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  1. Ikusias

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    The above poster said it all... holydays ended, now you guys at De need to pick up the slack and address all these issues and those on consoles
  2. it doesn't solve a problem of malcostume that's becoming widespread to a worrying degree
  3. Warframe never had a kick option due to the massive potential for abuse far outweighting any potential benefit...
  4. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    So far Titania's "rework" bugfix has barely improved on her overall status: - tribute needing only one per type is an improvement alongside the cost reduction... the effectivenes and range of the debuffs is still bad or unreliable, they are unmoddable as their effects doesn't scale with power strenght, duration or range; current ranges are insulting: 10 m aura slow, 30 m aura miss chance and companions boost, 40 m damage reflection (as if she can survive any incoming damage) they would be acceptable if were the result of modding intentionally sacrificing range for other stats, not as the maximum ummoddable fixed ones... considering that all tribute effects are debuffs and need enemies to be and remain in range to work Dust, Titania's only defensive buff, evaporates in effectiveness with enemy level and distance (30m what of largish tiles or the existing landscapes?) - it's the only defensive power that needs to be "picked up" instead of activating on cast and it's quite conditional on top as it doesn't guarantee protection (having a 50% chance is a coin toss and RNG generation in Warframe is baffling at the least!) and it's a -50% that is apparently subtracted from enemy hit chance, chance that raises with their level apparently (anyone with better info is welcome to correct me on this point - this is only at the moment empirical evidence) The only other frame with conditional activation powers that comes to mind is Octavia and her powers are actually effective (can't be shot if the enemy can't see you) and due to their nature are buffs on self and allies, de facto infinite range. - Spellbind and lantern still induct targets in the Tenno Space Program or TSP for brevity, completely defeating lantern effect... when it actually works. Scratch the above: all knockback, bounches and the like are out of whack with things bouncing out of surfaces, enemies and allies like Bouncy balls https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouncy_ball ofthen with hilarious and/or lethal consequences (tonkor and penta grenades murdering the shooter by bounching back in their faceplate with 30° acute angles! and lethal momentum) - Lantern "aggro" is nonexistant, with enemies ignoring it in favour of murdering Titania & Co - still no way of renew the swarm of razorflies even when lanthern does in fact spawn its own when it isn't stripping away Titania's fighter escort - Razorwing is still precluded from all [X] interactions while all other exalted weapons/forms and the archwing/skywing and sharkwing themselves haven't this limitation - Razorwing standard speed is still utterly mediocre, even slower than Titania's full size dashing or parcouring and makes Razorwing Blitz a mandatory mod, not an option or utility - 2 exalted weapon to forma beyond Titania herself ofthen totaling in the order of 7-9 forma, depending how many primed mods players try to fit. Of them only one is actually viable. - ground slams and similar effects affect razorwing even when non in contact with the ground; - razorwing is treated as an archwing in both landscapes, further screwing Titania over negating her even this niche as all anti-air attacks in those locations are meant to knock skywings out leaving the carried warframe grounded. guess what? this downs Titania instantly regardless of EHp buffs, effects etc. - the only part of Titania's kit that is actually of interest, her selling point, it's her razorwing form. Nothing was done to accomodate this fact by adapting the rest of her kit around it. when she was originally launced there were plans to incorporate a 50% discount or efficency buff in all her other powers when cast during Razorwing, it was never implemented - except razorwing all titania's abilities depend on having enemies or allies on hand to target, none works per se. The worst offender is Spellbind that's got a self status removal in it but needs to be cast in the ground for Titania to benefit. Final point of all this wall of text the rework workshops themselves: every time DE has posted a "workshop" about a rework, every solution that required more work than minimal numbers tweaking has been completely ignored and discarded, leaving the affected frames barely changed or severely diminisced - only exception was Saryn - because it was a pet project and one that went unfortunately quite awry making her even more obnoxious than before by switching her element to the best to contrast armor scaling - sorry [DE]Pablo, if you wanted to reign her in you really dropped the ball this time, pity because Nidus and revenant are excellent compared to her and don't destroy other teammates enyojment of the game... near zero response or aknowledgment of suggestions, problems and/or wants except when response was blatantly negative like melee 2.5 or the issues were so blatant not even a blind would miss them. frames that had to wait years in the queque and are more than underutilized got barely a glance a spit of polish and a kick back into oblivion. So far of all reworks the best have been Excalibur's and Nezha, Volt's wasted more time on speed opt in or opt out, riot shield and inanities like that instead of actually rebuild the frame in an actual starter frame with a learning curve, ember's and banshe's augment were directly a nerf resonating quacke needed only to lose the damage buff, ember hasn't got actual damage in higher levels or decent survivanility tools and still makes a nuisance of herself at lower levels burning everything to ashes in lower starmap levels. Saryn's rework is the trainwreck we all know already, Chroma got "fixed" because it was too effective against eidolons... and half his owers are unusable or too expensive for their benefit (#1 and #4) Limbo has become a good deal more squad friendly than before but can still potentially become a trollframe, Zephir's kit is still a mess... tentacle pervert Hydroid got a bit of polish... Khora, Revenant and Garuda both needed emergency fixes on launch and still have some of the worst cobbled together kits so far due to their launch amidst the chaos of Plains Of Eidolon and Fortuna...
  5. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Titania's "rework": fail What was given were basic qol necessities that should have been there since the start. - #1 and #3 are redundant with each other / fold together - #2 tributes are near irrrelevant in game due to being aoe debuffs with small areas and ignorable effects, dutst in particular is - 50% hit chance on enemies, pity enemy hit chance can scale above 100%! and that all other defensive abilities are 100% effective + it should be additive to razorwing passive - #3 should be a combo of #1 and razorflies cast / power not working, enemies ignore lantern in favour of shooting players 90% of the time / area is mediocre without edge builds - #4 still oneshotted in both the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis by any kind of anti-air fire, still missing a way to deploy more razorflies, still no interactions (opening lockers, picking up things, hacking panels, reviving alies) while skywing can and adds a 2nd layer of health and shields to the carried frame! Sorry but i'm plenty convinced that you guys at De are trolling us every time you announce a rework
  6. Just tryied the fight: - 3 hosts in a row ragequitted - unskippable cutshenes - metric ton of knockdowns - eccessive enemy spawn on your position even when trying to stay away and snipe - vulnerability not visible to guests - orb shield walls ignore terrain and cover - archgun is utter crap compared to any rivened primary - little duck messages - just off that XXXXXX! - general chaos with no indications Immediate impression? A complete crapshow, not certainly something to show to the public, not touching this XXXXX
  7. Ikusias

