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  1. Thank you for the very informative post and all the effort and sweat spent on the issues by the staff! It's informations like this that really lets us apreciate the amount of work and love you put in Warframe.
  2. Anyone knows if the Wolf got any kind of stealth change between its "assassin" version and the operation one? With Khora's whipclaw i could damage the operations one, but when it spawned yesterday in a solo mission it was completely invulnerable
  3. On the gilding something issue: the most inespensive way to do so is re-buying the mote amp on cetus and do a single night hunting wombalists and the occasional tusk grineer
  4. Slight off topic: Ember needs Sargas Ruck'S version of World of Fire, with a wide area heat effect damage and concentrated burst on single tagets... good luck making that in an useable ability in the current game. Wisp theme of "ghost" and "gates" still leaves me perplexed
  5. Still not a fan of her 4... not pertinent at all with the rest of her kit or theme, would have been good as a weapon instead - think chargeable continuous fire opticor / demolition laser - the more you charge the more ammo burned, release the trigger and you get a Death Star (TM) laser of death lasting proportionally to the ammo used
  6. Another idiotic sack of EHP with no strategy or counter except wailing at it for minutes while its 3 invincible stooges can oneshot you trough walls, obstacles, enemies and allies. meanwhile all abilities don't work on it and it's got armored health on top of armor. lazy design at its worst and a new player deterrent, imagine any newbie meeting this thing and the obvious result: one pnew player lost even before starting
  7. really no idea what the heck did DE have in mind when designing Wisp, her powers have no link to her look
  8. This is a new prime Access, while Volt + Loki have been offered already at least twice before, thus the lower price compared to the last prime frame made available
  9. The main problem is in her proportions that loock very gorilla-like due to the very prominent abdomen pulling in sharply at the crotch, other frames usually reduce or avoid the issue with the presence of codpieces that fit that void thus balancing back the issue
  10. Aura forma should have been exilus forma... then the cost would have been more a tolerable
  11. So far Wisp is the enxt mastery fodder trash.. damn it hoped DE refined her abilities to be tematically sound this time, instead is the same flaming trainwreck as Khora and Revenant that both suffered from lack of it
  12. If true so what's the fraking point of our abilities if nearly everithing that got released recently is immune? I'm getting tired of this idiocy.
  13. More than auniversal polarity for the aura slot, i'd love one for the exilus one. We already have to unlock it with an adapter that requires two forma to craft and usually need to forma it as well for capacity issues, limiting the use of all except the most meta exilus mods. If we had a universal polarity forma for the exilus slot with the building requirements of the aura one it would be acceptable. Aura forma requiring 4 forma to craft is crazy considering that most players would ever need only 2 polarities - or r
  14. maybe Corpus executives have their actual brains in a safe bunker and what we kill are just their proxies? Forgot that only Alad V and the Sergeant are 2human" bosses and the sergeant could be any corpus crewman with a new suit. Alad V remains a convoluted mess because players can reach a moment were there are multiple instances of him at different points of his metastory
  15. Still seeing plenty of scammers in trade chat trying to buy rivens for meta wapons at a fraction of their value hoping someone takes the bait, with others literally sitting on multiple rubico rivens at 1k+ each... doesn't seem that certain predatory ttitudes have been changed much. Conversely it seems that normal player are even more at risk of being ripped off
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