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  1. Better of the other originals, maybe. Overall, not as much if you're not using the augment, or spamming it mindlessly. Since the rework, a mark from his 4th does far more damage for less energy cost per target and over a shorter time. I throw it in occasionally just to stack with other stuff, but unless I'm taking out a camera I'm usually better off with other options at my disposal.
  2. This would be nice. Obviously because of how it works everyone's experience is different, but when Arbitrations came out on console I worked to get all of the Vitus Reward items from the vendor and had almost exclusively Infested mission. That was painfully boring.
  3. I don't really pay attention to Youtubers, and the ones I always hear about have the most absurd view points with a completely backwards perspective of the game, like this dude and that Rio guy. And this irks me to no end. At this point I wouldn't be disappointed if they just dissolved the Design Council since it's more a fluff thing than a place for meaningful feedback. You'd think it'd be a great place to determine what is actually needed for reworks, but no. Even with the Nyx rework the feedback parameters given were thrown out the window and they kept Psychic Bolts (I actually don't mind what we ended up with after a few tries, given the circumstances. The Absorb changes were pointless though).
  4. It sounds like this should be submitted as a bug report with as much detail as possible so that DE can look into it for fixes.
  5. If you focus on her 2 and 3 instead of her 4 you can use her in Arbitrations, ESO and Sorties which is just about the only content I use her for. But I wouldn't turn down improvements. Balance is already out the window so no reason not to. If the damage and range are increased I think it would be important to have a mechanic built into her kit to encourage synergizing with it. Otherwise, I'd just be happy with them just drastically lowering the charge time and increasing the duration of her 1. This seems more like an Augment effect than a base ability for her kit. I like this. I mostly use her 3 for the projectile damage boost and a quick burst on enemies but it's always felt like it is lacking something...mostly because the ring doesn't do anything to impede enemies. Unfortunately, this change won't do anything to improve the ability or the frame. It needs to be overhauled or replaced entirely to be useful for the current state of the game and to round out her weaknesses in all levels of content. People still hold on to the idea that the range decrease made it useless because it weakened Firequake, except even DE agrees with the complaints that CC is almost useless in higher level content now, so it would've still been bad. There's been a ton of ideas on what the right way to do that is, but most of them that I've seen involved full reworks with entirely new abilities (which is nearly impossible to happen since that would be more profitable for DE as a new frame).
  6. Long term playing is exactly why the time gating exists in the first place. What you're asking for will allow players to rush through all progression much faster for less effort then go back to whining how there's nothing to do.
  7. I'm confused, and I'm at work so I can't confirm for myself just yet. Does Baro currently have Primed Pack Leader or Primed Animal Instinct for purchase on Consoles?
  8. Loki is exceptionally boring and outdated. I like your ideas to improve him but hold-to-cast is terrible.
  9. Everyone will always welcome buffs, but that doesn't make it essential anymore, not like the old days. The few months of learning the ropes and acquiring decent gear/mods versus the literal years of being overpowered doesn't balance out. Sure, people appreciate a Trinity. But having a frame that serves most of her usefulness before finishing the star chart is a waste. Again, because of the direction this game has moved you could actually eliminate 99% of the need of a Trinity or Nyx or many other support frames simply by having an extra Saryn on the team. The only reliable counter to this that DE has is when they spam their armies of Nullifiers in missions which really hinders the flow of gameplay for ALL possible loadouts.
  10. I hate to agree with this, but I do. In the current Warframe, you can almost completely replace all support simply by having another major DPS frame to kill enemies faster than they can hurt you. And that does apply to almost all Sorties, Arbitrations and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught as well.
  11. The point is that even with MR it will STILL mean nothing. In game, MR is already a poor representation of skill or effort or even amount of time played. If anything, I'd rather in-game time be listed in that spot, but even that doesn't detract from someone else's post who has lower in-game time. Even an MR 0 with a total of 30 minutes of in-game time can give apt feedback on something everyone else may not see anymore due to the numbness of adapting to constant changes and updates over the years. We learn to ignore certain things and forget how much of a pain it might've actually been until we got used to it. New perspectives should always be valued, and even the forum count now already sways the readers' first impression of a post or comment before they read it. MR would not improve that.
  12. I remember having a similar issue with my MOA a while back. I don't remember what I was going to name him, but I remember it not being even remotely offensive. I ended up with WALL-E. No regrets.