    The War Within and subsequent updates (Spoilers)

    The important thing about operators is to mute their stupid in mission messages, those ruin all the atmosphere and investment. once they're gagged everything returns fine.
  8. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Fortuna units are literally trashing titania out of the sky between 100% accuracy turrets, plenty of Aoes and gravity traps among other things she lasts seconds while in razorwing. I see no improvement at all so far
  9. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    that would be fair to all exalted weapons frames - I dropped arbitrations altogether due to this idiocy
  10. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    just a note about tribute: it's aura ranges,as far as i tested and checked on the wiki, are fixed and unmoddable, so the actual auras don't lose range from narrow minded. What gets gimped is the range at wich is possible to cast tribute on enemies (literally in their faces) and that Lantern's already ineffective CC range gets completely invalidated, making it no better than Spellbind...
  11. Ikusias

    Multishot Breaks Stealth Multiplier ( Present since U19.6.3 )

    I fear part of the problem is connected to DE apparent hate towards stealth exp farming. Due to "exploits" in the past they changed how enemy alertness works, with all npc spawning "non stealthable" for their first 5 seconds in the tile. Have you ever had your stealth kill chain breaking because an "unaware" enemy actually was alert? All that "fix" generated a bunch of bugs with stealth in general, with enemies aiming or following you even when invisible or out of sight. Currently "stealth" in Warframe is completely broken unless depending on invisibility because enemies are always aware of player's positions
  12. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Still De continues in it's old ways... we ask for a more in-dept review of a frame and they stop only to give a spit and polish at the most glaring problems.
  13. I suspect all durations the Op mentioned are wrong by a factor of 10 minimum... What he forgot to mention is that most of the attack abilities of kubrows animation lock them in the middle of melee with groups of enemies, resulting in downed pets shortly followed by downed masters if spoiler mode is not available. Second big problem: sentinels follow you in a fixed relative position to your frame, kubrows, kavats and moas go werever and then get lost or downed two to five tiles away from were you are... would be much apreciated if the peabrained pets just followed us and strayed away only to attack, immediately returning to our side instead of going nibbling on every enemy, lootbox and three in the map
  14. Ikusias

