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  1. True enough. I remember back in the days on the forums when we were in the old void key days, it was the same old crap different day. If a new weapon was announced and it didn't personally intertest an individual (even if they hadn't seen the stats yet lol) it was "MR fodder". As a noob I quickly learned that term to mean "weapon I personally am not interested in" as I realized how many weapons other people called fodder that I still enjoyed using or found use for.
  2. Yes and no. Yes better weapons tend to float to the top of the popularity pile for a reason. But riven dispositions are based on weapon popularity, not DE going in and doing true baseline stat audits, as far as I understand it. So I don't think it should be taken as too much of an indicator of much of anything. Edit: Also keep in mind for newer weapons they always start with the worst disposition and it could take multiple prime cycles for that to even out to where it really makes more sense even just going popularity-wise.
  3. I guess he's never heard of countries where the vast majority of the market is based on haggling and bargaining on the spot.
  4. Probably. I probably won't even bother. The Ghoul Saw I don't care about the stats, it just looks fun to mess around with. Beyond that doing the same Cetus bounty followed by killing some lephantis stage 2 clones is just awful.
  5. HARD same. I don't enjoy him at all. I could barely rank up my Wukong. So boring to play. I'd rather go watch a video of someone eating food that I can't have. Or watch paint dry. Or shave my face with a rusty razor.
  6. Yeah I'm going to get the ghoulsaw, and the arcanes maybe since I don't have them yet (if I can force myself to do it enough for that), but I barely ran Orphix Venom despite it being a great arcane grind because I found it painfully unfun. Same thing here. I'll get a few unique items, but I am not going to sit there and spam something I don't enjoy just for rewards. I gotta enjoy it too.
  7. This event makes me worry about people's mental health. I think in the future DE should at least break plague star up into slightly different bounty sections and try to mix it up a little bit. Not saying do a bunch of big work, just take some old assets and shift things around so it's a little different each time or something. It cannot be good for people to do the exact same few minute mission this many times in a few weeks. Some people are stockpiling thousands of forma and I wonder what this will do to their temporary mental state. Do they dream about Plague Star?
  8. Now you're making me want it. :( Still gonna wait till DE changes the drops, it's just a bit much right now lol.
  9. 70-80% commons, 20-25% uncommon and rare being 5-10% is actually pretty common in drop tables in most games my dude. And my numbers aren't supposed to perfectly add up because I'm just talking about a general range. But yeah, 80% of stuff being common drops is actually like, that's a yugioh, pokemon or other tcg booster pack. That's standard.
  10. I haven't tested it in a while because that's not my playstyle, but I found this very recent comment on the wiki... A Lone Tenno·7/23/2021 Looks like they monkeyed around with Cautious Shot and maybe self-stagger in general under the hood. The good news is that the Cautious Shot Multi Shot bug that made it pretty well useless no longer exists. Still a niche mod for people that have PSF since that negates most staggers/knock downs entirely regardless of source. (And there's no equivalent to CS for sidearms and shotguns. Maybe bad news? I haven't tested much, but I'm only seeing two degrees of stagger so far with Ogris, regardless of range. The big arse-over-teakettle stagger, and then what I'd call the large flinch with CS equipped.
  11. Yeh the frame that motivates me the most to rng for it is Ash, but from what I've heard the "smoky effect" that Ash gets from BS is so much more pronounced than the Smoking Body Ephemera that it isn't even noticeable really for Ash players. That kind of destroyed any motivation I had to grind or it, as putting it on Ash was like... 99% of my desire to grind for it lol.
  12. Eh, if you really think something glitched you could message support buuuuuuut. If it is the Smoking Body Ephemera just let it go anyways.... to build it you need a built Ash Systems bp you can only get from layers of terrible rng and is one of the worst drops in the game right now. You'll get more smoking body ephemera drops in the future, and hopefully by then DE will make the drop chances for Ash not horrible. Just be patient and don't worry about it for now. The Smoking Body is really a weak showing ephemera tbh anyways and that's not just sour grapes look it up on youtube.
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