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  1. I'm getting so tired of the Damn grinding. And the resources that are like timed and only in certain areas at certain times is just annoying. I' find myself not even logging in daily anymore. Even that is to much effort at this point. I'll be back at some point but the grinf=d is just getting longer and longer.
  2. Ivara with Helios and all my 6 forma MK1 weapons just because you really wont need much more than that
  3. So boring and pointless to be honest. I also think that all nodes should be unlocked at the start. No way do I have the time to go through the star chart again. Especially since I like many other cleared the star chart pre junctions when there were a lot more nodes to clear. A script should have been run during the update that sniffed this out and unlocked it 100%. But its just DE trying to get more hours played for the purpose of data statistics, I also hate about 30-40% of the nodes in regular mode no way do I want to do this all over again. And as far as rewards go. Cosmetics to me a
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