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    So, Titania's rework, to summarize, is a step in the right direction but is not enough by a wide margin as it doesn't address the following problems in a satisfying way: - she's shoehorned as a "caster" frame by her stats , but she's got insufficent base energy paired with low defensive stats; the planned rework of tribute will mitigate this a bit by reducing from 4 to 1 cast per type of tribute the achievement of their full effect, still her base stats are too low for her role; - Spellbind and Lantern send enemies into orbit negating all their benefits plus Spellbind requires a target to cast for self effect differently from any other frame with powers that can target self, enemies or allies that can simply cast without any target in the aiming reticule to cast on self; Limit knockback from power launching the enemies away, let it be castable freely without targets under the aiming reticle. - Tribute powers are largely ineffective due to: very limited fixed ranges, mediocre duration and being small debuffs that enemies outscale quite quickly with level increment, instead of significant buffs on Titania and allies, also the need to dive into an enemy mob to fish out the tribute soul after expending the energy cost for the power - no other frame has to go trough this bullS#&$ to activate a benefit from it's powers! Needs groud up rework, all benefits are irrelevant for their cost and risk; if tribute souls must stay, have them give back energy or buff defenses, give overshields, slow enemies in the are, something to justify the extra hassle of having to collect them and some form of power interaction with the rest of her kit! - Lantern sends enemies affected out of effective range more ofthen than not and proves time and again to be very ineffective at draving aggro / damaging enemies, also as it is it's got no right to being a separate power from Spellbind due to simply adding razorflyies to it. Fold it into Titania's #1 by casting razorflies on a spellbound target for differing effects depending on cast on self, cat on ally or cast on enemy! much more sinergy and utility in a single swoop. - replace Lantern with a power that permits to summon and target Razorflies: > unaimed cast = cast on self: damage prevention, auto attack of enemies under a certain range or in melee similar to Nova's Null Star, added pickup of drops when in Razorwing > cast on ally = damage prevention and melee damage shield > cast on enemy = auto attack until a different target is chosen and ranged attack prevention on the target/targets depending on power range due to forcing them to melee > cast on spellbound enemy = Lantern with multiple casting increasing area and damage of the effect sensibly - Razorwing it's Titania's iconic ability and her main attraction, all her kit is worthless compared to it and any change that worsen it will cause backlash; it's an ability that wraps up mobility, a form of limited defense and a pair of exalted weapons, one of which will get you killed, at the same time it loses a bunch of utilites for the limitations and energy cost it incurs and it's strictly a single target attack ultimate apart from the razorflies: -> no [X] interactions while in Razorwing when archwing in both Poe and Orb Vallis permits to revive allies, interact and pick up datamasses or energy canisters, no other exalted weapons inhibit interactions like this; it's evidently a choice and not a system limitation and there's no acceptable excuse to leave things as they are! -> innate 3m minimum vacuum forces to slam in the ground to pick up loot because it gets scaled down to 30 cm or less, -> passive 25% miss chance not working anymore above a certain level due to enemy scaling accuracy being apparently subtractive instead of absolute plus not stacking with Dust to reach a 75% miss chance.. and RNG being what it is; no other warframe defensive power is so much of a coinflip! -> the collision and hit box is noticeably bigger than Titania's actual in game model by at least a good 30%, with her archwing wings counted into it as well; it needs to be drastically reduced; -> ground slams affect Razorwing even while more than a warframe height up in the air; -> ancient, scorpion and moa harpoons can hit her 100% and drag her; -> anti archwing attacks target and track Titania better than actual archwings and are a one shot kill on her, being tought to kick the players out of flight 100%, it means they autokill titania due to her archwing being integral and not a separate set of stats; many enemies fire anti air missiles at her with instakill effects even when she's on foot; -> no lock on warnings in razorwing = any attack coming from outside field ov view means a downed Titania; -> any surface behaves like it's covered in glue, sticking her and destroying her movement speed and momentum -> Diwata is an heavy blade but suffer staggers and knockdowns during melee combo, also it tends to lock on nearest enemy and not on enemies under targeting reticule; -> loss of momentum when coming out of Razorwing, with Titania forced to do a rough landing with relative animation lock, usually in the middle of a group of enemies, instead of landing beyond them due to momentum; -> razorflies dying like mosquitos to anything with no way of replenishing them without recasting Razorwing and dumping eventual buffs from energy conversion and growing power; ->razorflies aggroing things well outside radar range from times to times for no apparent reason, leaving Razorwing bereft of their sacrificial shield and making any form of stealth impossible; -> razorflies getting lost and removed when outside of an indetermined range from Titania, resulting in Razorwing losing its razorflies contingent just from travelling trough the maps; -> mediocre base and dash speed in Razorwing, tying it to Razorwing Blitz added a mod and energy tax on top of all other Razorwing costs, the augment should be integral to Titania; -> razorwing controls are ok as they are, with altitude remaining fixed unless pressing the spacebar, it simplyfies flight in enclosed spaces with limited ceilings by a good degree, please don't change it with actual skywing controls, they are utterly inadequate for Titania. Suggested changes: adress the above issues, separate Razorflies as a castable power as her #3 or #2, that would already help to screen her from antiaircraft missiles, integrate Razorwing Blitz or at least increase her flight speed to a fast frame full dash and reduce her energy upkeep costs, don't touch her flight control scheme! SEPARATE THIS THREAD IN TWO SEPARATE WORKSHOPS, ONE FOR NIX AND ONE FOR TITANIA INSTEAD OF MUCKING THINGS UP https://www.google.com/search?q=mucking+things+up&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab
  15. Ikusias

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Still nice ideas and the suggested imagery is both fitting and inspired