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  1. Just freaking stop nerfing things into the ground to appease morons that won't even be playing the game in a pair of months
  2. Well, DE got wat they wanted out of it and then castrated it deliberately. Only someone who doesn't play the game wouldn't realize that the original bramma was a powerhouse. As it is it was one the main reason / carrot to deal with Kuva liches and the stick that is that borked system. After players bit in the system and spent tons of platinum on rivens for it and forma to completely unlock it DE nerfed it... as usual
  3. Honestly DE surpassed itself again in reaching for new lows. Crime scene exploration is an utter slog as usual, while the "boss fight" is utter crap, with disappearing platforms, unresponsive controls and most of the game cut off... The base idea is interesting but implementation left me with a strong desire of glassing most of DE staff
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