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  1. Sorry but I'ce seen too many disgruntled MT5 players toting Kuva Brammas shortly after it launched. Then they got annoyed because it was too strong and called for a nerf, then they left the game because "nothing to do", "too easy" etc. All because they skipped the entire arsenal progression by going for the biggest stick. Warframe is completely based on "gear progression", unless you buy prime access, if you remove it there's only an empty box left until DE doesn't improve the game flow. If you check at every MR rank there's plenty of guns and anything at MR 15 or more becomes overkill in regular starchart. But my gripe starts from the fact DE went and "rebalanced" all weapons some time ago, then threw that balance out of the window with riven dispositions based on weapon popularity. I'm quite pissed that rivens for prime, vandal, prisma and kuva weapons tend to be garbage on them compared to their lackluster base version when the superior wersions require a good amount of grind and annoyance to get if you don't pay to skip the grind
  2. Ok, could you elaborate on the partially wrong part please? Remember also that now that Steel Path is open even "meta" weapons are suffering from a massive gear check! So we have were to use pre nerf Bramma but we don't get the relative firepower, now what DE? Melee for life? 😛
  3. Because maibe if instead of jumping from abraton mk 1 to a primary kitgun you could enjoy the game a bit more instead of blazing trough it? Many guns aren't good, but most are simply bland while there are outliers that are good/fun/interesting... if you can jum directly to the best of the best you burn half the content of the game in a single go. (On that note Warframe needs a better game cycle! currently it's nont sustenable because you run out of crap to grind for instead of having reason to want to play the game for the game itself)
  4. I'm still annoyed at how DE oversimplified Banshee Soprana...
  5. I still would apreciate if DE deigned to finish rigging Titania Prime's actual razorwings: her "skirts" remain folded while jumping or going razorwing altough are very clearly made of 3 sections folded one over the other that when open probably would have the same energy effect of her razorflies. same thing happened to her deluxe skin, it was launched with unrigged wings and completed after pissed off customers complained about it
  6. While building kits would be nice, and Bandai did many of them for Dragon Ball and various Tokusatsu show like Kamen Rider, MEGA minifigures are a good compromise of size, playability and price... also it would open the way for sets with architectural elements or vehicles. I would pay without question for a good orokin building set XD
  7. Give us MEGA BLOKS minifigures like those for HALO, Call of Duty and DESTINY! Considerign how many enemy units are recolors or part swaps, that each frame has multiple skins etc. it would be an infinite rabbit hole of sets and figures
  8. DE did in the past a massive rebalance of all weapons around their expected damage and Mastery Level, then promptly ignored those principles when applying the same criteria to rivens!. Still the entire riven system isn't working as it should, a riven should pull a weapon above its intended MR tier, to widen its "usability bracket" or rescue it from the fodder pile, but not make it better than it's higher MR prime variant when using identical builds. The entire Mastery rank tiering for weapons goes completely down the drain this way See the case of the baza, MR 7 vs baza prime, MR 10, the prime at +3 MR ranks got minimal improvements, the difference in disposition then makes a MR 7 weapon "better" than its MR 10 counterpart with the same build, making the prime a sidegrade at best, a redundant piece of ornate crap at worst - this is not what's intended or wanted for rivens! Similar situation whith corinth MR 8 and corinth prime MR 14, were the prime is also hampered by a slower reload speed (but secondary fire is better! at the expense of consuming more ammo and having in fact the same number of shots in grenade mode than the standard version plus detonation only on command, making it more finnicky to operate)... And again with aksomati MR 9 vs aksomati prime MR 12, were again the prime loses to the base version both in base stats, with very minor improvements over it and in a much worse riven disposition Currently a riven can make a weapon better with the same build than one 3 or 6 ranks above it, all this based on a misterious and bullS#&$ mistery "power factor" DE isn't disclosing, popularity, usage numbers, etc - this way of balancing things just doesn't work. Some weapons have been repeatedly slammed down for simply doing their job well: murdering poligons and being enjoyable to use. DE still doesn't realize one important thing: you can draw a graph, distribution whatever to justify whatever crap you want with "data", but purely numerical values don't tell the entire story. Some weapons will be more popular of other of their same MR, or even better, due to a combination of factors like fun, ease of use, compatibility with