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  1. The reason is likely to avoid more afk gameplay. Any action that doesn't require regular input means less actual playing.
  2. I can say the same about Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon, Lesion, a half decent Zaw, Dread, and just about any other high tier weapon. Simply doing damage is meaningless when the same can be said by everything else. Other frames can bring equivalent weapons AND do other things.
  3. The umbra effect is overrated anyway. That is at least partly to do with the near unanimous backlash regarding how difficult and shortlived the echoes were meant to be. It's literally not worth the effort. The whole concept implementation may very well get overhauled.
  4. That could be interesting. And could definitely be expanded beyond the typical resources and affinity. They could have weekends that allow regular content a chance to provide cryotic, mutagen samples, focus, kuva, or vitus etc. drops where not typically able.
  5. I partially agree with this, but all non-cosmetic items are actually obtainable in game without buying....they just need to better express that in the market to help people who don't know that. Maybe have it tell you where to earn in-game before you confirm purchase. I can't give input on these. My new game experience was before the current iteration. We also didn't have the MK-1 weapons back then. I mostly agree with this. It'd be nice if more gameplay improved the quantity and rarity of items in some way. If repeated runs of something in a given time frame had higher chance for rare rewards and higher resource drop quantities. I've suggested a similar idea for endless missions providing higher quantity/rarity chance the longer you stay. Too many people enjoy the hoard style game play, so we don't need fewer enemies. We do completely need more stronger enemy types like Nox incorporated into common gameplay to switch up the flow and encourage things other than aoe kill frames. We need more enemies with specific weaknesses and resistance to aoe damage, and damage in general unless certain circumstances are met.
  6. Banshee, despite not being one of the more flashy frames these days, is effective overall. I think she could use a modernization rework like many others, but this isn't the way to go. I'm going to have to say no to turrets. Switching from one afk-permitting ability to another isn't going to improve her.
  7. An operator in void mode laughs at all of those. The point is that each of them are more effective for different types of frames and playstyles. You could argue that having to dodge every 7 seconds in combat takes out too much gameplay. You could also argue that only being able to protect yourself for 3 seconds every 7 seconds while requiring you to roll isn't enough protection for all situations. They all have their ups and downs.
  8. Eh, I think he's already got 1 too many Exalted blades as it is. The ability already doesn't bring anything special to the table that a powerful weapon can't replace, except maybe spammy, mindless gameplay with "unlimited ammo" and being able to kill rifted targets. And even then that's not much of a trade off since Nullifiers an Arbitration drones are far more common than Limbos on the team so that's another +2 points in the weapon column. Lol Exalted weapons should have something unique that makes them more than just a weapon waiting to be outclasses by other weapons. Adding more swords won't make it any better. Radial Blind is the only good ability he has.
  9. That's literally the point. WoF is a terrible ability and it entirely goes against DE's statement of opposing lazy abilities that do the work for you. She specializes in weapon damage. People have begged for years for her to go back to being the pyromancer caster she was always advertised to be. They're not giving an augment to give WoF back any more than they will to give back the old Stasis or the old Bladestorm. They were changed for a reason, and not on a whim.
  10. I'm aware of it. I actually named my Helminth after it. Ophiocordyceps. Not enough spaces for the full name. Lol But it still requires something else to move. 🙂
  11. Fungus is alive, but mushrooms don't have a habit of walking around without help (outside of super mario).
  12. He's definitely effective with a coordinated team, but considering a vast majority of players don't only run preformed teams it shouldn't be a requirement for basic use of him. Ideally Stasis will be up all of the time, but realistically it just doesn't happen and using an ability shouldn't be a prerequisite to being able to see the effect of another ability if not seeing means wasting time and ammo. Hehe Rift Surge makes it easy to banish enemies that aren't in your line of sight because of the way it spreads, and Banish is a cone with a huge range. It's another issue that sounds easy on paper, but not always practical in a fast paced mission. You could just as easily end up banishing other allies that needed to not be in the rift. And the ally that needs banishing could easily be in the next room over dealing with a straggling enemy that was banished through Rift Surge so you can't see or target him. You only find out he needs banishing by his angry messages in chat. Then you have to disrupt your current objective to rectify the situation. He's my third most used frame, and one of my mains since his release. I can tell you that by now, the community literally cannot adapt to him whether they understand him or not. It's also not fair to completely force allies to change their tactics and cater exclusively to your abilities. I love him to death, but Cataclysm (being easily contained) should be the only ability he has that can fully separate players and enemies. Any other rift mechanics in his kit need to be less harsh, even if it means less benefits.
  13. This would be nice. Even if we can't use mods like Pressure Point, having better control over crit and status stats, or maybe the dual stat or dedicated damage type mods would be a big improvement.
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