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  1. This bug has been plaguing the game for some times now. Back on The Old Blood's launch, Kuva Liches usually say lines like these on certain conditions. I am pulling Jovial male lich lines as an example : On Conversion : "A smart choice worm... I-I mean 'Friend'." "If the Queens ever find out, I'm dead meat, but... deal." "Sure Friend, why not? No hard feelings?" When Downing The Player : "Please Friend? Tell me that's not all you got." "Did you trip?" "Having a little trouble I see?" "Oops, did I do that?" Nowadays these lines do not play
  2. Covid pandemic put cinematic quest development to a halt. Reason for that is they cannot do Motion Capture sessions with the pandemic restrictions.
  3. Check that : Have you completed The War Within quest? Are you the one giving the final blow when you downed the Kuva Larvling before you mercy kill it?
  4. If Raids were to return. They will have to make the challenge phobia solo casual crowd to be able to complete it and NO forced co-operation. One of the ways to solve this is to add difficulty slider to a raid. Easier difficulty can be solo'd while the higher difficulty cannot. Higher difficulty raids should not offer better rewards. They should only exist for a challenge.
  5. I don't see slapping Viral + Heal while ignoring other damage types is "Complex" if you ask me. Simplest thing DE can do is.. put a link to the wiki in the game.
  6. Correction, The Railjack damage types still exist on the game. Railjack Retrofit only changed their name and icons.
  7. They could have fix gas easily if they let elemental mods takes effect in the DoT damage calculations. We can also include a gimmick here too, as we all know clouds can disrupt our vision, why not apply that to Gas? I suggest that gas clouds disrupt enemy vision that enters it, causing them to lose their sight of you, which means they will stop firing their weapons thinking of where you went. We can also use another gimmick, which is enemies are doing a unique coughing animations, stunning them in place. I also would like to DE to remove gas damage resistance from flesh and cloned flesh,
  8. I changed automatic respawns mechanic a little bit. Now QoL mods effectiveness are cut in half when the companion is in a recovery state instead of being deactivated. Throwing a bone to endurance runners where their pets at least have usefulness once enemies get into the one shot territory. This also benefits players who wishes not to build their pets around survivability but focusing on utility without getting punished too much by the pet constantly dying, thus removing their access from QoL mods.
  9. No Railjack is a worse affinity farm than before. Why? Because the plexus leeches all affinity if you get personal kills while piloting and gunning, that includes companions as well. Unfortunately, DE deemed the problem not a high priority to fix. If you want to farm affinity in Railjack, you do not participate in the Railjack space combat at all. More reason to add to the pile of how terrible the companion system in general.
  10. The reason why people complained about Void Storms is they want to crack relics there as fast as the usual star chart missions. Cracking 1 relic in 10-15 minute mission is very inefficient, in normal survival we can crack 2-3 relics in that time spent. People who usually do Void storm or void fissures do not care about rotation rewards, they only want their relic to crack faster. I don't see any complaints about getting relics, endo, and credits on the drop table. What I am seeing is people complaining about one and done rewards like Sevagoth parts.
  11. I decided to remove and change some of them on the OP. The existence of Link-Mods do limits what players can bring in a mission if they wish their companions to be survivable. Link health, link armor, and link shields cannot be saved. However, Mecha Overdrive and Hunter Synergy can be reworked to make them not dependent on player weapons. I also buffed companion stats across the board. I still can’t believe DE thinks 50 armor for a melee companion is a good idea. The reason I can think of why DE ignored the feedback regarding flux is probably because it’s already too late. Warframe e
  12. If DE putting all of these arbitrary DR, then we can assume they thought Warframe Revised rebalance was a failure. Another balance pass on damage types is long overdue. Maybe it’s time to address player power as well. Players has gone stupidly powerful there is no way to stop them without slapping ridiculous anti-cheese tactics, be it status immunity, DPS based damage reduction, and normal damage reduction.
  13. That's why you rework their precepts to match the current horde shooter meta so they can hold out on their own and buff their weapons. I already buffed the current +health and +shields mod, so I am sure they can compete with link-mods and doesn't feel mandatory. For example, With +440% health a rank 30 Sahasa Kubrow with +100% DNA integrity (once DNA is removed the Kubrow will have 250 base health at all times) will have 1850 base health. That's not too bad, of course most of the companion base armor are terrible so that deserves some major buffing, like companions should have more than 300 a
  14. With all of the feedbacks we can throw around here, the final decision is still on the developers themselves. We can scream all day long and if they say "NO", it won't happen. the ways to influence DE's decision instantly are we get either get someone very influential to say it or get the large majority to stop spending on the game. A good example of this is Jim Sterling, a very famous game journalist criticize Warframe's prime vault practice. Few days later, DE immediately respond and make the change. They know, as a company, pissing off a famous people will bring bad press and causes a chain
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