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  1. I do think the numbers are extreme (given that the grind is DE's gameplay model) but the idea overall is great. It'd be awesome to top up a few traces by getting rid of some excess relics.
  2. Agreed. I wouldn't turn down a rework for him though, to be more friendly. He's my 3rd most used, but I constantly have to hold back my power because he's unnecessarily powerful in the wrong ways.
  3. I voted against it, so here's my recommendation: Passive: If you're downed, your warframe is destroyed and must be recrafted. Edit: seems my sentiments are shared.
  4. Aura forma aren't especially hard to come by, and are even less useful in most cases. I never use Umbra mods or umbra forma, but there is a chance they may become less unique in The New War, making a better content option for DE than fusion.
  5. Consoles haven't received it yet, but I imagine this event was rushed out due to feedback. The New War was originally announced to release before Tennocon last year, a timeline that was catastrophically missed. I don't personally mind since i'd prefer halting all new content in place of overhauling core systems and correctly reworking frames first. Content shouldn't be rushed, or you end up with the exact type of mess you are in with this operation.
  6. They should just get rid of the portal without the need for a mod. No one has ever intentionally used it, including the poor Limbo that dodges back through it...
  7. I agree, but that's how it's done in this game currently.
  8. Not a forced taunt specifically, but it does increase her threat level making her a priority target. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Absorb
  9. Check other relics. I have plenty where forma are common. I got 5 forma from relics just today.
  10. 4/s for 20 seconds. I won't complain about 80hp per cast to everyone around on every cast. That's basically infinite health regeneration. Or at least I wouldn't mind, except I restore the party in seconds with my operator arcane. But I understand most players don't use it.
  11. The new rad proc treatment, or any flat damage number won't be enough to fix her pet usefulness. Enemies simply weren't designed to damage each other. At minimum, all enemy-to-ally pets in the game need something like Vauban's orbital strike, a damage formula that scales with enemy level. In the case of abilities that can do this (nyx, inaros, revenant, nekros) power strength might even be able to add to it. Being able to control command the a.i. would be great, for sure. They (mind control and chaos targets)should definitely prioritize Psychic Bolts targets, to maximize on the stripped defense and give it purpose against enemies that aren't strong enough or high enough level to need stripping (which is most enemies now). Giving Psychic Bolts some small damage back would also help with that since it deals no damage anymore. I like your changes to Chaos. I like your changes to Absorb (it already taunts enemies, btw). The augment needs to be the base ability though. This game has no room for that kind of inactivity in its base form. I've even tested it on a Arbitration +Nyx power,with max strength, after her latest changes. I depleted my energy and wasted a lot of time and barely scratched the enemies. The ability is inherently garbage as is and serves no purpose without the augment. Neat passive suggestion. I like that.
  12. They're supposed to be overhauling pets at some point, if it hasn't been scrapped. Maybe it won't be an issue after that.
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