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  1. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Pablo revisiting Titania when? Also: Nyx, Wukong, and Vauban are all in dire need of some developer love. Some would say Chroma as well (his kit is admittedly pretty limited/terrible). Given the success of Pablo's Nezha revisit (literally elevated from zero to HERO), can we expect a similar degree of commitment/forethought for our other dilapidated Warframes? Sorry, other hardworking DE developers, but Pablo is kinda the Underdogs' Champion right now. If the community can trust anyone to properly rework ailing Warframes, it's gotta be Pablo.
  2. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8.2

    Uh-huh. Been sitting on this Daily Synthesis Target for about a week now. Finished it just for the Pyrus Project. Not functioning, you say?
  3. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Really, really, really upset that the Night Hunter Nidus Skin and Syndana didn't make the 14th cut. Dearly hoping that it makes the 15th, cause letting that collect dust in the Steam Workshop... is the definition of sin. Not to mention the Khora Mithra and Wukong Mithra skins. Otherwise, both the Gara and Graphical Walrus Equinox skins are hawt stuff. Can't wait to fashionframe the feck outta my Gara and Equinox.
  4. Chroma's Prime Decals can currently only be toggled "off" on the Effigy's Prime Decals; the under-suit (or whatever you want to call the thing under Chroma's pelt) is unaffected by the option to toggle Prime Decals off, leading to some unfortunate aesthetic conflicts with Tennogen Chroma skins (Drevani & Thyrus both suffer some unpleasant pallet inconsistencies, namely with the Prime under-suit's lustrous and/or plastic accents). On top of that, the painted toenails just look gaudy and awful on anything that's gone non-Prime Decals. Having rocked a Drevani, Tarrasque, Illiac, all organic Chroma for the last year or so, I'm quite frustrated that Chroma Prime can't pull off the all-organic look that I've become so attached to. Is there anyway that the Devs could apply the Toggle Prime Decals "off" to Chroma's under-suit? Having the original under-suit would spare us from being pigeonholed into a singular fashion theme.
  5. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Titania Revisted Proposition Revisted

    I keep myself a healthy stock of bourbon, I can assure you. Wasted or not, it all goes to good use.
  6. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Can Chroma get a self heal, pls?

    Replying to semantics with semantics? Fair enough. The problem is when the Public service becomes inundated with cheese; it's the single most played service; if the single most played service is no longer enjoyable, then DE has a "business problem" on their hands. Disagree; you're saying rewards determine endpoint; I say that limits of a build/team determine endpoint. I already have everything the game currently offers; I'm certainly not spending hours in Mott for the relics... In defense of newer players, neither focus or Operator Arcanes are easy to come by. But I agree wholeheartedly with you on this topic; outside of a few exceptions, 2x Magus Elevate renders all other healing options obsolete.
  7. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Titania Revisted Proposition Revisted

    No, I use Rage. Rank 2. Can't fit bigger on my Titania with Umbral Intensity and Umbral Vitality taking up 40% of my mod capacity. I keep my power strength at 242, my efficiency at 190, and I don't bother with Razorwing Blitz; it's too much of a hassle to maintain, and at my power strength, it's only a pain to navigate closed tilesets with that much movement speed. And if you sit still and not kill anything long enough: somebody will shoot you and feed Rage. And you're talking sorties, I'm talking endless. When I play endless, I'm not concerned with "regenerating EHP" (that's what the Diwata is for); I'm concerned with insuring that the hit that does get past my Evasion, doesn't instantly kill me. I have no problem whatsoever activating Razorwing just once, and maintaining it for two hours. That was the purpose of the build. I can stomach a bombard rocket up to enemy level 162, and shake off the damage by swapping to the Diwata for a quick heal (or just using the Dex Pixia to proc status, and Quick Meleeing for Healing Return; BTW: I run both Healing Return and Life Strike on the Diwata, because I'm never gonna use that hunk of trash for getting kills. Might as well give it a purpose in providing healing). Oh, and I run Punchthrough on the Dex Pixia. Go ahead and patronize me over that one; I've heard it all before, and I still know what works best. Even if my second Arcane Energize set was max rank, I wouldn't put it on the build. After all, I didn't feel any need to equip my current maxed Arcane Energize. I'd rather have the DPS. And you seem to have missed the very first line of Tribute, and how it pertains to the meta... This might provide some clarity: Most players build for KPM. Look at Chroma, he's got team support in his kit, but I'll be damned if I see any Chromas running Range mods to properly utilize his support. Razorwing will always have priority over Tribute, as far as the majority of the community is concerned; all because playing support isn't as fun as playing the killer. That's why I'd rather have static values, instead of a gimmicky FaeWACS that is going to get absolutely shamed by Nova anyways. I could make another spaghetti post pointing out how you seem to have missed the difference between Lantern's potential at clustering enemies; and how it could be exploited to boost KPM, and how this entire thread deals in hypothetical solutions for resolving existing problems, but I don't need to; point made. I conserve all my energy for Razorwing; forbearing circumstances where Spellbind proves useful. I don't bother with Tribute because nothing it currently offers is worth a damn in Endless; and Lantern is effing Lantern. All Razorwing Blitz is going to do for you is get you killed navigating corridors; and you won't have a chance to make use of its offense because you'll be getting 1-shotted every few seconds. Your build isn't made for endgame, unless of course you rely on teammates to provide cover for you from mission start to mission finish. My crew and I typically don't hole up until an hour-forty in, because we have too much fun making a casual experience of endless. From my perspective, your build is cute, because it is just so vanilla; while I prefer my ice cream with a hearty dram of bourbon.
  8. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Can Chroma get a self heal, pls?

