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  1. The crosshair on necramech has really bad contrast being orange on orange in the Orphix Venom missions, making it very difficult to aim. It is also really lame how big the "crosshair" part is, making me think a lot of the time that one of the bends on the left is the actual aim point
  2. The spear simply does not hit them. Not much else to say about it.
  3. As someone who alt tabs constantly when waiting for people for a void relic run, or in extraction/whatever. Just use the Windows API to flash the window in taskbar when extraction or continue fight/relic rewards/mission start vote happens. EDIT: Also private messages/mentions
  4. Joyride Steam achievement is still broken. I have it completed in-game, but it didn't pop on Steam. With MR30 coming closer and closer, this would be the only achievement preventing 100% completion. It's also worth mentioning that every single Hearts of Deimos achievement doesn't work in-game. Thankfully they are not on Steam.
  5. Please add auto logging in for Steam users if the game is started through Steam. Steam accounts are already linked to warframe accounts, so a steamid is known and attached to an account. if you are worried about security (i.e. someone else walking to your PC with logged in Steam and messing with your warframe acc), you can always make this optional, even though this scenario is highly unlikely. Having to enter the password every time is just a waste of time, no matter how pretty the log in screen is now.
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