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  1. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Are we getting any content this month?

    Cheeky but no. I own a PC. I have Warframe on PC. I choose to play better games when I'm on PC.
  2. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    After 70 days in warframe..

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, the majority of the Warframe Community who are vocalized on the forums/reddit are only here to defend the actions of DE. They take criticism as an insult and will look for ways to defend the company rather than exchange ideas, or try to be understanding. Warframe's popularity is mostly based on aestetic and visual appeal. The term "power fantasy" is often used to describe the idea that the players don't want to be challenged, they want to be gods and look cool doing so. Warframe in its early stages used to be about teamwork and cooperation, but that has steadily been on decline as players have become more self-sustained through new mechanics and features. Needless to say, you hit the nail on the coffin with your conclusions about the game. It's hollow. There's no sense of progression within the game, rather than a series of repetition as every 2 weeks a new gun is introduced to fight the same enemies. Why switch and level up the new gun when the current gun does the same job? Mastery..? Cuz new? Warframe is a game for a casual audience. Its a game for those who want to win by participation. You're not going to find that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment you were looking for in your post here. Its fun, but can only be taken lightly in small doses for the optimal experience. And its a shame because there's so much potential.
  3. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    My Idea for a Vauban Rework

    I enjoyed this read a lot. Especially the passive. Not too big, not too small. The drone was a cool idea too. Unfortunately, parts of the community will renew against any change regardless. That ok. Thanks for sharing.
  4. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    How Can You Make Content Around Limbo?

    I like Limbo. He's a really fun frame to play. My most played, however Limbo has Infinite Energy Regen Immunity To Auras Possibly the largest Mapwide CC Potential in game Stops All Factions From Attacking Except A Single Unit. Immunity to Stage Hazards There is no content you can introduce DE that Limbo cannot just freeze in place and kill. Here are some common arguments that Limbo is fine: Nullifiers make him useless. As nullifiers do to every other frame. Rolling Guard into a nully is a strategy now as well to completely bypass that. Frost Can freeze Enemies Too Frost can freeze for a way smaller duration and in a much smaller range. Also, frozen enemies are immune to status effects which Rifted enemies are not. Overpowered CC is just as bad as an overpowered map nuke. Why is this acceptable?
  5. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Frosty Energy buff when? Poor frosty left behind in the dust. 300-400e

    Try some efficiency on your build. Streamlined and Fleeing expertise will let you cast more. Unless you're just asking because of Titania. In that case omg here we go.
  6. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    I think the schedule is ambitious but unlikely.
  7. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Zephyr is not that bad

    No, you missed the point. All the other frames strand strongly with their other abilities while Zephyr remains a useless ragdolling fool. For you to not see that is remarkable, even in the examples you offered.
  8. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Zephyr is not that bad

    I want to put some emphasis on this right here. You don't think Zephyr is good, you think turbulence is good. Which it is. The combination of all Zephyrs abilities make her mediocre at best and the scenarios in which you depicted identifies that she excels in staying alive...which is just turbulence. You dealing a decent amount of damage has nothing to do with Zephyr. Flying to revive your teammates is also disingenuous considering that tailwind is not granting you any benefit to reaching your teammates nor is giving you protection in reviving your teammates that your operator (spoiler) wouldnt provide. But I'm glad we all keep coming to the forums to praise Zephyr. That way, she'll never get any changes.
  9. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Although its been a while, I usually provide too much criticism on the forums and not enough praise for the efforts done right. This rework was absolutely fantastic and I'm very impressed.
  10. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Garuda Dread Heart

    I have a small issue with the FX and animation that exists with Garudas Dread Heart Explosion. The Area of Effect from the explosion isnt indicated in game. It would be an immense quality of life action to allow players to actively see the explosion area to indicate all enemies affected in game versus just identifying it with the stat screen. Something akin to what the Lenz offers is sufficient to identify the area in which enemies are hit with the blast. Thanks
  11. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    DE, we want content not just cosmetics. Have a plan for when you introduce new gamemodes. This does not mean introducing an existing gamemode with a gimmick of neutering Warframe powers. Please be creative. Ask us what we want to see in regards to endgame content as well. Don't assume that initial reception is the standard for the content. Most players praise you just for releasing something at all and then discover the criticisms after time has passed. Too many people jump the gun. Wait for feedback. Also, where is Zephyr Deluxe? I hope it comes with Zephyr changes read from the actual feedback section of your forums.
  12. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Vauban is in a wheelchair.

    Something we can agree on. Love It!!
  13. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Atlas reimagined

  14. If love for DE to fix abilities rather than band aid them but parts of the community don't know the difference. This example with spectronage however doesn't seem to band aid or fix the problem with the skill. It just attempts to try to give players a reason to use it in the first place, and it's not a good enough reason.
  15. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Atlas reimagined

    Everyone will use what they feel is fun and at different intervals. If every frame was good, there would still be a bottom 10 least used frame. If your plan is to reimagine a frame, try staying in line with how other frames are released in regards to balance. This ain't it Hoss.