current content. See the catchmoon or the bramma: they worked well with what the game gives us, hordes of enemies in confined spaces, and were "easy" to get at inappropriately low mastery rank, relegating everything else available at that same point into the trash bin (as would be normal that an higher MR weapon with added grind should be markedly better than anything from a lower braket) A weapon at a certain MR is meant by design to be better than a lower MR weapon/ MR fodder / trash, although outliers exist, a riven at best should "bridge" the gap between a base version and its prime / vandal / wraith /whatever version without riven. What currently happens is that DE, after enforcing a massive restructuring of all our arsenal, then decides to change the rules again, ignoring the entire architecture they put in place just "because" they don't like a "meta", the result is mediocrity trough constant nerf of any form of emergent gameplay. Better developers influence the meta by changing the ecosystem: - area of effect weapons have become the only reliable weapon? introduce units that need pinpoint damage application to be defeated etc. etc. Instead of invalidating player's choices create different challenges so that you can't answer all problems with the same tool Also differences in riven dispositions among weapons of the same Mastery Rank /damage braket create further umbalances among weapons "supposedly" at the same tier. Meanwhile higher disposition also means proportionally higher negative traits on a riven... quite counterintuitive for something meant to "give a second chance" to fodder weapons if you can get negatives like "-225% damage" or worse! Considering its whopping 18 points modding cost all the RNG involved etc, it's disgusting that a riven could, depending on disposition, be worse than most 60/60 mods, corrupted mods or even common mods.
  9. The entire riven system is a burning mess. DE did balance all weapons around their expected damage / Mastery Level lock and then completely ignored those principles when dealing with rivens!. At least with new weapons starting at minimal disposition there would be less of an impression of a "cash grab" than when a new, popular weapon got slammed with consecutive disposition nerfs. Still the entire riven circus isn't working as advertised, a riven should pull a weapon above its intended MR tier, but not to the point of being better than it's prime variant. See the case of the baza, MR 7 vs baza prime, MR 10, considering that the prime at 3 MR ranks more got minimal improvements on the base version already, the difference in disposition makes a MR 7 weapon better than an MR 10 one with the same mods - not what's intended or wanted for rivens (and baza prime lack any distinguishing feature from her base version) Similar situation whith corinth MR 8 and corinth prime MR 14, were the prime is also hampered by a slower reload speed (but secondary fire is better! at the expense of consuming more ammo and having in fact the same number of shots in grenade mode than the standar version plus detonation only on command, making it more finnicky to operate)... So, if a riven currently can make a weapon better with the same build than one 3 or 6! ranks above it, then that same riven should give a comparable boost to the higher ranked weapon - everything else: popularity, usage numbers, etc is just noise. A higher MR weapon should be better than a worse weapon, at best a riven should bridge the gap betwen base version and its prime / vandal / wraith /whatever version without riven, not discard the entire tiering system altogether! At the same time differences in riven dispositions create further umbalances among weapons "supposedly" at the same tier. Meanwhile higher disposition also means proportionally higher negative traits on a riven... quite counterintuitive for something meant to "pull up crap" weapons if you can get negatives like "-225% damage" ! Lastly at a whopping 18 points modding cost rivens should always be at least "worth" slotting in place of a primed mod, not being worse than most 60/60 mods or corrupted mods.
  10. My critique/advice was mainly that the forum is not, unfortunately, the place were we can voice our opinions, critiques and/or suggestions and be heard. DE usually moves only when reddit or social media are in arms about something or one or more of the biggest partners openly slam them for bad decisions. Regarding the Xoris: - infinite melee combo interaction with pseudo exalted weapons wasn't probably tested, - it wasn't anything gamebreaking as it offered a choice to using specific focus school + high disposition statstic - removal of a choice isn't a good choice if it removes alternatives to a meta it reminds me of when DE removed selfdamage transference from Trinity's link, That was an interesting strategy that required a specific build, a lot of involvement because the timing was essential and gave an alternative to Saryn for ESO, as it was viable only when large number sof enemies were massed together. It got utterly removed because it was not how DE intended the frame to be played... so everyone retunred to playing Saryn...
