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  1. DrivaMain

    Inability to link certain mods in chat

    most orbiter decorations like noggles and articulas cannot be linked, hope DE can resolve this soon.
  2. DrivaMain

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Chroma - at first I am not interested getting him because during that time his normal skin looks meh, but when his prime came out I was like “HOLY S#&$ IS THAT A FREAKIN DAEDRIC ARMOR??!?!?”. Because of this I bought his prime access in a heartbeat, I love him because he makes trash weapons become godly weapons with his vex armor buff. Sometime I wonder why DE didn’t rework his spectral scream and effigy, those abilities are very outdated and weak. But I do have fun by hurting myself with electric chroma because everything dies around me with the arc discharges
  3. DrivaMain

    Eidolons: Learning From Orb Mothers

    I forgot to add this, but because we are changing the weather that we “cheated” the spawning, the weather will be acid rain with raging thunder and lightning just like the hydrolyst fight to make it more intersting for experienced players.
  4. *Payday 2 cook off flashbacks intensifies* but anyways back to topic, defense is very inconsistent in wave lenght. Making it one of the reason why people refuse to farm relics there. changing it from kills to time to defend per wave would be a good fix.
  5. Now this is not very constructive. But back to topic, have you seen many players using Unairu/Vazarin/Naramon/Madurai in regular missions ? I highly doubt. OP’s suggestions will not kill Zenurik, I’ve seen some usefulness using zenurik outside of energizing dash like void singularity which basically a free magus anomaly that I can use to pull enemies like using it to drag enemies to Hydroid’s tentacle for example.
  6. DrivaMain

    Buff Loki`s 1

    Decoy is a hologram, so having a health bar doesn’t makes sense. It would be nice to make decoy invincible or makes it health scale with enemy level like specters.
  7. You do know you can’t use companions in the index right? I can see nothing wrong with adding umbra as a companion, if you are concerned about the afk issues, make it that Umbra (as a companion or warframe) will not move or fire if you are afk.
  8. DrivaMain

    Have ppl changed their minds? (new pvp mode)

    Yeah how about no. PvP communities are known to be the most toxic community in the gaming world. I dont want warframe's community reputation to drop down because of some screaming 12 year olds battle royale "pros". This is one of the reason I left Overwatch for warframe
  9. Not Pay to Win, more like Pay to Skip. DE should have removed mod packs a long time ago, if they keep doing this they might fall into another Lootbox drama, because it’s basically gambling.
  10. DrivaMain

    Reduce the cost of Bundles If we already own part of it.

    You can upgrade prime access, why not bundles?
  11. DrivaMain

    I would like to host please

    Holy #*#6 how did you get that speed?!?!? jokes aside, adding an opt in and out of hosting would be a great fix for the host migration issues. This will get rid of “Potato Hosts” and make people with good hardware (like you and I) host the games so that potato users have a smoother experience. It’s basically a win-win situation
  12. I totally support this, this will make defense more “consistent” with other modes like survival, but you should post this in the feedback section. DE usually read suggestions there.
  13. DrivaMain

    More orbiter decorations from Cetus

    If only I could buy POWDERS AND DYES, NEWLY ARRIVED AT GREAT RISK FROM THE EURASIAN ZONE! decorations for my orbiter.
  14. I believe this has something to do with Ryzen. My friend is using a 1600x (6 cored, 12 threads) and his performance is much lower than my i5 8400 (6 cores, 6 threads) Looks like DE needs to investigate this after they come back from holiday.
  15. DrivaMain

    When did 5-10 minutes become the norm?

    Again, the first reason is very likely. I asked a person in one of my games “why do you leave it’s only 10 mins passed” He replied “because I can go to marduuk and get the Axi relics faster” and then I replied “why do you go to Mot in the first place?” He answered “because I am bored and want to do a quick mission”. People have reasons why they dont want to play longer. I forgot to add “they dont want to play longer than that” in my reply, sorry about that.