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  1. The drops suck anyway so don't worry about it mate. 100 ducats is easy to get in game and actually you could get 100 or more in the 1 hour show time anyway.
  2. How does a bug that crashes a console even pass. 4 times for me solo ivara.
  3. It's a legitimate question. why do people assume just because somebody asked a question about something they automatically want it. it's a valid question with a valid point why is it so exclusive and why doesn't de just release it. I understand it's mainly because people have spent tens of thousands of platinum for the stupid thing but still why is it still so rare.
  4. Some how end of June seems to be a good time. Reason being plauge star is coming the 12th. I don't think DE want a new event to be released during such time. So depending on how long PS lasts it could well be near the end of June. So the bigger question is when will season 2 of nightwave start? Looks like a HUGE mess if you as me. Sure and glad I'm not a DE DEV.
  5. Slova and a aksomati is all you need to solo this fast
  6. You sir are just a big do do bird. I could give 2 squirts about nitain or you for that matter. You're basically a I'm right and your wrong fanboy. Sadly you drank so much kool-aid you're beyond fixing so I say good riddance to you and your trust me bro BS.
  7. How does the kool-aid taste mate. This game is about farming mostly. Don't act like it isn't. Oh just because people don't see your point or you don't agree with theirs doesn't mean you can tell them to quit crying.
  8. Now that would be you my friend with the lack of common Sense. Even the casual player would be able to farm more than 10 nitain in a week so nice try
  9. I have a bunch of frames I refuse to cure just to make people like you mad. Every other week I hit all the busy relays and spread the joy. Your welcome by the way..... LOL
  10. You must be smoking funny cigarettes. Last I checked 28 nitain a week is greater than 10. 4 alerts a day times 7 days. In case you needed to know how I came up with 28
  11. So reading some of the new threads about the current update I keep seeing mention of looting nerfs. Can people please explain what has changed. Thank you to anyone willing to post on this subject.
  12. It's total BS that de removed a resource that is required to craft 8ish frames and 2 weapons for sure. My friend finally got all the ivara parts only to be totally F'ed because he doesn't have the 9 nitain required to build here. Awesome job guys. PS the forums were a hot mess when boobon prime came out for this exact reason
  13. Yes it is. It has been proven. But believe what you wish.
  14. You do realize that rivens are actually predetermined so if you buy a riven for a certain gun that hasn't been released yet those rivéns will never be for that gun
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