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  1. She has turbulence, escape options, and shield gating on the way, as well as some of the highest health and shield values of all frames. She's good there.
  2. He should explode into little infested bits when he takes enough damage. If you don't kill those smaller bits he regens like Majin Buu
  3. I hope Umbra is a transformation.
  4. This thread encompasses my thoughts on Warframe exactly. DE has themselves in a cycle that they can't get out of which takes up what I'm assuming is much of the development time. 4 New Warframes a year and 4 New Primes a year. History has taught us that they can only manage a single systemic change or addition in a years time but it baffles me as to why a 30 minute quest is chosen over improvements to existing features. I personally wanted Melee to be revised. Light and heavy attack buttons. Combos that value single target and AoE. A parry system and enemies that actually use melee weapons. A targeting system for enemies. Damage cap on enemy weapons. Nobody likes being 1 shot. Grineer redesign with armor only being applied to the physical armor on the enemy. Flesh shots do not have damage reduction. How about instead of a year long development for a quest, let's get a raid instead. A raid with a side story. Some lore. Mechanics that challenge precision as well as damage. Systems that challenge parkour as well as CC. But no..
  5. This is normal mmo stuff. I've proposed that DE redesign Grineer a small bit and give them physical armor that has parts of their flesh showing. Shooting the armor reduces your damage to the target and shooting the flesh does normal damage. Increase enemy hp for compensation. That easily brings precision weapons into the meta rather than just AoE which DE has nerfed quite a bit lately. I think with the introduction to Primes DE tried to avoid P2W so they only made the primes slightly better. Also, if the items have too large of a drop chance they hold no value. I disagree but I am already bored with them. I also find survival extremely boring. Why do I want to fight for 20 minutes killing the same enemies over and over mindlessly. Thats my feedback.
  6. Ok Cool, first thing I'd like to remind you is that this is your rework. This is how you'd like to Zephyr improved and worked on. You have no obligation to me or anyone else for that matter to changes things if you ultimately don't see any lingering issues. With that said, I'm not sure if you actually think that holding jump to produce a Tailwind effect from the ground and air is viable or you're just trying to meet the needs of unending scrutiny. There's no way we'll all be satisfied with the changes to Zephyr, whatever they are so I'm going to suggest you stick with your original vision. I just throw my 2 cents out there to pass the time. I honestly just wanted a fast escape. Having vertical launch as a tap felt like a win to me considering you would keep the fast escape and requiring a hold for the AoE skill would in fact keep itself in check by not registering without holding for a certain duration. It cannot be spammed if it cannot be executed without a 1 sec charge being reached. Its funny because my personal control scheme makes this very viable but I'm suggesting against it for the 90% of players who don't use "Bumper Jumper".
  7. I'm curious as to why you want the radial knockdown as a tap feature over a hold feature. I'm confused. It being spammed will just bring about pls nerf threads. I'll do a follow-up response after work but I just had to ask
  8. If Prime Access is in jeopardy, then yes feedback counts.
  9. Precisely. No to mention precision damage still applies.
  10. No this is so incomplete since I made changes without applying the changes to the all the moves. I may revert the thread back to its original content because it had a theme that's completely reverse from what we are proposing now but still garnished a lot of support.
  11. This is part of the reason why I said Dive-bomb grounded on tap should launch and hold should do the AoE thing if the skill even belongs on the frame at all. @Thaylien I'll be back with new ideas and counter arguments and feedback as time goes on. I need to contemplate more on this more. Consider changing the ground dervish move though. I remember suggesting The old Boltace passive becoming a skill for Zephyr and everyone knocked it for spam so this makes sense too.
  12. I'm agreeing with you.
  13. Another git gud post.
  14. That is the new concept being brainstormed at the moment between a couple of the Zephyr enthusiasts on the forums. Granting Zephyr a glide passive though aimglide in the air or sprinting whole on the air. Something that resembles the kingdom hearts glide for traveling and granting Dive-bomb the vertical launch parameters from when cast while grounded. Take a look at some of those threads.
  15. They could've honored that. It wouldn't even be transferring data.