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  1. So here is my idea to try to please everyone at once, at least as best as possible: 1) Leave the current arcane helmets as is, for collectors to enjoy as they wish. 2) Create new arcanes (that work on any frame) based on the affects of the old arcane helmets. The stats can be tweaked as necessary to give them all proper levels (some of the weaker arcane helmet's arcane counterpart would likely have the arcane helmet stats as the base rank or something), and then since they raise one stat and lower another, they can be called corrupted arcanes or something. And that solves the
  2. A few are somewhat worthwhile, although not really in place, like you said, of an arcane. My solution to solve this whole thing forever: leave the existing helmets as is for collectors. Make entirely new arcanes based on the affects of the old arcane helmets (I would suggest making them more worthwhile by not making them frame specific, obv) because despite as poor as they are, no item that affects stats should be locked out from the playerbase. Adjust the numbers as necessary (some of the cruddier ones could be the base rank effect and it could get stronger from there). Call
  3. Well that's the thing, I stayed in operator mode, and if he managed to hit me and I went back to WF, I immediately went back to the lil guy again. And kept hitting him with my amp, which keeps resetting his resistances too. If trying to facetank him with melee is your definition of yolo, then no I didn't yolo. But it was a very quick encounter, and if you transference back to your operator quickly enough when you get kicked back to WF it's pretty much impossible to die.
  4. Yes. I beat him with my operators amp. He was a joke. And it was a 111 with an unranked arcane.
  5. Because it is usually easier for people to get away for conventions in the summer, so they host them in summertime. Dex stuff is specifically for Warframe anniversary of release date.
  6. I wouldn't really say a best, rather I would say, follow your heart, and make it so! Well, to an extent. Someone posted a link to a thread with a guide of chronological-ish order, which will help show you what stuff is kind of absurd to get without plat early on, some are just crazy to farm or hidden behind some high wall of nested farming. But among those frames that are accessible at your level, get a couple and you will find with practice they can get you through pretty much anything. If Nekros and Nova sound good to you, get Nekros and Nova, the non primes of both a
  7. I have proposed a Hacker frame concept before, I would have to start over though, and write a new one, because with Perspicacity now released, a lot of my ideas don't make as much sense anymore. I have always thought a hacker warframe would be really cool. I'd rather them not have direct invisibilty, but stealth by other means. Shut down enemy systems, be less detectable like that rakta dark dagger passive or what have you, maybe even turn enemy cameras/laser traps/turrets against them. EMP enemy robotics, jam enemy weapons. Use magnetic attacks, augments for striping armor, base ab
  8. Because it's the best choice they have. Have you tried typing out messages in the middle of gameplay using a controller? VC is almost mandatory if you want to have any kind of real communication with others on a console.
  9. Indeed, I was trying to calculate it out and it made my head hurt. I am pretty sure it will be bad enough soon, or already is, that someone who just joined the game, and is interested in a prime that was just vaulted, could be waiting as long, or longer, for that prime to return, than it will take for a frame that was just released to get it's first prime, at least without using trade chat. And that is just nuts, beyond nuts really. It's completely unsustainable for the game's long term health.
  10. This is true enough, I personally also consider it a moral responsibility, it least in most cases, especially when we are talking as young as ten. A ten year old kid wandering around in a game universe with a chat system where you can privately chat with people is just asking for trouble. I always liked games like pokemon for kids, they were always good at letting you interact without actually chatting.
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