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  1. Xaku - Ensnare Loki - fire blast on range build, infested mobility on cloak build Mirage - Pillage Mesa - Pillage Saryn - Blood Altar Nekros - Smite on SOS build. Pull on range looter Ivara - Petrify Whisp - Roar Titania - Energy Munitions Nyx - Breach Surge Volt - Infested Mobility (Speed build) Trinity - Smite for eidolon hunts and elemental ward on my link/blessing build Frost - Dispensary so I could make an armor strip/team support build
  2. For a loot setup? Pull with greedy pull. For a shield of shadows setup? Smite with Smite Infusion
  3. Edit: oops.. I somehow replied to the wrong topic.. Ignore me
  4. Been farming these since day 1 of release with a nekros.. I have found 6 mods... 6! The drop rates on these are beyond ridiculous!
  5. Only one of the 3 abilities from the 3rd ability is worth using - Gaze. Honestly, I would scrap this 3 ability cycle and replace it with just GAZE. After that, change the power so that it is a self buff that removes enemy defenses when hit by void energy. Now we have synergy with first ability and solves the poor range issue. 4th ability... Replace evasion chance with Damage reduction. Leave the energy cost at 100 IF its a duration ability only OR reduce the cost and remove duration and make it a channeled ability. I prefer going the channeled route. I also believe tha
  6. Larva on hydroid Roar on whisp Roar on shield of shadows nekros Pull on high range desicrate nekros Roar on speed volt Null star on chroma Null star on mirage Petrify on Ivara Larva on Limbo Blood Altar on Inaros Roar on hildryn
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