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    Just another guy whining about grinding

    You would of hated the old old days when it took hundreds of runs on T4D for loki systems. As others have said just keep grinding the relics. Actually run them later after the vault closes

    trinity mains

    Because I can solo the Eidolons without people like this. She can EV and kill a level 9999 with little problems. But mainly I use her because she is a god and fun to play

    DIGITAL tickets sold out? What?

    I didn't see anything that was saying "unfair". You sir are just being a D. I see a lot of the posts here in this thread are also acting the same. The guy asked a question and all I see are a bunch of smart arse remarks. Nice community.
  4. Anybody else have the broken end of mission screen again. I mean do DE actually play the final build before shipping to cert. Not one oh no we broke the end of mission screen again from a DE employee. Gotta scratch my head on that one.
  5. Kind of lame you are charging 5X the normal price for the new operator cosmetics.

    Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Um last I checked Microsoft is based in Washington. A state on the west coast of America. DE's part in this is done my friend.

    Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Don't forget the 4th of July is in 2 days a big holiday. A lot of people do not work or only work a half day on that holiday. Friday would be a big ask. I'm not counting on it. I hope I'm wrong. Either way I already know the quest and really don't care about the frame so when it comes it comes.

    Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    I understand all the hell yeahs and hell nos about the frame and quest blah blah blah. I hit DE hard at times but I feel with some just cause. That being said I do give they a big thumbs up for doing this quest in general. It is all nice to have it come to XB1 so fast.i But I have to agree I have no hype care or excitement for this frame whatsoever. What ever is required to get the MR out of it will be the extent on my use for him. So say 45-70 minutes on Hydron. Sadly DE put a ton of time and effort into this so I am sorry for only giving you about the same amount of time it takes to complete the quest. Anyway Thank you .

    Clock for the Orbiter?

    I swear I learned about this watching a live prime-time. Have you actually tried it before telling me I'm wrong. Which if I am so be it and good catch on your behalf.
  10. (XB1)BULLS 0N PAR4DE

    Limbo is the best spy frame. Change my mind,

    Switch teleport my friend
  11. (XB1)BULLS 0N PAR4DE

    Clock for the Orbiter?

    I believe PC can type !cetusclock in the text window and it will show you the time. Now if only XB1 could get this feature But yes a clock would also be great
  12. (XB1)BULLS 0N PAR4DE

    19 wall cling\dash kills, no alarms riven challenge

    This is the biggest BS challenge out there. DE NEFRED spawn rates You can trip a spy alarm and it wont fail the mission but in other missions like crossfire extermination its a instant fail The F@#K if I'm going to go around and try and dupe 18 enemies into following a noise arrow. Just more proof that DE's game is total B<llSH!T at times and so inconsistent. Will it ever get fixed or redone to actually work hell no DE has to pump out more cosmetics to keep people away from the real issues. Do your self a favor and just sell it for plat. Chances are its a junk riven anyway,
  13. It my Trinity or Ivara do not get Umbra mods that can actually be used to benefit the frame I'll give nothing.
  14. (XB1)BULLS 0N PAR4DE

    Anyone else not like the Eidolon fights?

    If you are talking the armor stripping only working solo, it is an annoying bug. Only the host can see if the armor has been stripped. I only strip it or reduce it solo because it pisses people off for some reason if they see you trying to strip it down. Or some one else also strips it and you end up going over the top.
  15. (XB1)BULLS 0N PAR4DE

    Anyone else not like the Eidolon fights?

    So not true mate. The Eidolons are robotic so if you strip the armor You can just use a Electric build on the lanka. I know this to be true because I do it all the time. I get it that the radiation is desired but it is not.As a matter of fact I solo all 3 and the time it take is within minutes of each other so It is not impossible to do. If you do do something like electric only build and strip the armor you best be solo or convey this point at the start of the hunt. You also are better off recruiting for it this way as well.