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  1. This has been around since the beginning. It's hilarious when you get to wave 40 and the three of you ditch one guy. During those 40 waves you size up the guy and you just know he ain't surviving it, failing the mission, and getting nothing.
  2. Then you realize the good players get to extraction first. Wait 1-5min for the other three. Eventually proceeds to hate life, plays solo, leaves because the games not fun.
  3. Oooof, many of the arguments, here most of the anti-PvP players already know about. I welcome you to the beattened and ignored community of players known as the PvP community.
  4. It would be nice to see what kind of raid content DE can bring us. Railjack promises a lot and hopefully with its full release we’ll see something that resembles raids. I think with squad link we can possibly get a raid like feature not being a full 8 man but 2 or even 3 separate 4 man groups.
  5. The only thing your post contributed to this thread was saying they are boring and unless. Everything else was spam saying not to spam... A lot of people played the raids despite the repetitiveness. A lot of people play Warframe despite it only being repetitiveness. It fits the theme of the game. In terms of Co-Op, it was a mission that had a hard player limit of 4 and a max of 8 so you needed others to technically do the mission. People enjoyed it for the record speed runs, some enjoyed it for the community aspect of teaching new players, some like it for the credits and arcanes. Raids don't have to be a copy paste of what they where years ago. That would be illogical. Instead, using something like Railjack or squadlink and upcoming features or game modes, I'm sure raids -if implemented- could be something completely different from its former self, that is useful, less boring, and less repetitive.
  6. Here is a game mode that was discussed a while ago that is similar to the Crucible idea for Conclave.
  7. I appear to have been bamboozled They should move the trading lmao. Stupid people like me don't think to scroll down.
  8. It was nice and fresh to get the Wednesday updates like that. Would you rather play every Wednesday and check things out or skip a week and check things out? Aside from not playing for 1 year and big update? It just keeps you playing more, especially if you have stuff to do in the game.
  9. I remember when we got small game updates every Wednesday. Now we don't get updates at all 🙃
  10. I like your open minded ideas!!! Repo mentions about the sizes so I won’t repeat. keeping PvP and PvE separate is what I feel is the plan. However, for Dark Sectors the PvP side of things won’t be purely PvP. There will be many AI in the PvP mission. Think of it as a moba where it’s pvp but you have to destroy minions, towers, or boss mobs. Finding the right medium is key.
  11. That's actually impressive. It looks like the textures broke. I applause. You certainly found your endgame.
  12. Normally I see "no content... quitting!" But you're right. When you shoot and hit the integer limit instant killing anything you so choose... it gets to the point where the power fantasy goes a little too far. BUT I SEE BIG NUMBER AND I LIKE IT. It's gotta get fixed. "Maybe one day" said someone years ago while no one listens.
  13. Here's a concept. Using the relay and squad link function. We could possibly have 3-4 squads of 4 doing some missions. Think of a ship team, ground team, inside enemy ship team, archewing team? Could do something like that. Similarly in the JV raid you had to split between the people inside and outside. I think it would be cool to have something like that again.
  14. It looks like you qualify of the play other games club ❤️ I welcome you. We occasionally play Warframe when new stuff comes out (Usually for 1-2 hours since that's how long it takes to do everything) We also go onto the forums and ask for Dark Sectors, PvP, and Meaningful endgame content like you're asking here.
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