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  1. This is why I rarely watch ranting channels or videos (I only watch mogamu for the interviews and tennocon stuff not his rants about warframe and other games), their opinions are mostly biased, because not everyone is gonna agree and the people that disagrees usually the majority. but Iflynn here does have a point about the state of the game (ignoring the bias and off topic stuff). Warframe lacks late game content to keep fully maxed out veterans to keep being interested in the game. I am hoping the upcoming difficulty slider helps counter that problem. But at the end of the day, you will eventually have to take a break from doing something you love because of burnout (I took a 3 year hiatus from TF2 and recently just started playing again).
  2. Short answer? BIG NO Long answer : 1. The reservoir are stationary and only has 6 charges, a 4 player squad already consumes 4 charges when used once. 2. What do you mean made other support frames irrelevant? Trinity can just spam bless that gives instant full health and damage reduction. Oberon can grant healing and flat armor buff to his teammates (a lifesaver for squishy frames). Please, don’t make wisp be another ember. I am suspecting that the OP is here just to troll and trigger community outrage.
  3. Having a blast with this sniper, melts crowds in a few click with a Gas build because of the AOE at max zoom. if I could change 1 thing about the weapon is faster reload, that's it.
  4. Slap butterfly wings syandana on that pink rhino + Wisp’s unique walk animation and experience the true endgame warframe experience. /s
  5. Looks like I am cosplaying this thing as TF2 Hoovy and keep spamming “You are dead, not big suprise” when I killed someone. And also spamming “MEDIC!” when I see a healer in my squad.
  6. I bought the wisp agile animation set for the new walk animations, but due to the fact it doesn’t included it I was so disappointed a few moments after purchase that I want a refund. But the part when your frame splitting during idle changed my mind. I hope DE at least try applying this to all Warframes in a future update.
  7. Then all of assassination missions should get the same treatment of adding recurring rewards (Relics, Rare resources, endo, etc) to the drop table, giving a reason for people to do the fight again and more things to do in Warframe while waiting for the next update.
  8. Let’s not make the boss another “DpS MeTa oR LoSE” by making it more armored and HP, but I am looking forward for The Ropalolyst fight to be added to The Sortie pool.
  9. There should be a “Host is extracting” warning when the host is leaving the game. It would save a lot of headaches and getting rid of fear of failed host migrations.
  10. The game mode is great overall. Adding mini bosses/high value targets in the game is more fun than just use limbo press 4 then sleep. But oh boy the rewards are pure trash, If the drop tables are too heavily diluted with the additions of Kuva, Endo, Axis, etc. make a new node that acts an “elite” disruption node that is not connected to The Ropalolyst node, I would say the starting level is 50-60.
  11. To be honest I prefer the amalgams will not appear in missions or be invisible to players that hasn’t completed The Sacrifice. Because the timeline for the amalgams seems to be post-Sacrifice due to the fact that Alad V’s “business partner” is (SPOILER ALERT). But because new players have already seen them, it might be already too late for a change.
  12. Overall, the fight is fun. Better than all of the bosses on the star chart (not counting open world bosses). But there is one thing I dislike about the fight The Rewards. I prefer adding endo, kuva, sentient cores or even eidolon shards and maybe void relics to incentivize players to play the fight again from time to time, because once you get those mods and parts there is no reason to do it again. Making it something something abandoned content after a few days after release.
  13. No matter how hard you try to improve, there is always that 1 person or group of people that will complain no matter what. I am looking forward for the upcoming changes in Season 2, but I am sure it will not please everyone. Ya know what they say “You can’t please everyone”.
  14. Galatea slightly bothers me, Neptune is a blue planet. But using Gas City with a yellowish skybox doesn’t seem right. DE should change the skybox and lighting in that node to be blue themed. I am sure changing the color wouldn’t be time consuming right? (Don’t quote me on this because I am not an expert).
  15. Can I have some of that? I would love to be distracted by my own fantasies.
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