    Okay: Meta. There you go. Chroma is on a whole nother META. Who would you rather play in endless? Valkyr, Inaros, or Chroma? -Just because his TTK capabilities isn't limited to melee, and his EHP can be enhanced even further with the proper armaments (Hema, Furis, Hirudo) I'm gonna say Chroma. Who would you think would be the most effective at Tricap (or slaying any other boss)? -That answer is pretty obvious. Chroma is a top-tier Warframe; he has more applications in the meta than most every other frame. Valkyr has fallen from the meta like a stone in oil. Inaros is tough, and he can abuse Covert Lethality, but that's the extent of what he can do, and outside of endless, he doesn't have any other role in the meta.
  9. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Can Chroma get a self heal, pls?

    Anything that can exploit Covert Lethality has a 1-hit kill technique: Valkyr's Paralysis is no different. But in order for that to work, you have to carry a Dagger. On a melee specialized Warframe. Suddenly, Covert Lethality Valkyr doesn't look like a particularly attractive build. Furis Chroma? Way more attractive; literally classic. Of course I know that Chroma's Vex Armor bonus was changed to multiplicative; it was broken as all hell before, and now it's fixed. "Way more squishy" is just a pessimistic way of saying "he's no longer the definitive BEST tank, but he's still miles better than most (practically all)." The fact that Rhino's TTK and EHP are so close to Chroma's is frankly fantastic; now you can choose between the best raw tanks, rather than only having one option, and an obsolete after thought. You bring up Saryn gripes without even mentioning the subject? Saryn is ruining peoples' ability to enjoy the game; Chroma isn't. The argument against Saryn isn't necessarily her TTK, it's her KPM, and how it wipes mobs out a split second after they spawn. Apparently this crew thinks lvl 200 is lategame. Valkyr's best TTK is in finishers; whether they're administered by Paralysis or Hysteria power attacks, finishers are limited to a single target, and the finisher animation can take several seconds to complete. Meanwhile, Chroma can wipe out a lategame mob in the same time frame with a Reach enhanced Zaw. Valkyr's max damage is restricted to melee; Chroma's max damage is applied to all his weapons. Chroma has way more applications in the meta than Valkyr; it was an inane comparison to begin with. My entire counter argument is: "Why waste time giving Chroma innate healing, when there are so many healing options already available to him?" It's not like packing at least one of those options is going ruin a Chroma build.
  10. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Can Chroma get a self heal, pls?

    And who wouldn't? The list of frames that can take that level of abuse is minuscule; depending on your build, Chroma is actually on that list. So sorry your favorite Dragon had to get in touch with his mortality; now he has to be played like any other non-invisible frame in end game; and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.
  11. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Can Chroma get a self heal, pls?

    Yeah, but the issue is power difference; Chroma is on a whole different level than either Valkyr or Inaros. Give Chroma innate healing, and he's going to be even more OP. Why does one of the most durable and most powerful TTK frames need innate healing? Because he needs to take damage in order to buff? You know, before Chroma even had a recastable Vex Armor, we made due without innate healing. If Chroma didn't need innate healing when Vex Armor's values reset every minute; then why does he need it now? For convenience? How much trouble is it to add Life Strike to your melee weapon? Because even if he forfeits a melee mod slot for healing, Chroma's melee TTK is still going to be lightyears faster than Valkyr's; especially in Late Game, where Vex Armor's Damage Buff really shows its teeth.
  12. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Can Chroma get a self heal, pls?

    What are you talking about? Chroma already has self-heal. Hema, Winds of Purity Furis, Hirudo, Life Strike, Healing Return, Hunter Recovery or Medi-Beam, Magus Elevate, Rejuvenation... All of these can be applied to Chroma; all of these can be STACKED on Chroma. Chroma already has innate healing, you just have to equip it!
  13. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Titania Revisted Proposition Revisted

