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  1. looks like more of the same to me. More grind with more pointless rewards. Sorry but over the past years the grind and garbage that is being put into all these new modes and the utter lack of effort to fix the totally broken stuff previously released will not make me want to play daily like I use to. I'll look back again in a few more moths to see if DE actually releases new fun and exciting content. For now Warframe is collecting dust yet again. Nice try but not nice enough mates
  2. How does a bug that crashes a console even pass. 4 times for me solo ivara.
  3. Please for the love of Thor no more k drive stuff. I refuse to use them for the mear fact that just the act of riding one does not give you mastery. I hate that I have to play Tony hawk to get experience. I have yet to level my first one because it takes forever to gain experience. The races I have tried suck using a controller on xb1. Other than that this next wave looks to be a lot more enjoyable
  4. Why not actually increase the spawn rate instead of trying to fix a stupid bug. I mean seriously I have done hundreds of missions all over the star chart and have encountered him once. This has to be the latest thing to date. I'm so disappointed in this whole concept. Sadly it shows that DE is also not that invested because they can't even come up with 10 different weeks worth of challenges. Really. I mean really.
  5. Why have all my voiceovers been removed. It really sucks when you run out of air because lotus never tells you your low. WTF. I even looked in the audio setting. Everything is turned on. Again more bugs than content in the update.
  6. Nope. It's fine as is. Just make a dash polarity and bamm back to 10. Stop being lazy or hate the fact it takes a lot of time and resources to Max this out.
  7. I know right. Let's not put any effort to show the tenno that wanna know the results. Thank you DE great job as usual.
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