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  1. Has he tried solo? I would suggest he just try solo, as these are not missiosn you need to do with friends anyways. If he has no active lich, it should appear, with a weapon he can see above its head after it was first killed, and he should have a decent amount of time to hold x to mercy it. I can't think of any reason this issue you are describing would happen if he was playing solo. Getting a lich is a super easy mission, having more people in the squad just complicates things and is more likely to lead to a situation where something doesn't work quite right.
  2. I doubt reinstalling is the issue, but who knows. I have a couple questions: You guys are seeing the transmission screen about transforming an enemy into the larvling, then you are finding the larvling and it is not spawning a weapon after being killed? Silly question, but is your friend looking for the weapon mark above their head and holding x, or do they see the weapon above the larvling and just attack it? Sorry just trying to clarify, if you have any details at all to add it would probably be helpful for others to suss out what's going on.
  3. Wait for it to be added to the game. At this point if linking and relinking a bunch of times and asking support and going through your twitch account didn't work, especially this long after, you likely aren't going to get it as a Twitch drop. But these things are always added back to the game at some point. Athodai now drops through RJ and it was a Tennocon exclusive, I think another Tennocon exclusive from the past was eventually added to Baro. No word of where or when it will be put back in game, but it is inevitable.
  4. It's really simple. DE wants the game to be "something you can play while waiting for a date", they don't want casuals to feel cutoff. If they make endurance have scaling rewards, it starts to become more and more THE way to farm if you don't want to be like a backwoods hill person way behind everyone else. And then people who are more casual feel pressured to do endurance they don't enjoy, or not get nearly as good rewards as those who have the time or patience to sit down for hours in one survival mission. So they don't entirely get rid of them, because some of the fanbase enjoys doing them for the sake of it, but don't ever expect them to add scaling endurance rewards. It just goes against a core part of the design philosophy, and they want to bring in more casuals, not drive away the ones they have. That is THE only significant reason they really won't do it, in my personal opinion.
  5. That reminds me, did you know there is a church somewhere in rural Kentucky in America, where people dance around holding poisonous snakes to "prove they are in Gods favor"? They figure they won't get bit or die from a bite as long as they aren't living in sin, it's an arrogant way to show they are "holy", also dangerous and foolish lol. It's pretty wild. The world is a loony places sometimes.
  6. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they thought the vallis > rj stuff was actually close to completion, and then they dealt with more bugs and other issues than they expected and it was put on the backburner as that is par for the course for the dev team (unlike some who accuse of them of knowing they were super far away and just making a mockup and being straightup dishonest). but I think they have learned a lesson since then about not showing stuff they aren't 100% sure will soon be ready to ship without breaking.
  7. I may be under a mistaken impression, I am mostly going off that one demonstration with the open world stuff that is still not close to fruition. But if it is just they are still working on bugs or other issues, and it isn't that they realized it wasn't something they could properly do for real, then I am happy to be corrected if wrong. I will not try to pretend to be an expert on this.
  8. Pretty much. I like Steve's enthusiasm and his passion, but I think the engine warframe uses is limiting for what his imagination wants to do. That being said, I am starting to see more of the pieces of the puzzle that he wants to put together fall into place, but its a long way yet to go. IMO where RJ needs to be is still very much in alpha. I understand Steve's entire concept is to have everything connected between mission/orbiter/rj, and trying to make you feel more like you are flying TO your mission, etc (maybe even open world one day, but they really flubbed on that......), but I think the issues are that: 1) We have a few attempts to try to get there, but we really aren't close, in terms of true immersion or connection yet. 2) The closest attempt to this dream are the new Taxijack, and I think with how quickly they got that nickname, it is clear why they didn't work. I think much better rewards could make a difference, because it is about time played. If taking my RJ to a survival mission on board ship is supposed to be a more immersive way for me to enter a mission instead of just being dropped into a vent, then DE has to realize people are basically being asked to spend several minutes on an interactive loading screen before the "real" mission starts, so they just hate it. If DE wants to go full immersion to the point we are drawing out something like loading/taxiing into a mission, then it better be rewarding or people just won't find it worth it/enjoyable, etc. In the short term, this could at least make a difference while working on the structural flaws and trying to see what more magic they can coax out of their limited engine. But yeah basically tl;dr the op is right.
  9. Take it with a grain of salt, but I was looking for info on it and a redditor said they tested it a lot (this was only like 8-10 months ago), and that it seemed overkill damage counted on shielded enemies, but not unshielded enemies. Idk if that's at all true either, but imo it adds to the overall mess of speculation/claim/fact/guesswork that surrounds a lot of things in games the devs haven't bothered to officially lay out for us. My guess is sometimes it counts, sometimes it doesn't, but it hardly matters, the mission end screen stats are totally pointless except as a momentary amusement. Anyone who is seriously worried about those stats or the epeen behind them beyond a minor curiosity is being a tad silly.
  10. I don't think you understand what a source is. You play the victim and take it personally everytime anyone disagrees with you/politely asks for a source, or doesn't see your way clearly immediately. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt at first but it is clear you cannot argue in good faith, so you are right I won't engage with you anymore, but not for the reasons you think. It is because you take disagreement personally, and are unable to have a productive discussion.
  11. You are being very dogmatic, about something others who are also very experienced think of differently. There are a ton of variables to account for from you or me doing a random mission, so I am not going to play this kind of silly rhetorical duel. I would like a source for your claim, please. Since you seem so certain over other very experienced players, it should be easy to find one for me.
  12. Source? Your personal, anecdotal experience doesn't count, so let's just throw that out right now, shall we? It's irrelevant.
  13. If it requires you to do some weird stuff with the unstuck command, it might not be the safest thing to do if you want to be really safe in terms of not getting into any trouble... But if it just requires you using the operator + transference that's just playing the game the way it is built and finding cool tricks.
  14. No. Reason: Probably something to do with a bunch of technical limitations that could cause a buggy mess.
  15. Helios is for scanning, not for stat stick purposes.
  16. I still think starting rank of gear after formai'ng them should be whatever your mastery rank is. This would affect weapons too. Then say, this would give leg ranks something to work for, as say at legendary rank one your necramech or rank 40 weapon could start at 31, then 32 for leg rank 2 etc. This is a really cool start though, but for me it is not so much the abilities unlock or levels, but the excessive re-leveling that gets tiresome. But I understand DE probably doesn't want to do things that lower amount of time played, thing is, I'd still play, just actual full missions instead of spending my time leveling. Just a suggestion. This is still cool though.
  17. Dislike,. Meta isn't Warframe. Take the time to fully learn the GAME. No offensive, I'm sure you are a smarter person among your friend group or you wouldn't even be playing a game like WF, But you are/can be better than than this........................ Dont' be silly bruh.... smart ppl like you who like the gameplay of WF can do amazing things without even that crazy of mod. #*!% pride you are a god in WF without even THAT mjuch effort. Don't be a normie be a demi-god and own this *@##$ much love. : )
  18. It's not legit as in official, but it is legit in that it is correct that if DE continues to go "in order" that things will come to pass roughly as they say. But there is no guarantee they will go in order. They do most of the time, but they do occasionally go out of order as well. Apart from the m, m, f, f, rotation, there is nothing guaranteed about what prime comes out when, so take that kind of speculation with a grain of salt.
  19. This is probably where I am going wrong, I will look into that, thanks.
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