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  1. Ok. So here is my regular amprex and here it is with a skin that takes 100 min of survival worth of essence to get (using the same coloration) : This is not worth the grind.Then again there is an Emote worth 50 essence(ok..) Arch-gun rivens worth 25(guns that find a use only in the Profit taker fight, not to mention the added layer of RNG do to riven nature) 20 Essence for a blindfold.I would be ok with some of the costs in here if the missions were fun to run, but the only times they are is when i get a power buff to something like Chroma.What are warframes that don't have damaging abilities going to do with that buff?(Loki-moded for duration and range, Vauban- same as Loki,Limbo-the frame that when got his rework got is strength build nerfed and the drones make his ult useless as a damaging ability). And it is not like we haven't come up with ideas on how to make the gamemode better, there are plenty out there on the forums like giving rewards on the same interval as normal missions, having a miniboss after each rotation removing drones because they only make the mission annoying, making the buffs a warframe gets depend on the stat thet has the most impact, hell even a random stat that is relevant to the frame would be better.I wouldn't mind having a negative range chroma getting +300% range. No one was asking for revives, the complain was about host migrations when the host quits the game. I understand this somewhat fixes the host migration but it creates other problems based on the way it was implemented it punishes players for playing well. I hope this post doesn't remain unnoticed like the rest of the ideas we've put together as a comunity.
  2. First raids were removed because Eidolons were more "endgame" then we got teased with Dark Sectors returning but they are nothing like dark secotrs and only had that name during development because nostalgia, I guess? Or to hype up ESO? Then we get Arbitration as the "True" endgame (not to mention that all the previous gamemodes were supposed to be endgame but got toned down becaues they want new players to play them too) only to be tuched 6 months later with "this". A revival mecanic that takes away the idea of permadeath and replaces it with a toxic way to revive players that queued for an endgame activity undergeared combined with the fact that is long and unrewarding. My favourite gamemode is survival but the only bearable gamemodes in arbitrations are excavation and interception and on top of that nobody wants to spend that much time just to get some endo and a small chance to get some mods that only a few are usefull with no actual content to use them against, because you konw, we got to be "new player friendly". Speeking of mods, archgun rivens. Because we sure need more slotmachine mods for weponds that find a use only in the Profit-taker fight. These upcoming cosmetics better be good. I'm not wasting my time to gate an average looking sigil.
  3. And where's the part where you make it rewarding less boring?
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