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  1. You might regret that once DE adds more Sentient Content. Heck, a certain Veil Proxima Sentient enemy requires beefed up operator to kill. Good luck trying to kill Level 90 Vomvalysts with mote amp. The next update is about Sentients too (see Operation Scarlet Spear) For the OP, I suggest getting these Arcanes : Magus Husk, Magus Vigor, Virtous Shadow, Virtuos Trojan, Magus Lockdown, Magus Repair. If you want the best AMP get Vox Solaris’s rank 5 amp parts and assemble them, people call them amp 777 config. Currently the best amp config in the content that needs them.
  2. I would like Augments to be integrated to the frame itself like actual permanent upgrade, but that inclusion may come the risk of nerfing META augments. To be honest, I would bite that bullet. It gives every augment (be it good or bad) have a chance to see light of day and potentially make an F Tier frame to be able to compete with the META without needing a full rework. Of course, players have the option to turn the augment effects on and off if they wish to not use them.
  3. The Eidolon Hydrolyst can buff up Vomvalysts to make them enveloped in Red energy that allows them to fire Opticor like laser that can deal high damage to the player. It’s intentional.
  4. Like @krc473 said, even though it seems to be harmless your account or your friend’s account may be liable to termination or suspension. It’s best not to take the risk.
  5. I would prioritize getting Trinity if I have the chance. The hardest and most crucial part of Eidolon Hunting is keeping Eidolon Lures alive.
  6. Any Warframe with only exergis equpped. Watch them shred through enemies.
  7. Dear God 13.5 km? Looks I like I am gonna have fun sniping with the Railjack SoonTM.
  8. Actually Kuva Bramma can deal reasonable damage to Eidolons with some damage buffs, be it Roar, Vex Armor, Smite Infusion, etc. If you can handle the self damage.
  9. There is only 2 Frames that has AoE Abilities that ignore Line of Sight 1. Saryn. 2. Equinox. I suggest you don't take these frames to pubs games except ESO. Some players will hate you.
  10. Dear god, Did I tell you to not fall for that cheap lie? Didn’t you read the Huge Bold Text I put? I don’t even spend a single dime on Rubico or Chakkrur rivens and yet I can still do 5x3s and Carry a squad of newbies Solo. If you still think Rivens are mandatory then you should probably get your head examined. What I mean of “Investments” is spending your time progressing through the game normally, be it doing missions, rank up standing, etc. Not spending premium currency on rivens.
  11. *inhales* YOU. DONT. NEED. RIVENS. TO. HUNT. EIDOLONS. I don’t get it why people still falls for this cheap lie. I can do 2x3 Eidolon hunts solo just fine with an unrivened Rubico Prime before Kuva Chakkrur was a thing. Granted, my operator was maxed out at that period. But if you have the patience and know The Three Eidolons’s attacks you can do a full tricap in 30-40 minutes with a proper amp (T1 minimum), Magus Vigor, and Magus Husk without any huge investments to operator schools solo. Just farm Vomvalysts at night for the sentient cores if you aren’t ready to hunt Eidolons and The Sentients on LUA and Veil Proxima drops cores as well so you can farm them at your own pace without worrying about Night cycles. Looking at your posts it seems these type of content that requires some investments isn’t meant for you. You can ignore them because the items they dropped are optional and not mandatory.
  12. Railjack is very easy to solo if you have all MKIII parts. I suggest you grab them from your drydock research as a start. For your loadout I recommend Grendel Warframe (Grendel CAN eat sentients and can clear boarding parties easily), Any high crit primary with a Hunter Munitions focused build, high fire rate high status secondary with an armor stripping build and lastly a Hybrid Melee. If you have them I can safely you say you can solo Veil Proxima without any difficulties.
  13. Do you have a grudge against Chroma or something...? Chroma main here, I don’t mind the removal of self damage interaction. Building Vex Armor with Chroma without self damage isn’t really that hard, Before you mention Eidolons. A single Eidolon stomp attack is enough to fill your buffs or if you are struggling use a decaying dragon key in hunts. I am in favor of capping self damage instead of complete removal, I would say 100 damage cap. Sure it doesn’t affect tanks because if tanks can’t tank them, why call them tanks in the first place? But it allows for squishy frames to survive at least 1-3 shots thus making the weapon a lot more safer to use.
  14. I don't think DE wants that because it can hurt Forma and potato Purchases. But they could make an exception for Umbra Formas.
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