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  1. Anybody else have the broken end of mission screen again. I mean do DE actually play the final build before shipping to cert. Not one oh no we broke the end of mission screen again from a DE employee. Gotta scratch my head on that one.
  2. Kind of lame you are charging 5X the normal price for the new operator cosmetics.

    Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Um last I checked Microsoft is based in Washington. A state on the west coast of America. DE's part in this is done my friend.

    Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Don't forget the 4th of July is in 2 days a big holiday. A lot of people do not work or only work a half day on that holiday. Friday would be a big ask. I'm not counting on it. I hope I'm wrong. Either way I already know the quest and really don't care about the frame so when it comes it comes.

    Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    I understand all the hell yeahs and hell nos about the frame and quest blah blah blah. I hit DE hard at times but I feel with some just cause. That being said I do give they a big thumbs up for doing this quest in general. It is all nice to have it come to XB1 so fast.i But I have to agree I have no hype care or excitement for this frame whatsoever. What ever is required to get the MR out of it will be the extent on my use for him. So say 45-70 minutes on Hydron. Sadly DE put a ton of time and effort into this so I am sorry for only giving you about the same amount of time it takes to complete the quest. Anyway Thank you .
  6. Anyone else having issues logging in. Its says there is an updated version. It updated but now still says it needs an update but none show up. So I'm stuck in an endless update warframe loop.
  7. More random button drops. Loadout still one mod at a time BS. I also see the new update has more updated but unfinished UI to it. I really hope you're listing to the backlash from the BETA TESTER PC crowd and not ship out blank pages and empty screens so we do not have to fight even harder to just play this great game,

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    I would hope they learned a lesson or 2 and try not to wreck their weekend and release this today or tomorrow and try and plug the leaks before the weekend hits. Then again maybe they kinda work 7 days a week already so the weekend is a moot point
  9. So... No fix for the random button drop outs the broken links. This is the UI we get until the next update. OK. Great.
  10. Modding is messed up again. Only able to change out 1 mod at a time.
  11. My ability to change mods is completely broken now. I can only add or remove 1 mod at a time. I then have to back out and reenter the modding screen to add or remove another mod from my loadout. EDIT: seems to be working now. I am still have weird random issues with buttons ot working all the time
  12. To remove anything you have to scroll all the way up to none click it once then hover the cursor over your warframe and click a again to remove the weapon. This how it work to remove anything on a warframe, IE weapons cosmetics. This needs a hoitfix now. Its confusing as all
  13. yep. How the hell am I to figure that out. Found another new bug. I'm trying to change mods in my load out and I can only change 1. After that I can not "grab" another one to exchange it. So for me at least to change out more than one mod this is what I have to do. Highlight weapon to bring up drop screen and hit Y Select a mod to change out and click A to grab it. Hover over the mod I want to replace and hit A To change out another mod I have to hit B To back out Now I have highlight the weapon again if I didnt use the cursor the first time and hit Y to upgrade again. Now I can select another mod to change out. After which I have to repeat the whole thing again to change another mod.. EDIT: The problem is caused by first removing a mod from your loadout using the Y button first.
  14. I can not remove the syandana from saryn prime or chroma . Selecting none does not work. EDIT: Finding all kinds of frames that can't remove it.
  15. Getting better but the chat windows are still a hot mess. This really didnt solve much. Just give us back all the Darn short cuts as well as the cursor. How damn hard is that. PC has the choice of controller or mouse. We should have the choice of buttons or the cursor. I'm happy with a lot of the new movements and the potential. The problem is you at DE tend to not get things to the full potential and then just move on and let us just deal with it.