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  1. I believe the correct term is "Balance won't matter as long as the player base at large do not accept it". The average warframe casual do not want to do challenging content or gameplay that requires them to use their brain. If it were, contents like the now retired trials would see a very large engagement.
  2. Your main problem is going into Public while you are still a newbie in Railjack. If you want a pleasant early game experience, it's best you go Solo. Once you know how the content works, then you can start pubbing.
  3. I am still stuck at Tier 14 and have no desire to pursue Nightwave. It will probably last for another 6 months so I have no rush.
  4. I can solo Tridolon with Vauban infused with Roar or Smite+Smite Augment. All you need is the right gear. Please stop embarrassing yourself, go read about Eidolons and the mechanics surrounding them and maybe take a look at operator gear aswell.
  5. You should do more research on Eidolons and their mechanics surrounding it. Discussing stuff that you lack knowledge of will only get yourself humiliated. Any frame with a damage ability infused by the Helminth can solo Tridolons with ease. Heck, you don't even need Warframes at all because of the existence of the Voidrig Necramech.
  6. My Speculation, don't use this as a fact. The New War will split into 3 parts, part one will be the initial invasion that includes Kahl 175 gameplay, part 2 will be the "Conflict rages on" that will include Veso's gameplay, part 3 will be the conclusion that will include Teshin's gameplay. Release dates? Part one will be October-November 2021. Part two will be November-Desember 2021- January 2022. Part three will be January 2022-February 2022. Why the split? Because It's WAR, it won't just end in one update or a very small time period.
  7. I'll just use it to buy stuff from Baro and grab my login rewards. Not interested in the gameplay in the slightest.
  8. Is this supposed to be another joke that is associated with a certain blue planet after Saturn?
  9. Then you need to take a step back and do these following contents : Open World Syndicates. I recommend you start from Fortuna/Orb Vallis.. why? Because that's where most of the "late game" equipments are : Powerful kitguns, Better than Cetus operator amps, powerful operator arcanes, and Atmospheric archguns. Orb Vallis's world bosses which are the Orbs are not very strict on their gear requirements compared to Eidolons. Once you got that out of the way, then progress through Necralisk's open world syndicate, your main goal for that is getting the Voidrig Necramech, a mech that will decimate Eidolons without too much investment into builds and mods, you can try and get the Helminth segment to enchance your frame's power further. Finally after completing these goals, then you can start hunting Eidolons. Arbitration.
  10. It already has a time gate that requires constant attention. I don't see hoarding forma BP is an issue that will hurt DE financially.
  11. It requires some luck, you have to constantly teleport the Hydrolyst around by not tethering any charged lure on to it until it arises in the small pond north side of the bounty area. If that happens, The Hydolyst would just walk into the bounty area and then chaos ensues.
  12. Well.. I did lure a Hydrolyst into the bounty spot.. it didn't end well. Let's just say, the bounty area became unplayable because it's filled with lightning strikes, acid pools, falling laser beams from the sky until I captured it. The fight would just end in a stalemate because InvulnerabilityPhasesBecauseGameDesignTM
  13. Damage is not the problem. It's the base animation speed of the stance. It's ridiculous that you need at least 2.0 Speed to get good responsiveness.
  14. The overall stance animation needs to be sped up slightly. The biggest offender is the "Gap Closer" animation.. like come on DE I get it, that small pause where you about to drop the SAW is cool and all, but it's not very practical and once the animation finishes, the enemy already moved outside of range.
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