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  1. They can’t because supporting old and new UI drains too many manpower.
  2. At this point Wukong can be the kuva bramma version of frames. He offers so much for solo players.
  3. Is this a wukong hate thread or doubt about the next update?
  4. My Candidate 1. Pull. 2. Condemn. 3. Well of Life. 4. Mind Control. 5. Dispensary.
  5. Thanks DE you just saved me hours of monotonous grind. Defection can die in a fire.
  6. Oh god Mesa + Banish is gonna be hillariously overpowered. Banish them to the rift and then just aimbot away. Well I am gonna start avoiding mesa players post HoD now.
  7. That ship has sailed. You have to live with the new UI now. What we can do however is improve it. Some people doesn't like the wider UI design, but in my opinion I don't mind it. Guess the problems are personal preference,
  8. Nourish Strike gives Toxin and it can mess up weapon builds. So I would choose Roar instead because it doesn't conflict with specific elemental weapon builds.
  9. Likely an oversight on their part. Report it in bug report subforum
  10. Some people don't like change. I gave up on this game's balance a long time ago. Might as well just embrace the power creep. Sure some balancing is necessary, but let's not turn Warframe into "Just another MMO"
  11. Relays are Social Hubs. Of course they are important. If we don't have them how does players meet each other and interact outside of clans? Besides relays are easier to maintain due to no combat which means less load. Game servers? That will harder to maintain and that increases cost and you need to make M O R E. You gotta have enough servers to contain over 60-150k concurrent players.
  12. For 1 I can yeet Spectral Scream out of existence. But I don't know what to replace because there are so many choices. Likely candidates for replacement. 1. Mind Control. 2. Pull. 3. Smite. 4. Condemn 5. Decoy.
  13. Challenge already dead since Operators are a thing. Just accept it. Warframe is now a game for casuals if you look at how DE handles diffculty. If you want true challenge play other games.
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