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  1. Veiled Rivens - Are they predetermined?

    They're not because we can horde rivens and when a new weapon releases you can get the riven of that weapon.
  2. Then let's Nerf Banshee. Then Ember. Then Equinox. Then Saryn. Then Limbo because he makes the game boring as. Forgot to mention Trinity. Infinite energy is boring. And Mag.
  3. Atlas Petrify rework suggestion

    I've mentioned this on the forums this morning and well as a couple of months ago. I still stand by the idea. Thanks for making a thread on it. You have my full support. I've seen suggestions of an aura to petrify but I cannot for the life of me see how that's better. Ah well.
  4. Fun little request for the Atlas rework

    This just goes to show how much everyone wants a grappler frame.
  5. Atlas - Petrify rework

    You'd prefer an aura rather than a single handed cast? I think the skill would do well if all it required was to be cast rather than held to Target enemies in the reticle similar to the nukor. I've always considered petrify as a tool to stop enemies from getting thrown away if I know that a punch combo won't finish them because they have too much armor.
  6. If you're doing an AtlasRework at the very least add this ONE thing.

    I think petrify would work well as a single handed cast ability projectile like the nukor but not held. The stone weakens over distance.
  7. Just what I thought. You can't even understand that losing damage is a nerf.
  8. A toggle that is used through the melee button that scales with weapon sounds like an exalted ability to me. Try using that vs Grineer, you know the ones that actually matter. Still waiting for the explanation on how losing blood rush and rivens doesn't matter because:
  9. You have no idea what you're talking about and it's pitiful. How does losing the ability to use Blood Rush and rivens that can amplify +300% more melee damage a buff to Atlas? That sounds stupid. I'm going to wait for you to explain this. Can't wait..
  10. Like an exalted ability where mods like Blood Rush and rivens are disabled. No thanks. Nerf.
  11. Minor tweak request to Nova's 1 & Loki's 3

    Ok I reread op to make sure I'm not misunderstanding. What you want is Novas 1 to be another shatter shield/splinter storm. I'm against that too. That's way too powerful for a frame that can bring an entire map to a crawl. I'm cool with making Novas 1 recastable or finding new ways to make the balls more effective though.
  12. Equinox needs persistent auras

    I'm not arguing that it shouldn't be, I'm just giving you a potential reason why they haven't. But if I understand correctly, you want the benefits of mend for example, (the stored capacity potential healing) when you switch forms but have the potential healing changed to an active maim with the stored healing converted to stored damage?
  13. Equinox needs persistent auras

    Changing dynamic. You change to what the mission needs rather than being a master of all.
  14. Equinox needs persistent auras

    I think the deal is that DE intends for Equinox to play as 2 different frames rather than a single frame with 8 abilities.