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  1. Thank you! I'm guessing the data showed enough players already reaching the cap, and this is why the decision was made now and not earlier. Glad to see this being addressed.
  2. I acknowledge a few people might use it for capacity, but using it to fit umbral mods also means you are choosing not to use other advantageous aura's, and most melee is so broken it hardly needs extra power, it's usually overkill to increase melee much more, especially on endless missions. I'm not saying it has no use, but that the OP's claim that it has made other choices irrelevant is hyperbole at best. As usual with DE, decisions like these often made in a fly by the seat of the pants way that doesn't even necessarily have balance in mind.
  3. It's only Power Donation though, right? If anything, if they balanced aura mod capacity + they would probably just drop Steel Charge and Power Donation to be seven instead of 9 and not buff the others. This is why I think this is a dangerous road to go down; to push DE on aura mod capacity increases.
  4. I think they just need to be a little less super rare, and people wouldn't be asking for this so much. I think DE is trying to bottleneck power creep and I get what they are doing, but I think it's a bit too extreme at this point.
  5. I'm a little confused here. Are you suggesting that people are choosing Steel Charge over options that better suit their builds needs just for those few extra mod points? Because I don't think many people are doing that. Steel Charge, as far as I have known, has not ever topped the useage charts, or close to it, and certainly not because it gives a few extra mod capacity.
  6. I doubt that. They primed Valkyr and left like a dozen contradictions in their wake that if I recall, left a few passionate Valkyr fans so upset they wanted to quit, don't know if they followed through though lol.
  7. If that's the glyph in question it's been around for quite some time now I think.... seems you are a bit late to the party OP. Anyways, this is a game that has dark stuff that rivals some of the more disturbing lore in Warhammer 40K especially if you are paying attention to all the slightly more hidden stuff like lore fragments. I think most of what's going on with the Solaris is a lot more disturbing than a cat/girl glyph that may or may not be of "age" whatever that means, when it's some anthropomorphic cat/human hybrid thing. It looks like it could be an adult to me, and the pic
  8. Yeah, sometimes the nerfs are so kneejerk the thing being used goes from "too popular" to "trash pile", like the initial M4D nerf, and because the balance team doesn't make a lot of regular changes buff or nerf aside from dispo changes, which is more recent, people just aren't used to a regular balance cycle and react accordingly. Balancing by useage sort of makes sense from a triage approach if they don't have the staff, but taking something out of most popular useage should not mean it needs to be taken out of popular useage entirely. I'm not sure what the best solution is, I do think
  9. I think that's part of the problem, that the balance team is small overall, but I think we have to consider the issue that this is a live service game with hundreds of weapons, dozens of "classes" as it were, and so many different powerups, gear items, pets and mods. At this point they could make a balance team of dozens focused solely on that, and maybe they could get closer to the type of balance many are asking for, but I think it would still take them a very long time, and they have to keep readjusting because more content gets added. I think they would have to make core changes to w
  10. The old canard, why don't we just "buff all the bad stuff and make it good". That is not nearly as easy as it sounds... not even close lol. Don't get me wrong, anything that is statistically on the really low end of useage should get a look when possible, but "just update everything and get it on a similar level all at once" is a monumental and essentially impossible task. They could stop making new content for years and try to just focus on that and probably still never get it quite right because of the nature of what you are asking them to do.
  11. I mean, maybe they were mixed up by us not getting the mobile operators until The War Within, before that we just had transcendence right, not transference? Unless my memory is wrong, could easily be lol.
  12. I think the pandemic got them on this one, but there are a couple things they could do in the future that might help avoid this happening again: A) Have all the assets and story prepared before starting a new season, and know exactly how long each section will be so there aren't so many people hitting the cap and feeling like they hit a progression wall. If this means an extra long intermission, that's okay. I think after all the glass enemy invasions that were fun for a time, people wouldn't mind a decent break from an active nightwave storyline. Alternatively, if this is not real
  13. I think you just want to see/hear/look at daughter more because reasons.
  14. OP is really late to the party. Most people who were mad about the pre-nerfs already got it out of their system weeks ago.
  15. Right. Your amount of tasks per day/week is already capped to begin with, which hard caps how many points you can get in given day or week/cycle anyways. It really doesn't make sense. I understand DE is a really fly by the seat of their pants company and that has been both a strength and a weakness for them at various times, but if they are going to wing it and not have the story and assets ready for seasons before they start them, they should at least remove the cap so people don't get so frustrated.
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