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  1. Bon tant que j'y suis: ça devrait être réglé.
  2. That's clearly not my idea of challenging. As for the repetitive aspect... we'd still be doing the same mission over and over again, albeit slower. This game mostly revolves around farming when it comes to progression and item acquisition, the latter requiring rewards from missions. See the problem? The part of the game system you're trying to change is fine in my eyes. Moreover, your suggestion adds more issues and tedium than anything. Warframe might be a bit of many things but it definitely isn't a MOBA. Oh, by the way. *clears throat* Warframe is fast-paced. And that's not a part of a
  3. Je vais poser ça là, je fais que passer. Pour info vu que vous avez tous posté en Français, vous auriez eu plus de chances d'avoir une réponse en postant dans la section francophone du forum. 😅
  4. I miss them too but they had to go, given the state they were in. Now I'm just patiently waiting for DE to reintroduce the concept with updated puzzles/maps, if they ever do that. Not everyone's cup of tea but it sure was fun to me.
  5. 1800+? Are you sure? Unless you mean 1800+ counting before the daily tribute system was a thing. 😅 On topic, MR>daily tribute count. 2000 days is almost 5 years and a half logging daily without missing a single day. It might just be 1-2minutes but it takes some... I wouldn't say dedication. It's more about being stubborn than dedicated. 1754 days in and counting, here. <_<
  6. It doesn't make you look nice(r) though. But it's merely an opinion anyway. Much like your post title: we don't know what the hek it is about until we click on it. You're deliberately giving your post less visibility and credibility, which isn't quite optimal for feedback if you ask me, but again, it's just my opinion. I remember seeing somewhere that exclusive weapons such as event ones, founder ones, etc. were making people go on frustrated rants as to why they couldn't have them and see their profile completed at last so DE came out with this solution. I'm not saying it's a good
  7. Redeye

    Update failed!

    I watched the whole 2 hours and I didn't get that. Either I'm forgetful or you have a better understanding of english than I do. Yes, yes it is. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. - Ash's Bladestorm: it's gonna get a rework. Why even mention it? They. Know. They're on it. Moving on, and so should you. - Soundquake Banshee. The energy consumption is quite high, and she's made of paper. I don't see anything wrong with the ability since the warframe has major downsides. Hell, how many Banshees do you see running around outside sorties/Draco-ey stuff? (was it Bere? IDK anymore). If you want to make interceptions/defense challenging, go solo. I'm having fun doing it at times. Making SQ LoS would not make much sense as it's a sound based ability. - WoF Ember:
  9. I'd be all for an Archwing equivalent of the heliocor. Just switching it from normal to archwing melee would make me sad, though. I've gotten accustomed to "scan" kavats on my Eternal War Angry Kitty with Naramon.
  10. They can't squash'em all, but I'm sure they did get rid of most bugs that makes the game unplayable. That's what the dev build is for. On topic: Can't complete saturn junction since the game doesn't want to admit I can do a 3vault spy mission. Tested solo, multi, triggering alarms or going full stealth, won't work. There's another one but I can't remember it. I'll post again as soon as I run into it again. Second bug: if you recieve a stalker love letter and can't skip mission end screen quickly enough, you'll be stuck on the mission end screen.
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