  13. There's a lot of good, creative ideas in this thread for dealing with self damage. I really like the idea of removing self damage and instead using both of these two ideas. Use either a Blast proc or Viral proc depending on what fits better for the weapon. Both can be deadly, but aren't inherently damaging. And I love this just in general, not exclusively in relation to self-damage mechanics. I'm not sure what secret little testing DE did that they determined shield-gating would be pointless before scrapping the idea, but I suppose that's a question for a different thread.
  14. I'm still unsure about the rotation cycles. What I do think, and have been pushing for a while, is that rotation rewards should upgrade like refinement for relics. Every rotation the rare items should have increased chance to be rewarded while common items should have their chance to be rewarded decreased. And as mentioned the quantity of all resource rewards should increase every rotation so that when they are given they are worth the added effort.
  15. I don't think the rewards need to scale per 'wave', but they should certainly increase per rotation. Any resource based wave rewards should, not just credits.
  16. Nightwave is only an issue if you don't want to play the game, in which case you shouldn't be worried about missing out on anything.
  17. That could definitely be useful. Imagine +status/+crit chance for those weapons with decent stats in both, or +crit chance/+crit damage. Those would still add dps, for sure, but at least not as a pure damage stat. We at least know for sure this next PC update is including like 15 new mods intended to add to build diversity so let's hope that works out.
  18. Atlas is one of my top 5, but I am honestly hoping for Wukong more just because that dude really needs a win... Atlas is already in good shape so he doesn't necessarily need any changes. He's not the best at anything but he's good at a lot of things. Build him for Range and Adaptation and you'll do crazy CC and have more rubble than you know what to do with and can survive just about anything that doesn't one-shot you. I wouldn't mind a couple adjustments though. The stat stick problem that exists with several frames could go, but until then I don't mind using War with him since it's just awesome. I use the augment for his Tectonics which gives me some great area denial options but I would like for the boulder function of his default Tectonics to be better.
  19. Oh, I fully support more Amalgam mods, and more dual stat mods. But unless they have a limit on how many of the damage mods you can use the whole playerbase knows they would just stack all "+damage / +whatever happens to be combined with them" dual mods for every loadout because it will often end up better than specialized builds with many weapons. Even now most status weapon builds simply use all "+element/+status chance" mods in varying orders because it simply increases pure damage and status chance.
  20. Melee on Archwing in open world would be kinda broken. Like Razorwing, in space the Archwing just locks on and zooms you to each enemy removing any effort. This would be useful. I tried out K-drives the first week they came out on console and I haven't touched them since because they were useless. With Zenurik and Naramon my Operator can outpace a K-Drive any day. Heck, even the slowest Archwing can outpace a K-drive. Making them more combat oriented would make sense.
  21. No. We really don't. We are so far overpowered for compared to the content in this game DE keeps adding in gimmicks like enemy invulnerability phases just to keep us from one-shotting the toughest enemies in the game. And as far "useless" mods, the solution to a useless mod isn't even remotely to give you more slots to put them in since they would continue to be useless. If they were truly useless the solution would be to make them better.😑
  22. I don't know that her current passive is effective currently, but having her passive remove enemy weapons had negative reactions with her other abilities. They could just add the disarm effect to her Psychic Bolts which would give it a function for low level content since the defense stripping doesn't help newer players as much. Then it would be effective without negatively impacting her 1, 3 and 4. As far as the passive, rather than the arbitrary accuracy affect they could've made it just have a chance to negate damage of an attack that takes more than a certain % of her current health. "Telekinetic deflection"
  23. The problem is not other frames. The problem is poor design on that kind of content and game balance as a whole. Once they overhaul enemy scaling and offensive player stats they can start making effective content.
  24. Because of how much impact Assimilate has on her gameplay I don't think it should be an exilus. I think that Absorb needs to be fixed so it's actually worth using without the augment so that it doesn't feel like a wasted slot is used just to unbreak it.
  25. Balance in general is completely broken in this game. There was a minor hint that they are looking into improvements along that line but won't take any action until they've got it figured out since it would be like a game-wide overhaul of stats. As far as rotation rewards, I've been suggesting something along the lines of the Relic/Reactants system. Make it so every rotation the common rewards are rewarded less often (and give increased quantity when they do drop) and make the rare items reward more often. Then players will have a direct method of acquiring better items through more effort. DE completely broken the Endless mission system when Void runs went out the window since it's far more efficient to just keep repeating the easiest rotation for the exact same reward output. The little rotation bonus they added in is very forgettable since it's not worth enough for players to stick around.
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