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  1. suggetion for the "PRECULIAR MODS"

    These mods are a waste of development time. Already have plenty of peculiar mods called ammo drum.
  2. Harrow really needs some tweaks (IMO).

    This current build seems fine at first glance but I'd suggest a prime flow over natural talent. I'll compare it with my own when I get home and we can figure out what's causing you trouble in the flood missions.
  3. Harrow really needs some tweaks (IMO).

    Nice try, but it's you who needed to cry about how bad you were on the forums and demand changes for the sake of "something feels missing". Allow me to explain what's missing. Your skill. Let's see your video of you struggling to stay alive with harrow so everyone can tell you what you're doing wrong rather than me caring you through a mission. How about you share that build if yours? I'm not the first to ask. I'm not the one who needs help playing Harrow or changes to make him seem effective or whole, that's you. What else?
  4. Harrow really needs some tweaks (IMO).

    Don't send me messages begging me to play with you. I hate when scrubs do that. "If you're so good prove it" I don't have to prove a damn thing to you lol. You can't even handle a kuva flood, yet alone Mott, lmao.
  5. Harrow really needs some tweaks (IMO).

    You don't fix it, you acknowledge that each frame have strengths and weaknesses and play to their strengths. I mean ffs, the 1 literally stops enemies from doing anything. You want it to go through terrain and cast 360 degrees as well? This thread is literally, "de I suck with harrow, please change his skills accordingly to fit my playstyle." Git gud.
  6. Harrow really needs some tweaks (IMO).

    Instead of practicing and finding ways to improve my game, let me go complain on the forums.
  7. Squishy frames and Quick Thinking

    Just continue complaining and DE will eventually nerf it for you. That's how things work now.
  8. Content Focused for Stronger Players

    Message me in game and I'll give you some assistance. It's just your Warframe build that's making things difficult. I can help.
  9. Content Focused for Stronger Players

    The community is my least favorite part about the game at the moment. Everyone pretends that Warframe has the most fantastic gaming community on the internet because people are willing to part with their 100th Warframe set to a noob for free. Such kindness giving away something that truly holds little value to you when content is so dry that all you do is grind sets of gear for the sake of doing so. In reality the community has become a spoiled bunch, constantly demanding changes because if they don't have a piece of gear or content it's automatically "unfair". DE when will you take a break from making things easy and work on adding content that caters to those who enjoy the rewards and challenges Warframe used to offer? The new players who are racing mastery ranks and dumping money to you aren't leaving. They're invested in the game now. But those who feel neglected will.
  10. Channeling while using a throwing melee and pistol

    This is the problem with Warframe. Everyone wants the game catered to how they play. Try considering other health Regen solutions.
  11. Arcane prices in the next update

    I'd like some new rewards personally that are time limited and tradable like arcanes previously were or some new rewards that are actually behind hard content that is untradeable.
  12. PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    Same for me with Gammacor and Cycron. Was excited for this. Only thing I'm excited for now are loadout slots.
  13. PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (LIVE!!)

    Where are the beam weapon changes? That's the most important one.....
  14. Favorite Tennogen Skin?

    Mirage Graxx and Mesa Devil Ranger