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  1. I am 100% on board with having a clan and alliance competitive system that brings some sort of purpose to the game. I personally know that several hundred if not thousands of players would be very happy to have something like that. PvP or PvE. There are several unfortunate things to consider. 1. Roughly 99% of the PvP community is dead and gone because DE dropped conclave a long time ago and Dark Sectors have been gone for 6 years now. Anyone left thinking they're going to bring PvP into the game is crazy (and yes I've been tested). So you'll likely get a very small response in terms
  2. I would love to have Endgame in Warframe. Sadly this will likely never happen. You make several great points but what you listed as Endgame is not really Endgame. The only thing close to Endgame you mentioned is speed running. Warframe has no Endgame.
  3. RJ gives a decent amount of credits. You started doing Railjack and getting credits. This is why you now have more credits.
  4. I started playing Warframe in 2013 and in my journey playing I've met many of the highly influential characters in the Warframe communities. In my opinion many of them did justice for the game by enforcing a positive atmosphere. By leading thousands of players and clans they were obligated to keep players playing and having fun. Anything DE provided them was more energy and power to them. Unfortunately, many of them are gone and have been gone for a while due to how DE shaped their game. Currently, there has been a large division of cooperation between several great leaders in Warframe wh
  5. Dark Sector Update was great. There was very little content added to the game but it enabled player driven content to be created. It was great! Now it's gone. 🙃
  6. Endo system is great compared to the previous fusion system. But.. They made endo so easy to obtain it's irrelevant. I'm more so glad they replaced Dirac with endo because Dirac (like endo) was even more so irrelevant due to its abundancy. Currently, I can get enough endo to max out a primed mod (with the credits) in roughly 1-2 hours. Before this would take weeks to do. Before a Max gold mod was 500-700 plat. Now its ~50. Welcome to Warframe. You progress faster by not playing the game. They will always make it easier to obtain later or we'll simply find a method to obtain it fa
  7. The conclave community isn't that big, but it was mildly sizeable a little while ago. Balancing was terrible but shield gating was the icing on the cake so now its basically dead. One could say shield gating killed the Conclave community.
  8. Join the Club. Literally and metaphorically :P
  9. Well actually there use to be first person in Warframe years ago. It was a very hidden bug (at least to my knowledge very hidden) and often done on accident. As you can see below it would be amazing looking. There's clipping issues for sure but I remember when doing this it was very hard to play. This came down to the fact that the game was basically not designed for first person making the environment feel strange. Abilities also made it very hard to see as you can tell below. Also, since the movement has been changed to have bullet jumping etc it would be even more disorienting. 100%
  10. That's actually hilarious. Love it when people complain about blade too. All you say to them is Mesa and cool guy walk out of there.
  11. Glad you agree. The ability was one of the best utilities in the game but everyone jumped onto the train calling it a meme ability despite them never using it themselves.
  12. I won't go go into detail of how broken it was, so I'll tell you how the ability really worked and I'll allow you to use your imagination. 1. It costs 5 energy as default and was an instant cast. 2. It made you invisible as long as you do not touch the floor. AI will stop targeting you. <-- Not all floor is lava like how not all walls are concrete. 3. It can be used to animation cancel basically anything in the game. <-- This is what makes it broken. 4. It can be used while knocked down. (although you needed to have the timing perfect) So basically, you had a ge
  13. I've always enjoyed the fact he was a starter frame. Most people shrugged him off and considered him bad. Today they're right. Frames truly bad and that's because he was nerfed with rework meant to improve it. Before the frame was incredible and no one realized it because his ability descriptions made him sound bad. No one actually learned how to use the abilities in an optimal way and basically switched frame as fast as possible.
  14. Suggestion: Make Augments or a possibility to revert Excals ability to post nerf. <-- They classified the nerf as a buff sooo..... 1. Revert Slashdash to how it was before the lock on. This would perhaps require a small tweak since they've made many changes to the map and with movement 3.0. The ability was great for mobility. It would also generally improve everything about it including current augments. 2. Blind is fine. All it's major problems got fixed long ago. 3. Jav. Please make an augment to revert it to Super Jump. Yalls dont even understand how OP this ability was lm
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