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  1. Yes checked them all. No poster drops whatsoever... There are a few individuals on Reddit reporting this bug as well
  2. Just got every fragment and no poster. Is this a bug? Anyone has this issue?
  3. Hi all. I'm looking for a specific Supra Riven. Stats below: Stats when maxed must be around: Raw damage +200% and above. Multishot +110% and above. Elemental +100% and above (Preferred electricity, toxic is ok as well) Negative Zoom % Let me know if you've anything close. Please pm me here or in game with what you have. Thank you for looking.
  4. The point is. Content locked behind a side game mode which is not a part of the game is a darn chore. Answer me this. How many conclave points do you have? What is your happy zephyr high score? What is your wyrmius high score? How many hours have you played those modes? Got the answers? Ok. Now gate new warframes and guns etc behind those game modes. Obtain A 300 happy zephyr score to unlock one new warframe part. Amass 122,000 conclave points to unlock one weapon part. Complete wyrmius to unlock one sentinel part. Now instead of y
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