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  1. Just freaking stop nerfing things into the ground to appease morons that won't even be playing the game in a pair of months
  2. Well, DE got wat they wanted out of it and then castrated it deliberately. Only someone who doesn't play the game wouldn't realize that the original bramma was a powerhouse. As it is it was one the main reason / carrot to deal with Kuva liches and the stick that is that borked system. After players bit in the system and spent tons of platinum on rivens for it and forma to completely unlock it DE nerfed it... as usual
  3. Honestly DE surpassed itself again in reaching for new lows. Crime scene exploration is an utter slog as usual, while the "boss fight" is utter crap, with disappearing platforms, unresponsive controls and most of the game cut off... The base idea is interesting but implementation left me with a strong desire of glassing most of DE staff
  4. Loki: switch teleport, and that only works if the player actually is able to lock on another warframe jumping around like a monkey, Nova: Molecular Prime and Worm Hole, the second in particular if placed in a bad spot is a source of extreme irritations, as well as an high powered molecular prime slowing a mission; Vauban: accelerator pad? Nidus: usually is the one trolled with squad murdering larvaed enemies before nidus can stock on mutation stacks, it's link on an enemy can cause minor issues; Garuda: Blood Altar? it's her only ability that interferes with killing a targ
  5. Honestly Limbo's powers don't mesh well with multiplayer except in limited cases. It's kit is purely solo play. Rift mechanics have a well known potential for abuse, no surprise most players hate it with a , more than justified, passion
  6. helmint and augments / obsolete powers With Helmint's ability subsume do you still intend to review and revisit power augments and, if necessary, integrate them in the respective base powers? Some augments are mandatory in order for the base power to work in an acceptable way. Some frames kits are still in need of a complete overhaul, Zephir in particular comes to mind, followed by chroma. Helmint subsume could become an ingame tool to "improve" or update existing powers in a believable way, considering we acquire its segment from the same guys that were at the root of war
  7. So far I found Empower infusion to be the least interesting option for Titania, tested it both on my umbral build, similar to OPs, and the razorwing blitz one. Standard power strenght build got apparently no benefit from Empower, not sure if the boost isn't enough to be noticeable on dex pixia or if it is bugged as others suggested. On razorwing blitz build it was pure overkill, with titania's razorwing launched at UI breaking speeds! Otherwise the extra power strenght felt useless, more like losing a power slot than anything. Currently I'm experimenting with Smite and that
  8. Got the nasty impression that all conservation spawns "in the wild" have their spawn spot in common with hostile infested. Most ofthen than not flyers like the avicaea might be replaced by deimos tendrils for a "nice" face-hugh"
  9. Honestly DE is doing everything in their power to make Void damage/status as useless as possible. It's pseudo-magnetize is more ofthen than not detrimental, the fact that they went out of their way to make Xaku's first not work against eidolon's shields is even worse.
  10. Sorry my english was a bit jumbled there: before empyrean/railjack most archguns were hitscan in archwing, after that update DE made them projectile to avoid too much competition with railjack guns. What I take offense at is that the velocitus should have remained hitscan due to all the other limitations it has
  11. Sorry but what works for you evidently isn't working AT ALL for most of the community
  12. from another discussion it seems that ALL AOE or explosive weapons got hit by the limitation of being unable to use all warframe holster reload mods
  13. What i would like to know instead is why the VayHek the velocitus was made not hitscan like all the other archguns!? It's a railgun, by definition it should hit instantly considering distances in this game and have unlimited penetration but noo... let's nerf the only archgun sniper
  14. Seems that flowers representing subsumed warframes are still bugged. So far i've subsumed 5 frames but only 2 flowers are present on the wall
  15. Better than an augment slot would be the possibility to subsume the augment mod and instead inoculate the augmented version of the power in a frame! Most augments are phatetic bandaids or are practically mandatory, reducing actual frame moddability, as show in the past by DE's own workshop, with most augments seeing below 1% usage and others being practically always part of a loadout due to the gaping holes in the base ability. We are also missing the last warframe corrupted mods permutations: + ability strenght - range + ability efficency - strenght + ability efficenc
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