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  1. Khora metallics also suffer from bad exturing as well, besides the abhorrent color change... and still no news from DE
  2. Titania's shrinking and expanding could have a huge tatctical utility, the animation lock instead negates that, forcing you to a standstill while completely vulnerable. from a marketing standpoint if the immediate comparison is a world famous franchise, people WILL have expectations when reading Titania's power description - even if her theme is different. While the transformation animation is much of a"now I'll wreck you and your ancestors" moment, in a horde shooter like Warframe it's an excellent chance to get downed. Also a recurrent problem that often is forgotten is that Titania's razorwing form hit and collision box is quite a lot bigger than expected as if DE repurpuosed the one used for sentinels for the role, I've lost count of the instances were instead of going underneath a door with visually enough space iI got instead a facerplanted Titania...
  3. This is one of the biggest issues for tribute, I can run at peaks of 242% power strenght and all I get is a marginal increase in DPS and a boost on flight speed from Razorwing Blitz! 3/4 of Titania's kit don't scale with modding - partly a blessing because I permanently slot narrowminded for acceptable flight and buff durations and if even the meager range of tribute got reduced...
  4. regarding my commento about how Titania needs love from DE, i.e. an actual rework and not a series of quick "fixes", check my post at page 2 of this thread, I believe there I disassembled all the problems her kit has and the unfair amount of baffling limitations someone at DE slapped on her Razorwing form (no switching to operator, no picking ayatams orreviving allies, no access to alarm panels or elevator panels and so on, while all other channelled exalted modes don't have these problems, nor skywing) As an avid Titania player I'm getting tired of the lack of DE response, that every time they do get about on doing something is just an "aftertought" like the Nix dev workshop (with fixes that were due from day 1 of her release!) or the announced changes (still stuff that we asked from day 2, check the forums if the archives go back that far). Titania's tribute activation is uselessly convoluted with the need to manually pick up a"trigger token" generated by the actual cast before getting any tangible benefit beside a pittance of damage on the targeted enemy. Spellbind and lantern are functionally the same power with the addition of a swarm of rabid razorflies hacking the target and those that (hopefully) come near Lack of control and ability to respawn razorflies on demand so, no stealth and forced to leave razorwing to respawn your "meatshields" and both activation and deactivation of Razorwing leaves you vulnerable animation locked for a pair of seconds. All the limitations on razorwing interactions I've already mentioned... it's a lot of stuff that DE still has shown no intention of addressing and the changes I proposed are much less than total kit reworks like Wukong, Saryn Nezha or what thei're planning for Ember and Vauban were they coded/will code completely new powers! This is the reason I'm disappointed, besides the massive delay for Titania's skin, it feels we'll get again a "spit and polish" treatment on our bloodthirsty fairy, while most people compares her unfavorably with Wasp from the Avengers franchise...
  5. DE did totally rework Wuong and nezha, why the Hek they wouldn't do the same effort for Titania? I believe that she's currently dead last in usage rankings
  6. Saryn must be rolled back to ver 2.0, giving sphores corrosive damage was a massive mistake
  7. Saryn V3.0 was a mistake, Pablo himself admitted to it on his twitter that he should have just "embered" her urgh... Saryn was fine as she was in her V2.0, what broke her was the change of sphores to corrosive damage, that is the most useful damage in the game due to messed up armor scaling. before sphores were viral based, and with a decent duration Saryn was an excellent support to the entire squad: she halved the enemies health, the squad finished them while she added more DPS with the toxic transfer, while occasionally nuking part of the map with the combo with miasma... or she casted for a fraction of the effectivenes by woodoo dolling her motl with sphores and popping them with toxic lash active from a "safe" position - she was tactical, had multiple options and didn't wrek the game like she does now - and her energy pool limited how spammy she could get. Now she's got the highest base stats of all "caster frames" and the highest energy pool of the game on top of that, plus the best damage to ruin the day of armored enemies in high level content and a stupidly overcomplicated sphore spread mechanic that left noone satisfied... What fragging need was there to rework her?????????
