naval railgun sounds but I would like to hear a deeper, more intense charging sound and a nice echo after it fires. An echo wouldn't work in space however, which is where Velocitus originally made its debut, but it's not like physics has held back their sound design before.
  17. All I said is that a full, experienced squad is going to achieve more than a solo player. 4x3 is just a common amount of runs that squads do. Semantics aside, OP should consider finding a squad or further refining their solo strats & equipment.
  18. Oh for sure, but having 3 other players to perform tasks like buffs, Vomvalyst control, and lure grabbing speeds it up by a fair bit.
  19. If it's arcanes you're after, solo is not the way to go. Like a lot of things in the game, soloing them is possible but not time efficient. Even with an incredibly meta setup, a solo player cannot achieve what an experienced 4x3 squad can manage in a single night cycle. I haven't done many of them myself, but last I tried to solo a Teralyst it took about 12 minutes with my most streamlined build (that was over a year ago tho, haven't tried it since.) Edit: Since you've read guides and such, you're probably familiar with how it should go: acquire a couple lures, find the eidolon, take down
  20. That's how I had hoped pre-gilded weapons would work when they said you can try combinations before deciding on one and yet here we are :(
  21. All of this. In addition, the cost to guild your Vulpaphyla/Predasite should also be looked at. Not only does it require 5k standing, but 5k standing worth of Son tokens as well which is markedly more time consuming to acquire than just farming bounties of Mother Token standing.
  22. I second this. Fix the firing sound range and increase the ping sound.
  23. Yeah, feeding the Helminth definitely seems like a cause for concern. It does control our ship's life support after all, but perhaps without us it wouldn't survive either. Hopefully that balance will remain. As for the infested kavat I'm not really sure. Perhaps they are made similar to the Helminth kubrows, injected with infestation before birth. Or they recreations of kavats from the Helminth's memory. Who knows, I guess we'll find out in a few days.
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