  11. As many have already noticed and as a service to the 60 or so people still following this thread: DE DEvelopers don't read, follow or consult in any way the official forums. A member of the forum staff is in charge of selecting, summarizing and sanitizing anything he/she finds of potential interest. Allegedly this very same person also had issues of actively antagonizing the community and other unpleasantness. I don't know who he/she is and I don't give a kuaka's tail about it. If you want to complain and be actually heard the forum is functionally useless for that. If you want to be heard use r/warframe on reddit, or the public twitter accounts of the developers and BE CIVIL Considering how disorganized the studio is due to tennocon preparations, the pandemic and working from home and DE own brand of homebrew chaos... you can bet that those that actually decide about the game haven't got the foggiest idea of how badly received most of the recent changes/nerfs were. If you want to be heard: warframe reddit, official DE twitter channels, social media in general. Again: BE CIVIL otherwise you'll only be ignored even if your points are valid. DEvelopers have an history of ignoring opinions and critiques that don't fit with their "view" - it was eye opening watching a past interview with DE Steve in which he expressed how "disheartening" was to hear all the critique over most of the past updates... but maybe if people start telling them what isn't working things could change? after all a single player on twitch made so that universal medallions actually aren't so because conclave...
  12. My comment about cahsgrab was because once certain rivens have soared in price enough, and people had spent lot of platinum on them (bought with real money at some point or another), DE decides that a weapon is "too god for the game" and trashes its disposition, rendering its rivens nearly useless, or trashes the weapon itself. Considering that the nerfhammer was usualy swung weeks to months from the offending weapon/s release, it would give a very strong vibe of "bait and switch": release overpowered or simply well performing weapon, watch the feeding frenzy for its rivens and people impulse buying/trading plat, rake in the extra plat purchases, stomp flat the weapon or riven to return to the status quo. Considering that recently DE's track record on balancing anything has been all over the place and you can feel justifiably suspicious. Saryn was reworked allegedly to limit her effectivity - the changes to her power made her even more lethal and removed half the power interactions in her kit - quoting D.E.pablo exasperated comment after all the mess: "I should have just embered her" (i.e. nerfed the crap out of her) Elements 2.0 are a mess and the continued existence of IPS damage is a relic... meta went from corrosive to viral/heat with gas, impact and puncture mostly useless. etc.etc.
  13. Rivens feel more and more like a cashgrab and DE behaviour of hiding their head under the sand doesn't help
  14. As stated before: - entire riven sistem is bonkers; - all weapons were rebalanced according to their intended Mastery rank, rivens should only "rank up" that rank, not throw it in the trash bin wholesale; - riven disposition is still based on weapon popularity, DE stop bullcrapping paying customers; - we already have 3 instances in which base weapons are better than their prime variants with same builds and rivens, this craps all over player investment in farming primes and on the value of prime access; - certain weapons have had their disposition hit 4-5 times in a row even after dropping in usage, still disposition hasn't been raised back again; - crap weapons remain utter crap even with a riven + a high disposition riven has correspondingly high downsides, further hamstringing the crap weapon; - rivens are the only case in which DE actively "put their hands" in players inventories - I do not apreciate someting of MINE getting crapped over; - update to changed disposition only traded rivens, or let us lock and render untradeable the rivens we worked for; - rivens rolls are too expensive for the level of RNG involved in the entire game loop; - low disposition rivens should just be annihilated out of the game, their bonuses get below useless, mods with a n 18 point cost should still be better than bronze trash
  15. With recent DE behaviour you can't never be fully certain... from time to time they nicely slipped nerfs here and there with no justification whatsoever. (See Xoris) Many time they trashed game mechanics because "not used as intended" So whenevre a patch or hotfix cames up, I'm always wary of undocumented "fixes"
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