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  1. We found friendly and hostile necramechs in the world acting on their own, but our own Necramechs have to be manually piloted. Why is that? We should be able to turn on auto pilot for our own mechs. For this suggestion, you will use a special gear item (a remote or some kind) if you want to turn on autopilot on your mech. You can turn off auto pilot by using it again. You need to have your mech on the field to be able to use this. To balance this, if the autonomous necramech is destroyed in combat the same 3 minute cooldown is applied. Another balancing mechanic is the mech will hav
  2. It already exist. You don't even need to mine or fish. At least be glad that the arcanes you can ignore them without kicking you in the nuts in the long run.
  3. Me seeing the changes : We PC players do not complain about hovering before the changes. Why fix something that is not broken?
  4. Colors not applied and mods are not utilized. No big sword swinging today.
  5. If you want a smooth pub experience. make sure you are the host. Set your ping limit to 100 and set hardware type to desktop. If I am not the host because matchmaking finds one I pressed escape and leave the squad.
  6. Deinos Jugulus are cambion drift exclusive. Would be nice if they got added there tho.
  7. Looks like I don't need cheese tactics anymore. Also DX12? My RX 580 is cheering in the background.
  8. Not a gameplay showcase, mildly disappointed. Well you better drop word on what's next after Arcana.
  9. I think it's allowed. As long as you don't constantly bump it in very short intervals. I heard a mod said you can bump threads once per day but dont quote me on that.
  10. Just buy The Wolf Sledge. It's not worth the hassle.
  11. Mod Variants are the only way to go if you want build diversity. When they introduced Amalgam Serration they just created another way to build your weapon 6 years after release.
  12. And the engagement is declining unfortunately. I am seeing more people abandoning rivens by the day.
  13. you didn’t read the post carefully. I said the next 3 Rolls not days. As the poster above me mentioned, the chance are so low stat locking won’t even change much. You also forgot that I left the stat value to be random. While Scott and Steve disagrees. I say to them this. Do you want people to engage in this system or not? Because the interest of rivens is declining because of the worsening odds.
  14. The mist bounty always spawn a jugulus. Maybe try your luck there?
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