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  1. Can Confirm about this Dark Sector information. Countless amount of Clans and whole alliances left the game waiting for PvP content. People always say that Warframe is full of PvE players and they are right. The PvP players left and retired. People may argue that if you want PvP go to games like Fortnite or Apex, Yes, but my point is Warframe actually Won those players game hours when there was PvP in warframe. With no PvP, we lose a big portion of warframe players willing to support the game. You also took my line. "Dark Sectors?" You brought INSANE amounts of factual information and realistic ideas. It makes me sad that people are incredibly stubborn to try and accept new things despite them actually saying they already do that. People do what they know and honestly fear the unknown.
  2. Well said. Unfortunately we’ve learned most people are Yes Men thinking they have their own thoughts and are too stubborn to change.
  3. Only 20 Seconds? Yikes We're talking about how "good" a player is. This is relative. You as a player may perform at an average level of take cheese, press 4, win, and take half baked youtuber builds. I personally don't consider someone good until they actually show proper thinking and know how to respond in certain situations, theory craft to create optimal builds, and play/move optimally. Look at it from a serious stance of positioning, teamwork, build cohesion, game mechanics, etc. Most people are casual and play the way they want and that's fine, but it doesn't make you "good" in my books. Going with the flow makes you the average player. Learning how to improve and optimize your play, sets you apart. In some cases, people think it's even exploiting as you're doing something too efficient, IE animation canceling to abuse momentum. Just moving properly is something almost everyone I've met has difficulty with lmao. You may think, wow this guy is some competitive loser who's trying to flex how good he is, but really, this is what many people did back then. And from their competitive natures, they've left Warframe as Warframe full on deleted it's competitive features in 2014. I'm not so much flexing, just calling myself the loser who's still here... And its a sad truth 😞
  4. No, the average skill level is lowering. The good players left years ago, the average players left a year ago, and low skilled high MR players are left. I’ve seen entire alliances dissolve and it’s clans full of inactive with the players dated 2014 since last online.
  5. The idea of loss I believe is crucial to be in a game. I've been thinking of several Dark Sector (Endgame content) Ideas which certainly help fix it's many problems, but also to incorporate more endgame content. This includes high resource sinks from all across Warframe. The need to mine and fish at Cetus and Fortuna, railjack resources, unique resources like telly, nitain, hex. Of course the common resources would be there along with credits to hopefully reduce the "mountain of resources" as you said it. I don't have any figures I can provide as something like this would require a knowledgeable person perhaps with an economics degree, but if you're interested I'd be happy to explain more. In Albion Online, resources from all tiers are required to progress. The games been out for years but there's so little resources in the game. This is because upon death, your items have a small chance to break, and with many massive Guild vs Guild battles such as with zergs, the demand of the resources goes up due to the resource sink, instead of accumulating in your inventory forever, like in Warframe. You'd think that this loss is bad, but it stabilizes the games economy and only greatly effects the guilds on a large scale rather the individual player.
