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  1. Archwing on the Plains is Terrible. Here's Why.

    How is melee combat one of the most fun parts of the game? It's literally 90% button spam.
  2. Zephyr - Birdie nam nam!

    Currently Nidus' works in the way you describe in which holding 1 shows you a preview of the affective area. I believe that's more along the lines of what you're looking for instead of 2 separate casts.
  3. Atlas - Sir Punchalot!

    I'm not sure I understand this correctly. You want Petrify to remain the same except you can move and use your weapons with it as I understand from you post. That's it? Kinda seems like one of those cheesy always on in the background abilities because why wouldn't I use it? Instead of something "conditional" and thought out. When I say conditional I'm referring to, "Oh here's an opportunity to capture a bunch of enemies" or "this enemy is tough, I should petrify it." What petrify should do is provide CC for the team and provide Atlas with a catalyst for his 1. What I mean by that is: Atlas see's bombard. Atlas Landslides bombard. Bombard survives combo and gets launch across the map, only to fire rockets across the map at Atlas However what it should be is: Atlas see's bombard. Atlas knows he cant lanslide combo bombard because of high armor so casts petrify. Petrified enemies are immune to status and knockdown/knockback so Atlas can infinitely punch bombard until petrify duration ends.
  4. Zephyr - Birdie nam nam!

    Seems kinda meh when if you're in the air you're already looking down or downward on an angle. Btw if you have a sec I'd like to know what you thought of my Atlas petrify' suggestion on the other thread
  5. Atlas - Sir Punchalot!

    Can petrify just become a projectile that slows enemies and multiple casts turns them into stone? Animation like the nukor. The closer you are to petrify's origin the greater % chance you turn to stone. Multiple casts increase the stone chance. Enemies stoned take more damage.
  6. Nezha slam animation on 4 needs to go

    I think it's just a catalyst of playing Nezha.
  7. Zephyr - Birdie nam nam!

    That's all I ever wanted. I don't think we need the tap and hold for Dive-bomb tho. Should just be where you aim regardless.
  8. Atlas Rework

    I can bring Atlas to lv 80 missions. I bring him to sorties too. Brought him to that last sortie survival corpus we had and got highest damage on team. It's all about the build. I only went down once because I kept trying to recover my teammates as they were down on too many sapping balls. I would like a slight buff to his abilities though.
  9. QOL Limbo Changes

    Limbo inconveniences other players. It's good that Limbo gets a taste of his own medicine.
  10. Plushies.

    How about a big forma pillow?
  11. [Lock please] Turbulence and explosive weapons

    I resent that. I personally think I brought about a substantial argument. I used Zephyr Tonkor often because it was fun. I'm not disagreeing with you because I think that combination is too OP or because Zephyr is already fun, I'm disagreeing with you because I think your complaint goes deeper than a missed opportunity for Turbulence. I believe your dismay lies with the risk and reward of launcher weapons in which I would agree with you, Launchers don't feel as if the power behind them justifies the risk. If be there first one to try the ogris with a riven on Zephyr if she had self damage immunity with Turbulence but I don't think that should be the solution. Your suggestion eliminates the risk of using Launchers period, which considering their AoE potential I don't believe should be capable. However that's not to say that there shouldn't be a viable way to use them without the risk of instant death on every shot. The instant death mechanic leaves players feeling cheated when they take the time to position themselves at a safe distance only to have an enemy jump in your face right as you fire. Or even worse, having a teammate like Frost bubble the map making it impossible to use the weapon on a multitude of tileset maps. It's the same feeling you get when, Limbo freezes the map and you're stuck using melee weapons. I get it.. I just think with the upcoming Zephyr rework, A better functioning tailwind, a scaling aimable Dive-bomb, and a reworked Tornado which is likely bound to happen would be more than enough to keep her in the ranks of the best Warframes. The turbulence immunity just seems like a bit too much an a redirected animosity towards a mechanic in the game that just doesn't fit the games maps or pacing. TLDR: Launchers are there issue as the risk doesn't equal the reward.
  12. Are Explosive Weapons Too Dangerous to Be Fun?

    I have both console and pc accounts. Just to reiterate, this discussion isn't a measure of skill, but a question of fairness in regards to the risk/reward of Explosive weapons. I'm just curious does everything think that the risk of self damage justify the utility provided by the weapons?
  13. New Passives for Old Prime Weapons

    Well technically every Target you hit wouldn't have that ammo refunded to you, just the shots that miss and hit nothing, so you would run out of ammo from hitting enemies.
  14. New Passives for Old Prime Weapons

    Oh ok then nvm the suggestion then.