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  1. How many years have you guys been saying this? Is there no shame?
  2. Looks like that open letter got ripped up and shredded.
  3. Saryn is just too easy for how effective she is. There needs to be more of a strain in making the build she effectively has now. Give spores duration again.
  4. I really do love this design and hope it makes it to the game. Its wonderful.
  5. Sure, I'll like for you. Doesn't cost me anything. Good luck with your channel.
  6. Will we see a melee balance pass like we did for the other weapons?
  7. This is how you make an augment. You provide an isolated additional benefit to the ability to make up for the lack of the mod slot.
  8. Will we still get a Melee Balance pass like we had for Primaries and Secondaries with the impending Melee Riven Dispo changes? Also, how are the Stasis changes coming along for companions? Thanks guys.
  9. I'm inclined to say you're not very good at the game if you think Hildryn is more useful than Inaros.
  10. Most of the Chroma requests are outlandish to be honest and I'm not surprised they are mostly ignored. Everyone in this game will cry and say _________'s passive sucks, DE change it for like every frame. Then they'll request something like everyone else can't read between the lines and understand why a specific change is being requested to a specific ability, claiming its balanced for one reason while pretending it doesn't break another facet of the game. But you gotta let people dream. It's not like DE will take any suggestions from their forums. Even if they did in the slightest, it would be a variant far off from what was hoped for.
  11. Put Primed Chamber in Season 2 Nightwave. I need more salt.
  12. Battlepass season 1. Break in between (Intermission), Battlepass Season 2. Of course its a free pass.
  13. Yes! I was getting bored. Need new Nightwave challenges to do.
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