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  1. Nope, they always attack you if you try to use them in nightmare missions, the more you know!
  2. Thanks DE! I did a quick test here and there across the game and I noticed a increase "smothess" in loading levels and places like PoE, at least in solo, will try later in public :) And thanks for putting things in shape for Railjack!
  3. Well, that also happens in my foundry from time to time when building something what dont have a proper "foundry hologram".. so bug XD
  4. Thanks! I was thinking about that since I already have 5 extra Stalker sigils, thinking in removing them or making the sells for creds?
  5. Well... let me put mu gran of salt here, as a almost MR26 player (and not almost MR27 because I intentionally I´m being slow about it). Between plat trading and the free stuff that DE gaves in game, drops, events, etc... I don´t see any way what WF can be P2W. Dozens of Formas, reactors, catalytis, boosters, slots... DE has give me some many stuff for free what I have l lost the count and I even trade plat to buy things from the store like the Domestic Drones, Shawzins and some cosmetics (about to buy Gauss syndana.. already farmed him and Acceltra). At best, you can say "pay to skip" since you can buy a booster to get something done a bit more quickly like using a 3 days resource booster to farm a bit more quickly cryotic for the Sibear or some piigments for your dojo but at the same time.. I have already received so many resource booster for free that is like returning the favor at this point (same applies to other boosters).
  6. For the moment looks like is anybody uses the Shawzin in Hydron (didnt test in other missions yet) the UI dissapears if any Shawzin is in use, I was in a random squad but we were able to confirm the bug being visible for everybody in the squad. Additionaly I can also confirm the bug sound when the Shawzin dont produce any sound sometimes. https://imgur.com/OQ85uDe https://imgur.com/OQ85uDe[/IMG]
  7. Since the site went down and a lot of people didn´t know to use the market console for codes during the Simaris segment so they are giving out these again. And i some cases like mine the code only awarded the display or the glyph but not both, so everybody can have them now :)
  8. So.... I just bought one of the balls and now my kubrow is playing with it across the orbiter... jajajajaja loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that, genius detail DE! XD
  9. I see what you mean, but the one in the market is different... is just people not seeing what they are two.
  10. One question about this new map... I hope what this can be the base for new tilesets for Earth, could be rather awesome to have different settings 🙂
  11. Indeed, as Neil Degrasse Tyson would say the "catch more bears with honey than vinegar" approach. The difficult part of that approach is patience not only with time but with the stubbornness of certain people.
  12. Well, a lot of things what are popular in the community ends being added one way or another like the Shawzin that soon is even going to be usable! So there a good chance that we can get the Soaktron 🙂
  13. You can exchange those for a color pallete, mods and others things with Nakak in Cetus 🙂
  14. The one from the event? You can buy to Nakak in Cetus for pearls.
  15. Agree! That plus the fact that nobody is point a gun in anybody head to grind for everything or to do it in the first day. People just have so fun! If the event is not for you, well, next would be!
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