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  1. Hey you never know, regardless, nice to see it has 12k+ pages...
  2. This thing still lives? I thought it would've been archived/closed or something by now...
  3. http://imgur.com/hABaVn8 EZ event
  4. So I am pretty cool and not afraid of anything :D .... AAAAAHHH A SPIDER D: *burns down the house* ~whew~
  5. I completely forgot this thread still exists .-.
  6. Mag had a fireball frenzy ? :O
  7. Day 100, still can't access the website >.> ... Other than that everything looks awesome :D
  8. they still have 10 more hours averagely, timezone brah
  9. They still have around 10hours 22minutes soo yeah xD
  10. Well, accelerant + fire + World on fire will do the trick :P
  11. Hmm how to blow up a planet made out of Gas... I got no clue, oh wait Fire :P Just get something like Ember + Ignis and make the planet go boom
  12. No problem :), but technically DE still has 11h 24minutes to release U14, since different time zone.
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