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  1. 5 hours ago, Draggaggiggo said:

    From how you phrase it, it sounds like it should work but where exactly do you stand in the corner near the Void Relic segment? I can't exactly get my Warframe's back facing in the direction without leaving a small gap that it forces the camera up instead of back. Can you provide screenshots or images of how exactly you got it to work?

    For future preferences, I really hope they fix this issue so we wouldn't have to force the camera out of intended bounds just to fix decoration mistakes.

    Did you stand on it? Either way, here's a step by step, NOW WITH PICTURES!


  2. Hey guys, I may be a bit late but I found a fix if any of you need it.

    Stand on the Void Relic segment, and have your Warframe's back facing the wall/corner. Once there, go into the 'decorate' setting. This should have the camera spawn outside the room where you can access these stuck decorations and remove them.

    This method currently works, tested it 3 minutes ago.

    EDIT: Step by step with images - https://imgur.com/a/2n38WIt

  3. I just got this issue when I was messing around with archwing controls. I have been using same customised control for a while too, and only decided to change things a bit because of the new controller support. And now, here I am, crippled out of my comfort zone missing my d-pads and a good few buttons :(

    Plz DE gods, notice us and fix for I never had such a gamebreaking bug, for me personally at least...

  4. So...I don't think I've seen anything controller related to HUD bugs in the newest update patch notes, though I haven't encountered the issue yet...perhaps it was not controller related, but other factors? Else they stealth fixed it, or I've been extremely lucky today.

    In any case, for those of you that don't know, the HUD bug is purely visual. You actually do keep the rewards, just maybe wait 10-20 seconds or so at mission end and then quit the game. Your progress will keep.

    EDIT: They did include it in the 22.5.1 update about an hour ago, must have missed it somehow...In any case, it says 'on return to Cetus' but I suspect they added a general fix. Will update if I encounter the bug again, but other than that, we're good fellow Controller Tenno ;)

  5. I agree with Vengeful Revenant, Final Harbinger, Decisive Judgement and Tempo Royale. And the Broken Bull of Cleaving Whirlwind. That being said, I find Shattering Storm to be very underrated. Many of the slams feel very powerful, like there's actual momentum behind them. Smashing Fury is not that great admittedly, but Pounding Smite and Falling Rock are just amazing, especially with the Sancti Magistar.


  6. 4 hours ago, Beggining said:

    *Vasto Prime sits in the corner, crying*

    Vasto Prime: I wanna be a badass revolver too....

    *The (DE)ities notice Vasto Prime crying*

    (DE)ities: Don't cry my child. Soon™, Akvasto Prime.

  7. Hey there all, so with the clan event, it's fairly difficult for solo/ghost clans with inactive players to obtain the gold trophy. I cannot seem to find anyone willing to go for around 47 Ambulas kills (for 270 points) and was wondering if anyone else wanted to squad up with me (though I can't host, I got bad Aus net). That said, I don't mind playing in lag.

    I will be free for the whole day tomorrow (currently 5pm, May 5).

    I can also go any frames and/or builds.

    IGN: REKTifier_
    Region: Oceania

  8. You could always just keep pressing the switch until you get an easy combination (there's no time limit + unlimited tries).

    Else you could always grab a phone and record your screen.

    I've got a memory as good as a goldfish - 3 second loops haha, so that's what I'd do.

  9. Just now, Seacatyew said:

    Does it have to be all 3 or does it work with 1/3 2/3?

    Has to be all 3. Also, its a 1% chance.

     Still higher than a Xiphos part though.

    And as Cotton mentioned, it's better to wait out for Nitain Extract Alerts that occur a minimum of 4 times a day

  10. Just now, xProSasquatchX said:

    can someone list whats for sale? Unable to load images/Cant play warframe right now

    Sands of Inaros Blueprint
    Primed Bane of Corpus
    Primed Bane of Grineer
    Primed Bane of Infested
    Primed Morphic Transformer
    3 Day Affinity Booster
    Ki'Teer Kubrow Armour
    Ki'Teer Arrow Skin
    Ki'Teer Syandana
    Prova Vandal
    Nexus Fur Pattern
    Corrupted Bombard Spectre Blueprint
    Primed Cryo Rounds

  11. I agree with having an option, similar to defense. However, you have to look through the perspective of hosts who have their squad-members leave early (yes, those kind of players), even though the time of extraction was stated previously in recruiting. It's all about commitment, especially if one decides to join a lengthy session even though they know that they don't have enough time.

    But of course, we all get the occasional toilet break, neighbour problems and ye old streetfight sometimes which we just can't do anything about :P

    In any case, I usually like to ask the rest of the squad if they're fine with leaving early, if say someone wishes to do just that. Despite this, there are some people who can be quite rude and toxic, so it's all about etiquette and manners really.

    If your group comes to a collective understanding, then all should be fine.

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