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  1. DarthRevan84

    Update 14.2.0: Avalanche Offensive

    Wow i completed 100kills and all i got was a 3 day affinity booster? Rip off? Best troll EVAR!!
  2. DarthRevan84

    Update 14.1.0: Quanta & Dendra

    Would have rather had those Tenno Tonfas then this crummy lookin Mutalist.
  3. DarthRevan84

    Hotfix 14.0.11

    Nope. and Thanks again DE!
  4. DarthRevan84

    Hotfix 13.8.1

    Leaderboards are still displaying exploiters points.
  5. DarthRevan84

    Hotfix 13.7.2

    W00t thx de!
  6. DarthRevan84

    Coming Soon: Devstream #29!

    Question: Any Hints on what the next Prime Warframe will be?
  7. DarthRevan84

    Warframe Ability Changes: Nova

    Shes not already in line, I personally dont use her because i feel she is broken. This seems like a good compromise to making her a better well rounded frame rather then just a kill stealer frame.
  8. DarthRevan84

    Warframe Ability Changes: Nova

    I like this rework puts her powers in line with other frames.
  9. DarthRevan84

    Stat Helmet Blueprint Changes

    You have a chance to get them buy them off the market for plat.
  10. DarthRevan84

    March 7Th: Community Hot Topics!

    They have already said they arent rereleasing the Founders packs, get over it and move on...in the time youve spent focusing on it you could have formaed Basic Excal out to be even better then Excalibur Prime.
  11. DarthRevan84

    March 7Th: Community Hot Topics!

    He looks different. Has no great advantages over basic excal in the amount of time people spend whining about him they could have already formaed thier basic excal to be better then excal prime.
  12. DarthRevan84

    Update 12.1.0: Grinlok

    Access Denied!
  13. DarthRevan84

    Hotfix 9.4.1: Double Affinity Weekend!

    Thanks DE For the awsome weekend event. Just one question....What do I do now? All my warframes/weapons are -ALL- maxed (for mastery), Ive formaed everything i so far have a desire or need to forma as many times as needed. Running out of things to do in the game which saddens me greatly. 1232 Hours so far with warframe, Hopefully the future brings just as many if not more.
  14. DarthRevan84

    Weekend Extermination Event: Complete!

    They have already said trading will be very limited. Probly to just Materials and Credits. I dont even think that Mods will be tradeable.
  15. I second this Top hat Motion