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  1. I also just did a 20 wave defense on Arc Silver and didn't get the Nightwave reward for it, even after traveling to my dry dock and then orbiter after completing the mission.
  2. This bug is still there. I'm running on an AMD RX480, if that helps. Bug is present on multiple tiles. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/8eTclht
  3. yep, just noticed this bug too. was about to make a whole post about how i thought it was soundcard latency, but you're right, it can't be replicated in simulacrum... so yeah, probably a client issue. haven't yet tested it as host in other missions.
  4. Hi, I think I've gotten 50 nightwave cred from other ranks where I already owned the reward (like the protosomid shoulder guard, spore ephemera etc.), but when I reached nightwave rank 28, I didn't get any nightwave cred, despite already owning the whole emissary operator collection from nightwave series II. I didn't even get 2nd copies of the cosmetics... the game just popped up the emissary collection like it does any time you reach a new nightwave rank, and gave me no reward. I
  5. see video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TQHBYbRRTzCPfB6PmGMN4V-63uauIllK/view?usp=sharing
  6. The item spawns in the hostage/jail tile (see radar, and i'm aiming at approximately where it seems to be). It's inaccessible from outside and inside the jail area, and the radar shows it as below the upper duct that's used to access the jail area from the side, but above the ceiling of the jail area with the cells itself, despite there being no way to access that elevation within the jail.
  7. Fissure D and E wouldn't close despite us killing all enemies around them. Tried multiple times. Fissures A & B closed just fine.
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