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  1. At this point, can you say which resources/gear/syndicates/etc from PoE will carry over to the Venus open world?
  2. Could we get some clarification on this? Seems to be a lot of confusion. How much does Void Dash currently cost? How much will it cost with Lightning Dash? 10 energy or 10 more energy?
  3. Pretty sure no focus lenses are getting deleted. They'll likely just stay on our equipment instead of getting moved to our inventories like they were last time focus was refunded.
  4. How much energy do Operators have? If it's more than 40, this sounds like it'll be a buff since void dashing already takes a fourth of your energy.
  5. A few post survey thoughts. Cetus Bounties Fishing Mining Eidolons Other
  6. Nakak is already in Cetus. She's the kid who sells masks and flares.
  7. -Khora: -With different mission types increasing the amount of focus gained, how will bounties play into this? Will they be considered one mission type or several? -Can we get some sort of Focus Lens Distiller? -While I appreciate the Vacuum changes, can we get Chesa's Retrieve mod on all pets? Maybe even with a buff? -Even though there are currently no plans to introduce more raids, could the current ones become more accessible? -Boot trophy blueprint? Looking forward to upcoming content/changes.
  8. So as soon as I load into a mission and tap 5, that will automatically activate my focus passives for the entire mission? If this is the case, then I appreciate not having to wait for the five minute cooldown anymore. But "calling out the Operator" seems like an unnecessary step. If I can get the passives as soon as I want anyway, why not just have them be active throughout the entire mission, regardless of what I do?
  9. Not seeing that syandana anywhere in the market.
  10. Is there a limit on how far away you can be from your teammates? For example, can all four of you fly to opposite corners of the map while staying in the same session? Could this cause some sort of performance issues? Also, will there be visual indicators for where the plains physically end? Or will it just be a bunch of invisible walls?
  11. WOOHOO! I may have "lost" one of my Twin Kohmaks in the process. But all miracles require sacrifice. At least until the next hotfix.
  12. Any sort of ETA on the Dark Split Sword riven?
  13. Neat. Any chance we can have Covenant apply to downed allies? I know they don't need the invulnerability, but I often use Covenant when I'm reviving someone and it would be nice if they could benefit from the crit buff.
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