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  1. You don't need a riven to do Tridolons. If people yell at you to not have a riven for your sniper then they have a problem or don't know how to build their loadouts. Best you ignore those types of people. I don't mind including the item in other missions tho.
  2. Definitely not happening anytime soon or maybe ever, because Eidolons drop Arcanes (one of the most powerful items in the game and have high values in the market). They are making it time limited to keep prices stable. Making it a daily missions that you can attempt anytime like Sorties is as far as DE will likely pull.
  3. Not possible. I tried it with Rad Komorex (AOE Sniper that can reach 100% status) for curiosity but it doesn't work.
  4. Likely 2 shots, I don’t use lanka much. Last I remembered it took me 4 shots without a riven with Full elemental lanka (no serration) without a riven with 343% STR Chroma (No Corrosive Projection).
  5. Get rid of serration if you are using Chroma. Why? Because his Fury buff acts like serration (base damage buff) thus leaving you with 1 free slot in your build. I suggest you swap it with Cold Rounds or Primed Cryo Rounds, trust me it will boost the lanka damage significantly with Vex Armor on.
  6. If I remembered correctly, upcoming Railjack (and maybe reworked archwing) missions will be a testing ground for the new damage system. If it works, we might see damage 3.0 on the horizon. But I wouldn't hold my breath on it because the majority of the warframe playerbase wants things as easy as possible (Search "Eidolon Hydrolyst nightwave challenge is impossible").
  7. It's impossible to rad-proc yourself, likely turned off by DE to prevent griefing (trust me I've tried this before). I don't like Grineer guns, but I would want to have a kuva variant of the wolf sledge
  8. Definitely a nice QoL improvement. It can be annoying losing your “Charges” after an accidental cast, forcing you to find an energy orb again.
  9. Simple, people hate waiting or don't have time for it. I still dislike the inconsistency day/night cycle between cetus and the rest of earth. 4 hours to wait for a specific plan to appear on earth is too tedious.
  10. Quick Escape K-Drive technique is more like a harrow substitute instead of a complete replacement, because you can’t beat invincibility and FREE RED CRITS. Might be too overpowered to allow other Warframe abilities to buff amps (Imagine getting buffed with 3 300% STR Chroma as operator that allows you to drain Eidolon shields in 1 shot). I prefer to let it be to prevent an uproar in the community like “EiDoLonS Is So HaRd NoW BECAuSe VoTl is NErfEd” threads.
  11. I say screw them (I still can’t believe DE catered to that twitter post made by that salty conclave elitist about universal medallions). That mode is on the brink of death and adding bots to it might save it because it gives basic training for new players and make them think “Now that I understand how this gamemode works maybe I can try do a match with other players”.
  12. All archguns have their stats buffed in atmospheric and can I have a source for that lore? I’ve never seen it said anywhere even in the wiki.
  13. I say we can only change them once per session and changing them after x minute(s) after spawning in will cost you 1 revive or a penalty (like your second Warframe will start off with 0 energy instead of the usual 100 energy after you load into the mission).
  14. Vore frame, Fire chicken and trainman rework, Empyrean phase 1 (hopefully), Melee 3.0 stance rework (Hopefully), and maybe Corpus Ship remaster. Steve teased the new corpus ship recently
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