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  1. Making Mag useful?

    I don't think Mag needs to 100% strip armor. Even with all of the enemies armor May can destroy them with Magnetize. Also, doesn't polarize stop armor as well? These posts requesting mag buffs don't even make sense.
  2. Well, with what you mention considered, Magnetize still traps enemies and holds* them in place forcing them to shoot themselves while regardless of the weapon, allowing you to shoot a target who can't shoot you back. Unless I'm missing something that's still pretty darn good.
  3. Zephyr Rework

    Which I'm not opposed to but your methods fail to take into consideration the players who don't like archwing mechanics. You're ignoring those who do not like being rifted or having another player manipulate your controls even for a moment. If you've visited the forums for longer than a week you'd know the countless amount of threads that complain against these features which you are so persistent to emulate. The argument isn't that Zephyr doesn't need a rework but that her rework must stick to theme while bringing out the best parts Warframe has to offer, instead of copy pasta.
  4. How did you get into Warframe?

    I played when I first got a PS4 on release. The game had limited tutorial and instructions and was clunky in controls so I quit immediately. I returned after a friend recommended only to prove to him that free to play games are all pay to win. I was wrong.
  5. Zephyr, Shock and Awe ::Updated August 9th::

    I'm excited to see anything but I think the tailwind passive idea is just way too good. Not trying to toot my own horn because I know others have suggested similar things but seriously, as a passive this idea is super solid. I've been thinking that perhaps the glide should be activated from a combination of pressing sprint while aim gliding. The glide should be easily activated and toggleable, rather than something that needs to be held down. Also that combination of buttons aren't used and are applicable on a controller.
  6. Zephyr Rework

    That's probably the worst defense I've ever heard. You should be able to pick up allies to help bring them along if they're bad at parkour? Nobody even likes being rifted, why would they enjoy being carried? Sounds like another useless troll skill. Carry rescue targets because the AI is bad? They teleport to follow you.. Your tailwind distance is low because your duration is low. There is by no means where a bullet jump exceeds Tailwind distance when modded effectively. The Zephyr must fly argument because she's a bird is such a tired argument. At least be creative and objective to your own work. The reason why a flying titania works is because of her size. Give Zephyr that same functionality and you'll be bouncing into walls in no time.
  7. Zephyr, Shock and Awe ::Updated August 9th::

    Oh btw my bad I didn't get the notification of you tagging me earlier on the 9th. If you tag me in an edit I don't think it gives me the notification. I'm still so reluctant to post a rework considering that we've bounced off so many idea from each other that the similarities will look like I'm stealing your ideas. I really wish I had the enthusiasm to write my own rework again. I wanted the Glide Passive. I wanted the Gale as the new 1. I wanted DiveBomb to function as vertical lift while grounded like Tailwind currently does. That brings enemies to the air with you and suspends them in the air for a short duration. Divebomb in the air would carry those suspended enemies to the ground, be aimable and scale with melee. But I just don't feel like fighting these make Zephyr a bird threads any more lol. BTW I think the Vortex or Dervish might be better than gale considering it can bunch enemies together.
  8. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    Can I lead the Zephyr rework team?
  9. Zephyr, Shock and Awe ::Updated August 9th::

    @Thaylien Would asking for turbulence to Grant immunity for Self Damage from projectiles be too much? Just curious, my next rework is coming.
  10. Re-post of my Zephyr rework(update 21.5.0) Check ultimate

    How does this even resemble Zephyr? Did you mention you were ex military at some point because that's the only reason I can imagine you having for wanting to turn Zephyr into this. It's like you saw Zephyr and thought, bird..jet.. close enough and then threw in flight simulator as a rework. The same problem as illustrated above and in the old thread still persist and you've almost completely ignored or forgot about the original criticisms and decided to throw this out again. Modify your approach to the rework, being modest, true to the role of the frame in it's existing formula and your vision of how to improve on those skills which you feel are being misrepresented.
  11. Zephyr Rework

    Why is it that whenever a Warframe gets a rework, everyone goes and proposes a rework using the same mechanics for another Warframe? Tailwind distance is affected by duration. It exceeds bullet jump distance and speed when modded for such. Channeled abilities hurt Warframes with minimal energy pools. Especially when they have dependant casting abilities. Her 4th feels like another titania but I'll run with it. Picking up allies? Absolutely not. I shouldn't even have to explain why that's a bad idea. Do I lose my sentinel like when titania does her fourth? So, I need turbulence to survive and then I use flight with drain over time disabling restorative abilities and then I use flight to ragdoll or melee which puts me in a death range. Sounds a bit counter intuitive. It gives Zephyr a flight mode without actually making her better.. That's why I took a break. I'm back for a bit I'll help
  12. Zephyr's qol revisit

    Your touch-up up Zephyr doesn't mesh well. You didn't address any of the issues people have with Zephyr but tacked on a couple of nuances that don't make her a better frame overall but adds useless attributes. Tailwind effectively does nothing besides mobility which needs to change. It's functionality should be more than an alternative bullet jump. It functions as a buffer for dive bomb and a movement skill. Having no effect on enemies and rivals parkour. I agree with your Dive-bomb needing hard CC and there are definitely bugs with Turbulence. Saying Zephyrs 4th needs to become a magnetize bubble is a lazy alternative and I think a more creative approach to it's rework should be considered. Also for Zephyr to be effective for a touch-up several things should be addressed: Tailwinds role besides mobility. Dive-bomb differentiation from Tailwind. Turbulence bugs. Tornado functionality. 2/4 ain't bad but I think each could be better besides turbulence.
  13. Re-post of my Zephyr rework(update 21.5.0) Check ultimate

    I can't wait to debate this....AGAIN. But *sigh* starting your thread again by boasting your affinity once more. It's almost like we didn't have a discussion about this. Ah well. Feedback incoming soon.
  14. You sure about that? Also yeah Hydrops sucks. Make him Splatoon not sewer puddle.
  15. Zephyr Buff/Rework thread 45

    If you would have taken some time to read some of those 45 you would've saw that you're not the only one at all. Your Dive-bomb thing reminds me of something someone suggested a long time ago with Zephyr dropping air pocket grenades or something. Turbulence is not perfect as it still has 2 bugs where projectiles get through. Helion and some corpus weapon. Also your approach takes a minimalistic approach to Zephyr while I believe she deserves the 2.0 treatment like all of these newer and reworked Warframes are getting. But it's evident that you're definitely a Zephyr fan as your rework reminds me of one of my own starting off so I implore to check out some of the more recent threads for the arguments and concepts explored with Zephyr as this one just reeks of generic. But thank you for not just saying combine 1&2 and give Zephyr a new power, 3 is fine and make Zephyr a tornado, thunderstorm, pheonix, magnetize bubble, Vauban vortex, ect. @Thaylien