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  1. I don't mind them showing up in public games if someone else needs them, but I would like them to at least decrease in spawn frequency for me once I have 20, if the game could somehow detect that, especially if I have all the crime scenes done to date and all stocked up. At least for solo/my instance when in public. They really don't give a lot of standing, and it is super annoying to me at this point. But the most noticeable is in open world, and that is where my true beef lies to be honest, as they only feel like a minor nuisance in regular missions. For regular missions the spawn timer makes sense, but it needs to be longer for open world, or they need to just not show up there. Open world you go out and chill for a while and mine and fish, and I'm sure this is partly my own imagination, but it feels like almost every instance where it isn't a super fast in and out, Nora comes on the line about glass resonance in the area. It's frustrating. I am trying to conserve animals and I cannot have any peace. Mind you I enjoy the Nightwave stuff, although I just came back and missed the first couple... and I think having limited time in world events like that is neat, but I just feel like the spawn frequency especially when in solo with all your stuff complete, it just feels like a bit much.
  2. I think the problem is passives are inconsistent. I believe years ago Scott said something on a devstream about not wanting them to be make or break for a frame, and more of a "thematic" thing, which is why some of them are just kind of silly, or almost never helpful. They aren't really meant to be that useful, just fun, occasionally helpful and fit the frames theme. But then, this was when he was adding passives to all the older frames. As they have been making newer frames, they increasingly seem to consider passives, starting perhaps even as early I'd say as Inaros (although I don't think they were doing it with every frame that early), as just another part of the ability set that can augment the frame and make them more powerful as normal. More and more new frames have multiple passives that are either powerful in their own right or an integral part of their abilities, but a lot of the classic frames just still have "thematic" passives.
  3. Good feedback post, but an fyi, for those who don't use the forums a lot. DE usually doesn't look to General Discussion for feedback, they consider this just a place for Tenno to chat. You want General Feedback, which is tucked away a little lower in the forums: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/21-general/ I suggest reposting your thread in that forum, or better yet asking a moderator to move it. It has at least some chance of being noticed by the developers if its in the right sub forum.
  4. I'm more annoyed with the Tusk Thumper Doma Elite Weekly. The only thing elite about that one is finding one and it is just not worth the hassle to run around trying to force one to spawn for 7000 nightwave standing.
  5. Glad you found it! They can be really frustrating to find sometimes! The fact it seems to be separately instanced for players increases the frustration. I know the idea is you have to follow your own clues, but it's still nice to be able to lookup a solution if you got stuck.
  6. Interesting. My guess is that DE doesn't want people adding the admin moniker to nameable things like pets, and confuse people into thinking there is a DE employee in the game? This is the only thing that would make sense. For example, I doubt you can put [DE] in the name for things. Ninja'd.
  7. The problem with Hydroid is they added a bunch of new ability synergies for him, but they did so without increasing his energy pool or giving him any tricks to restore it. They made him an incredibly energy heavy caster, with little to no way to take advantage of all his new synergies.
  8. Trying to figure out what part of administration was triggered as a dirty word... I keep looking at it and I don't see it. I've heard whole words can be blocked because a small part was profanity (suggesting an overactive filter), but I don't see what part of administration could be a curse?
  9. Revenant can't be so gamebreaking he needs a nerf and also be garbage in regular content. That doesn't make sense. You feel the theme doesn't make sense, that's fine. I don't think Protea's theme really works either. But that has absolutely zero to do with their abilities, stats or effectiveness. Let's face it, what you really want is never going to happen. You want him to be properly Eidolon/Sentient themed. Problem is only his 4 really seems to fit the theme at all (it's like the battalyst spinning laser kind of). Even if DE ever did rework or revisit him for some reason, do you really think they are going to replace 3 abilities because some people think the theme doesn't work? Like, Protea bothers me because I thought she was supposed to be a time themed frame, but only really has one time based ability. But, I've made peace with it because I know DE isn't going to replace 3 out of 4 of her abilities because I have a hangup with the lore aspects.
  10. So you are suggesting a campaign to get a different company than Tencent to buy Warframe instead, like a better company? The problem is that unless Tencent decides otherwise, I believe that ship has sailed, as they have a temporary exclusivity period to decide if they want to buy. Sorry if I misunderstood what you mean though.
  11. I think this is a tricky situation, not that it is our fault DE put themselves in it. The problem is they made a big deal early on about not wanting it to be the most efficient rewards, or become the farming meta, etc. However, no matter how hard they try, there will be people who do just that, if nothing else than just by starting endless missions with a bit higher level and more spawns. They already opened that door, they can't close it, but they don't want to encourage it too much. The problem though is, with nodes like say, Index which is a good example you brought up, based on its mechanics, there really is no reason at all to play it once you've completed it for SP. You might as well do it on lower level, there is no benefit at all to doing it on SP. So this is kind of the pickle they put themselves in... where with things like Index, it is meant to be done repeatedly, not just completed once for SP, but it will become a dead node very fast and no one will want to repeat it. They have this tightrope they are walking between making certain SP nodes too important, and people just never doing certain nodes again, leaving even repeatable nodes dead in the water.
  12. As a player I want it, but thinking from the perspective of the developers and what they intend for Steel Path, I doubt that is a toy they will be giving us to play with.
  13. This is the old store page I think: https://store.steampowered.com/app/606140/Survived_By/ As you can see, it was pulled from the store at the request of the developers (aka canceled).
  14. He wasn't telling you what to do, he was answering your question. You ask a silly question, you get a silly answer lol.
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