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  1. Damage is king. How is that a poor argument? Claims that it is without reason is extremely poor especially when we have examples in game to support my claims. Harrow. Baruuk. Nyx. Warframe AI's are dumb. Ask the hostage specter, my kavat, equinox duality (lol someone used that as an example of why this is good). Focus on your specter and cloud walk away. Skip the specter part and just cloud walk away. Whats the difference?
  2. How effective will your taunt be, when the enemies wont shoot at you to grant you w/e buff you're looking for because they're already dead.
  3. Feedback to a WIP. It sucks as a concept.
  4. Wukong doesn't sound improved at all. Giving Wukong a specter ability is worthless. We all know how effective AI specters are in Warframe. Wukong lost his permanent life with Defy The problem with Wukong's 4 is that it isn't special. You might as well use a regular melee weapon than use his staff.
  5. Also, I noticed you chose not to respond to this person's comment. Is it because it undermines your entire argument? @VanFanel1980mx
  6. Its a safe bet to say that content revolves around a yearly cycle with DE, excluding cosmetics.
  7. Of course there will be new ones at some point. Silly to think otherwise.
  8. You did the right thing by coming to the forums to complain. DE will address this, most definitely.
  9. Comments like this will do you no favors. Also, I'm glad Limbo players struggle with corpus units. For all the other factions, Limbo literally had no chance of even dying. That's a just a tiny bit of balance to this overpowered frame. In all honesty, Limbo needs his 4th to be an Energy Drain skill. It'll force players to build for more efficiency and limit the map wide cataclysms and stagnant missions as players would have to manage their energy usage.
  10. Jump after walking 3m. Enter the Arsenal. Enter the Navigation menu.
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