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  1. With the addition of cetus wisps to the quills, can we expect to have gems and fish as well?
  2. Regardin Planes of Eidalon , with the return of Plague Star, can we expect other similar periodic events in the near future? For one such as myself it was a great opportunity to gather some gems given the fact I don't very excited about farming gems.This would be a great way to reuse some of the old content that has gathered some dust over the years, and speeking of gems, will there be other ways to gather fish and gems in the near future? On another note, will we get more items for the quills other than arcanes or even a higher reputation cap? This economy was centered on the Teralyst on release and with 2 more eidolons to defeat I now have industrial amounts of sentient cores with no use for them, keep in mind that I am not as engaged as other players with a Hydrolyst capture once every 2-3 days and mainly go on a hunt for focus and arcanes. I would love to see more operator gear :D
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