  8. One of the problems of augments is that they are often badaids to problems in the corresponding power that DE refused to fix: yes there's an improvement in power/usability but more often than not it's because the base power is subpar, mediocre or even useless alternatively the augment is a stopgap measure to fix/correct issues in the power itself or adding back aspects of the power that were cut prior to release or found lacking afterwards. example - Razorwing Blitz: basic razorwing flight speed is worse than Titania's sprint speed (without parkouring!), Dex Pixia are based on dual decurion, the WORST archwing weapon in the game, with small magazines and low firing rate compared to "per shot" damage. The augment "fixes" this, at the cost of a mandatory mod and extra energy consumption on a frame were both are already an issue. The Lantern augment is even worse, due to the issues with the power itself being wildly unreliable. Let's see equinox aguments: the duality one is the mediocre prototype version of Wukong's Celestial Twin - very limited duration, mediocre AI and lacking the massive survivability buff Celestial Twin gets; Energy Transfer instead is an element that was removed from the frame concept to the detriment of its functionality. Same criticism can be rised concerning all the augments that add a deactiation command to timed powers - it should have been there since the beginning or be added in the base power, not as a extra mod. These are only some examples, but the problem is inherent in how DE used the augments: to "fix" problems on some powers instead of putting the effort to actually fix them for good. I'm still of the idea that if De isn't willing to integrate all "fix" augments into their parent powers, could at least treat them like exilus mods/ arcanes: - they could get their own slots to unlock - require multiple copies to level up like arcanes (so Syndacates remain relevant loger besides being relic sources) - "augment" mods remain permanently invested in the frame with option of activating/deactivating them in the arsenal going from vanilla to prime you'll need a new set - mod power/ capacity for them would correspond to mastery rank, giving an actual incentive in ranking up besides unlocking more MR fodder - prime frames could come with at least one/more augment/s preinstalled/unlocked due to being the original/perfected version of the massproduced replicas that are "vanilla" warframes It would be an half-fix but would have the advantage of sidestepping the need for total powers rework by using systems that are already in place in the game, while giving a form of porgression to all frames besides leveling them to their cap. Actual augments i.e. sostitutive powers would work as well in the same place
  9. Really? Another nerf to Pyrana? it's been 4 times in a row now! Also wth?! The zhuge prime is trash and you aggravate things by lowering its disposition as well... Sincerely every time you guys touch lower dispositions I feel you're stealing from us with no respect in the time wasted in farming 1. the riven itself 2. the rivers of kuva needed to roll it to an acceptable state 3. the time cussing at RNG for 75 rolls of unusable stats in a row
  10. Honestly Titania currently needs way too many bandaids to just work "properly" - her kit pulls her modding needs in two specific and inconciliable directions: modding for her 1-2-3 (that would leave her as a very inferior Octavia / Rhino's stomp wannabee) or modding for actual flight time and damage in razorwing, with no slots left to spare for survivability mods, if razorwing blitz was actually included in her 4 as it should have been from the beginning, maybe... putting two survivability mods while wrangling with power duration, strenght and energy reserve, while not gimping her would require 2-3 additional slots. If, while having access to primed mods, arcanes, legendary arcanes, etc. , I keep feeling shortcharged, especially when partycrashers like Saryn empty entire maps in a single cast... maibe the frame is seriously gimped by bad and opinionable design choices - last i remember one of her designers deliberately shot her in the knees about the sustainability of her #4 because he didn't want her in razorwing permanently - I won't comment about it here - but i'd very much like to see the guy try to defend those choices now considered that Titania is probably the 2nd less played frame of all the game. For more ideas, ciriticism etc, please check my other posts if you want
  11. It's possible to cobble up also a versatile build by using both power donation and energy conversion, letting you cast both as speedva or slowa depending on having just gotten an energy orb or not
  12. This is my main issue with all this riven balancing act mess, in particular when certain weapons are hit multiple times in a row, like the Pyrana, while kitguns literally overshadow most secondaries by design and have decent riven dispositions (until the next nerf)... the rare disposition improvements on the other side are largely irrelevant due to the underlying weapons being nearly unsalvageable with percentual improvements instead of additive improvements to their low base stats. Also considering the massive slot machine the system is, when you end needing upwards of 78 rolls to get something salvageable outof a riven for a weapon you like, do you think it is fine iwhen someone then comes and make it worse? There are weapons with rock bottom dispositions since forever that have already been left behind by the current arsenal due to having been meta in another age - on the other end of the spectrum weapons so bad that even max disposition wouldn't save them, considering that the negative modifiers are also as proportionally high (isn't quite against the stated intent of making even trash weapons regain usability???) I've stated already somewere else in the discussion on riven changes: after all the time sunk in sorties, kuva farming, rerolling and so on, seeing the rivens you worked to bring to at least an acceptable level (because you really don't want to see any more roll of +% flight speed, status duration, ammo max, -multishot or damage) feels very much like when you return home after a weekend and find it trashed by vandals. On a more tecnical facet, rivens are