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  1. Now that would be you my friend with the lack of common Sense. Even the casual player would be able to farm more than 10 nitain in a week so nice try
  2. You must be smoking funny cigarettes. Last I checked 28 nitain a week is greater than 10. 4 alerts a day times 7 days. In case you needed to know how I came up with 28
  3. Looks like DE is getting closer to bringing me back to the fold. I have not played in months. I log in every once and a while and trade or build the new tech and frame but have yet to level them. The game at one point got so pointless to play for me. I am MR23 with 3000 plus hours of play so the grind was over the top boring. Keep it up DE the game is starting to look like something to play again.
  4. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Void_Relic here is everything we XB1/PS4 players need to know.
  5. Thank you. I never thought of looking on the wiki like that.....
  6. Only on PC. Consoles did not get that updated information yet...
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