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  1. Since this has happen to me at least twice (maybe three) to me, I think is may worth the comment. I was hunting my Lich number 16 with my usual method, just leave the previous combination there until I start to figure out the new combination... get the first time wrong like expected but obtained the first Requiem in that point, put that one in the first slot to try (as usual) and move one to farm the second one, once the Lich wanted dead again I face it to see if the know one was at least the first one and.... ALL were correct, so... or there is a bug in place or I just got the best RNG with that Lich.
  2. Also that video card is quite basic, but have you tried updating the drivers?
  3. Speaking of wonky drops and rewards, there was Endo like reward in any point during the weekend in the Railjack missions? Asking because support answered to me what my surprise ban was becaise I ended " 13170 Endo " in a particular mission, aside of having a Resource Drop Chance booster I didnt have anything weird aside the buggest of the Railhack missions of that day.
  4. Anybody else account was ruined after this last patch?
  5. Anybody is suffering problerms with their accounts after the last patch?! I played a bit this morning and one quick Raijack match before taking a nap (was destroyed after working all morning) and when tried to log in this afternoon the game says "Account banned until Jan 01, 2035 due to EULA violations", already send a support ticket 1 hour ago and still nothing and in case anybody is wondering: * Have a good amount of platinum, so no negative numbers. * Dont use any third party software wthatsover * Dind´t fight with other users like... never. I was wondering if something broke in the game with the last path?? After 520+ log ins I´m baffled and worried about this!!
  6. Indeed, happened to me several times and if you remain inside the ship until is destroyed you end up in limbo falling of the map.
  7. Uhmmm... leaving a squad while being in their dojo locked my game XD
  8. Well, trying to do a bit and so far the biggest issues is dying and the revive prompt bugging out and never appearing and... maybe at least a easy way to get the stealth mod solo?
  9. I remember some youtuber putting the idea of something like a PVP battle between Railjacks, that could be awesome and actually a PVP what I could be interested in!
  10. Its really funny to see in these type of situation how most people quickly jump over any other info once they read something what they don´t like about the content. These new mechanics are practically a entire new game inside another game, and is going to be just the first iteration of ir, so... learn to have some patiente, this is not Star Citizen levels of disaster, (But i would love to give that ridiculous amount of money to DE). The Liches needed several tiches before being in a more palatable state, currently I don´t have too much complais since its easy to quickly deal with them once you get the system. Is going to be the same for Railjack, even in some point was mentioned "expect a lot of crashes" since these first "flight" is going to be a wat to test out everything before keep interating. I only have to main worries: 1. How far I´m going to be able to progress solo until proper solo tunning is done and NPC crew is in place since that is my main focus. 2. The low MR gate for being able to join a crew, that is going to be a pain if not lifted to a more proper MR10 or locked behind the Wat Within. I usually dont have problems to help new players, but Railjack missions dont loock like the place to do that.
  11. 1 Argon cristal?? Come one, this time I have to agree with that being kinda a joke XD
  12. In my case (Shadow clan, pretty quiet) the drydock where completed between my stockpiles and some reserves of the vault. Cephalon Cy clan research: Me and other member (who completed the missing Mutagen Masses) that was done in the day,. The Cy and Railjack parts construccion were really easy since after getting the needed Mutagen Mass from Invasions and the foundry and farming a bit of the new resources while I was doing other things (Baro resourcer booster was handy for the 15 argon). I only need to reconstuct my credit reserve now, but if needed... Index!
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