  6. Me. All of them. I’m a villain because I’m associated to Dark Sectors. Most of the public associate Dark Sectors to evil. - I lost Dark Sectors - I still want Dark Sectors - I play Warframe for Dark Sectors - I talk about Dark Sectors - I’ve talking about them for years. What do I win? I hope it’s Dark Sectors 🙂
  7. All I have to do is say “Dark Sectors” and I get nailed to a post. even though I’ll agree with what people say about them and want a real Warframe endgame.. a new improved and fixed Dark Sector/endgame mode. (Then they say Dark Sectors bought toxic people)
  8. They ran builds that where very optimal, builds that DE didn't consider possible at the early stages of Warframe. People thought I was exploiting but all I had was a good build and knowledge of how the builds worked. I want a name and factual information about the exploits and DDoS attacks. Who said it was ICE? I am aware for certain exploits but this was often used against us first which DE would attempt to later fix. (I know one that was never fixed, they added it in the later half and it made defending a dark sector harder) You realize that we the alliances got DDoS'd MANY times, we often got DDoS'd and blamed for DDoSing the servers on many occasions. I remember I was fighting a rail, the servers started acting up, and we actually LOST... Then I had clan members leaving because they read online saying that the alliances did it. Something goes wrong and its immediately pointed and concluded towards what people they already don't like then pull it off as fact. Judge, Jury, and Executioner. It ends in a spiral of wrong information. I'll admit, there is a possible connection, I say possible because we don't know how strong the servers are today, that having Dark Sectors brag more DDoS attacks, but I would disagree that the alliances where the ones to DDoS Warframe. On PC, the monopolization was certainly a thing. Due to large amounts of players and credits from holding the rails they where very challenging to take. Not impossible, but hard. There was times we lost rails, took em back, lost it again, took it back, etc. Owning a Dark Sector made it self sustaining and is a huge problem for the game mode. On Xbox, the rails had large pockets of ownership but not fully monopolized to my knowledge. Dark Sectors actually worked properly on Xbox. Dark Sectors where unbalanced, this is common knowledge agreed by everyone and what you're saying deals with the flaws of it. Like I said previously, I'm NOT looking to bring back the greatly flawed system you know and remember. I'm wanting a newer improved version. Something that works and ties everything warframe together. Something that is competitive, has meaningful goals and grind, is player driven, and brings people together.
  9. Solar rail conflicts were cheesy, they where neglected and unbalanced. Perhaps with balancing and care from DE plus player assistance - aside from telling them it was trash - we can cook something that was once served raw. Just because rails where unbalanced, doesn't mean it's going to be a copy paste disaster. Look towards the player driven content, community, and competitive nature. Something that ties warframe together, a never ending task to work together and complete a meaningful common goal. Something that you can carve you're name into, outliving your warframe career. Solar rails worked great in their principle to be endlessly exploited for their treasures and riches. From these exploits ICE alliance for instance has long been remembered after 6 years passing beyond just PC Warframe. Such epicness came from the political and rail feats. Plus their members worked incredibly hard to reach their goals. As in the older events, they reached top leaderboards as individuals and clans, they've even gone as far to be within the top 100 of the kill leaderboard. Yes ICE had high taxes for the purpose to look like the bad guys, but in doing so, made them infamous. It also made them poorer with more enemies. But none stood up against them. What if, you where known to be the good guys? Ones that defeated ICE and brought reduced taxes? Everyone complained they couldn't win after their first attempt and wrote on the forums complaining about taxes on one particular node. They hoped and pray someone else would fight ICE, but the next guy would just think the same thing. What about console solar rails?
  10. 1. Couldn't agree more. 2. DE would have to be on top of it yes, nothing we'll be able to do about it. 3. Warframes been pretty good with hacking related things. Exploits usually get fixed quick, especially once it becomes public information which in PvP would happen quickly.
  11. Anything competitive will bring toxicity regardless if its PvE or PvP. Some event clans (PvE) get hate for being good. They'll use the most optimal builds that the game might even break things which DE later fixes. Can you blame them? They're theory crafting and using all the tools and ideas they can think of far beyond what DE imagined a player capable of. It takes days of testing to accomplish such things too. Add PvPvE, you'll likely hear toxic toxic toxic. Silently, in the background there will also be fun. The PvP game mode would ofc need to be refined. It would have to function and present properly to ensure a degree of fairness and usability since most people immediately refer to the Dark Sector PvP which had zero balancing done to it.
  12. I saw the words Dark Sector, Warframe, and Universe and got interested. Then realized we meant different things here.
  13. Perhaps rebalance PvP damage in a way to match PvE? For example, give the frames a huge amount of armour or damage/elemental resistance so that weapons (PvE) would do similar damage to a Warframe as they do in the current PvP Balance? OR It could be made so that the weapons would only utilize their Conclave variants when damaging a player and PvE variants when damaging corpus/grineer. That would keep PvE damage numbers the same and keep PvE and PvP balancing separated as it is now.
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