also coded in a surprisingly overcomplicated way: what need there was to have every modifier slanted to possibly appear in position A B C or D (negative effect) of a riven, with values to the 2nd decimal?! the number of permutations of the functionally same riven, with slight differences in the 4 percentiles is staggering! Also there are some bonuses/penalities missing from the pool, like innate ammo conversion, Area of Effect, beam range, precision, arming distance for launchers (think acceltra and akarius having their 10 meters safety feature) and maybe another pair I'm missing... Melee rivens conversely got access to the mechanics of the acolite mods in their pool of modifiers. If adjustments must be made, then riven stats should be set to the new disposition only when said rivens leave a player's inventory due to trading, with the final stats being clearly outlined for both parties (buyer and seller) Or give back to the owner the invested kuva in proportion to the disposition reduction the riven suffered The time investment of players, as Steve ofthen said, see the Hema fiasco, should be respected, then i'd like to see compensation for the pile of rivens I own, and use that suffered a hit to their disposition, because it's all time investment that was made void... Tl:Dr too much slot machine syndrome when rolling riven, massive time sink invalidted on a whim by DE = disheartening
  13. 0 = 0 Nothing is nothing And the lack of feedback from DE after all the feedback in the forums, on reddit and other social media is irritating , especially when the entire world told them the changes were utterly stupid and useless and they mulishly did them anyway and still refuse to roll them back
  14. Back on topic, Titania's buffs are very limited due to being debuffs affecting enemies but centered on herself: whenever there's more space enemies will slaughter her and her allies because they will be out of her effect - considering that to attain decent duration you will need narrow Minded... Out of razorwing casting any of her powers stops her (fortunately DE is considering changing this) and all her casting animations are too slow. Tribute currently tends to launch targeted enemies away, making dealing with them needlessly more annoying, then after casting slowly and rooted to the spot, in line of sight/fire from the enemies you also need to treck up to pick up the damn tribute "soul",under enemy fire, just to get the base effect, while your party Saryn has already murdered the entire mission with a single cast of sphores while waiting for your didly dallying... Spelbind and lantern both suffer from enemies being flung to orbit despite recent improvements allegedly done by DE, lantern effect is unreliable at best, even with good range, enemies will pripritize murdering you, your squad and your pets over the poor guy you lanterned. Razorwing needs razorwing blitz to get decent flight speeds and rates of fire, otherwise you are slower than normal running, so already one less mod slot just to make the ability usable; you are cut out from operator mode (and it's emergency use as pseudo invincibility), can't rescue allies or pets, can't open friendship doors, pick up ayatans or sculptures, hack consoles (that are all touch screens) or pick up datamasses, all this while also losing all benefits from pets and companions except Animal Instinct - and your companion is oneshotted if you die in razorwing, without timer or respawn from regen / primed regen forgot to tell you that you're considered an archwing and that your evasion doesn't work on homing missiles in the Plains of Eidolon or Fortuna! so, instead of being knocked out from your archwing, you get instakilled! - unless you have all your razorflies still alive, in your vicinity and no missile in the salvo screws you over by targeting Titania herself Ah, the razorflies: they die like flies, removing half of razorwing benefits, get lost or simply disappear, and generally in larger tiles are always somwere else from were you'd need them, and they kill all chance at stealth unless you get rid of all 6 of them somehow - losing your decoys/meatshields in the proces btw Sorry for the long list... Tl:Dr De went out of its way to screw Titania over in every facet of her kit, methodically and inmpenitently, even her recent "rework", more like an half hotfix, its something that was due at day 1! What I'd like to see: - different non useless passive, something that gives a damn benefit for having tribute activate in this convoluted way, something like energy/health or razorflies for every "soul" you pick up - tweaks to her entire kit around the fact that Titania's main selling point is going Avenger's Wasp on the enemies and that mantaining Razorwing 24/7 is her only debatable survivability no one gives a rat's tail about 3/4 of her kit considering that Wisp, Octavia and everyone else except Vauban do it better! - better base area of effect to spellbind and targetless casting to facilitate self cast for the status cleansing effect (and charging up Razorwing Blitz) - massive improvements to tribute, 3 out of 4 are utterly mediocre and the entire power is unmoddable (fixed range is a mixed blessing due to the permanent need for narrowminded for acceptable power duration on razorwing) we need to mod for power strenght and duration and neither affects tributes in any positive way + enemy scaling quicly makes the debuffs irrelevant .- free up her third slot, Lantern in favour of Razorflies "summoning" and ways to control them / making them interact with the rest of her kit lantern is Spellbind + razorflies it doesn't deserve to waste a power slot when vauban, Ivara, Wisp can keep 3-4 power effects in the same slot! - Razorwing without razorflies but with all the [X] interactions - it's demonstarted that's not a system problem as both skywing, sharkwing and regular archwing can do interactions! include razorwing Blitz effect into the base power or consider making her 3 other powers cost 0 energy or half of their modded cost while in razorwing... if you dont' want even this then more freaking energy pool and or better overall stats! Saryn is a freaking caster with max energy pool and freaking tank stats in health and armor to make an example!
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