    I'm more interested in EHP; and to be frank? Shields don't contribute anywhere near as much to EHP as decent Armor and Health do. While I know that the whole Evasion equals shield regen argument exists, there comes a point in enemy scaling damage where shields disappear instantly, and all that's gonna save you from getting destroyed is Armor/Health. So in other words, yes your sustained EHP is better in low level missions with shields than it is with Armor/Health; however, in late game: Armor/Health is the only stat that matters. Maybe I'm focusing too much on endless, but in the end; everyone will sooner or later quit Warframe, or become an endgame player. Long term, I think it's best to think of end game. My counter to your Arcane Energizes is my Quick Thinking mod; people frequently forget how you can convert energy into more bulk; and Razorwing Titania is one of the few frames who is immune to Quick Thinking's stagger proc. Again, my reasoning is for EHP; but also because having a higher reserve allows for more sustainable ability usage. Did I mention I also use Rage on my Titania build? Oh yeah, I use Rage; mostly because I prefer Velocity and Precision over 2x Energize. Also, it means I can convert lost health into more Energy, which means Quick Thinking gives me more EHP when I need it (as in when I'm under fire). 10/10 from me; not gonna argue this. The entire reason I like static values is because it means that irregardless of what kind of build I'm running; I can always reliably buff. If you go for a max Range CC Titania, you're gonna lose power strength, which means weaker buffs. If you go for a negative duration max Efficiency Titania, you lose buff duration. If you go for a high power strength Titania... well, you lose pretty much everything. Being able to buff reliably whether I'm playing a CC Titania or a Razorwing Titania is a big deal; no matter what mods I'm running, I can always dual-role as support; which is why I appreciate static values. I will admit, the enemy type dealio needs to go. I rarely go endless on Infested maps, so I completely forgot the infrequency of Trooper type enemies in Infested hordes. And when I'm rolling Kuva fortress, there's always plenty of Drak Masters and Hyekka Masters to get full moon (not that I want it; it's just that they get between me and my intended target). That said, not many Grineer mission nodes have the same concentrations of both Add type enemies, I can definitely see an absence of Adds on Selkie being an issue. I suppose if Thorns acted a bit more like Shatter Shield (Damage Redirection rather than merely Damage Reflection) I could see a potential use beyond status immunity. Yeah, Dust's highlighting enemies is convenient, but I've never had trouble picking enemies out from the environment; so it's nothing my eyes would miss. I probably should've mentioned that I still intended for Dust to be a team buff; teammates would be affected by the Evasion buff if they were within a certain radius of Titania. Still an aura, but it would be applied to teammates, not enemies. As for enemy accuracy scaling? You and I are not seeing the same thing. Both the shotgun (Strun or Detron, if I'm not mistaken) and the Flux Rifle you mentioned are not hitscan weapons; their projectiles have travel time and pellet spread (or in Flux Rifle's case; it's a beam weapon, and beam weapons are VERY susceptible to accuracy changes). A minor accuracy deviation is noticeable on any projectile that you can visualize; not so much on a round that register's on your hitbox the instant the gun discharges. Heavy Gunners are the worst offenders; go to the Simalcrum, crank the level up to 100; max your buffs, and then use the audio to count the rounds being fired versus the number of rounds that do damage; you'll find that 1 in 6 rounds misses, and the rest establish contact. 1 miss out of 6 fired isn't 50% reduction to accuracy, not by a wide margin. I don't really see the similarity in CC function between Spellbind & Lantern; One is a ragdoll inducing explosion that sends enemies every which-way; the other is a "Lure" that clusters enemies into a central location. The difference is dispersal and concentration; one is Airburst, the other is Vortex. Yes, both are CC, but both types of CC achieve incredibly different results with incredibly different methods of exploitation. Example: For exploiting the dispersal effect Spellbind, I might pack a Harpack so that I could use the secondary fire to further separate enemy units; such as pulling an Ancient Disruptor out of the radius of an Ancient Healer (It's a hypothetical situation; strictly speaking, Dispersal is garbage CC compared to Concentration CC). But for exploiting Lantern's Concentration CC, I'd pack the Lenz and stage my shots for wiping out the biggest mob of enemies that I could gather together for the least amount of rounds expended. I can see where you're coming from with the Energy Orb Vacuum versus Energy Drain dilemma, but I'm not talking about a massive radius; just enough for me to pick up loot at least four meters above the ground. Vacuum also only activates when moving about, so if you're going aerial turret and there's a mound of energy orbs accumulating underneath you, you don't have to suck them up until it's time to move on. It's not Vruush that bothers me; it's the Infantry that fires off a barrage of SAMs. Titania can only engage one enemy at a time; the Dex Pixia are point and click, the Diwata one target hit per swing. When I'm engaging a troop of heavies bearing down on an objective, and a Tusk Predator fires off a homing missile volley from my blindside... ...Well, I got nothing to counteract that crap; no warning, no counter measures, nothing. And given that those missiles are designed to one-shot an Elytron running max bulk... ...Squishy little Titania doesn't have a prayer; she's a guaranteed grease stain; no if, ands, or buts. Truth be told, I only run two sets on Titania: My Blitzer Build and my Endgame Build; both are Razorwing specialists. I rarely use anything but Tribute and Spellbind, and even then, fairly sparingly. The cast time has never really been a factor for me, because of how little I actually cast... Normally I just cast Razorwing once per mission. No joke. I've done 2 hour endless runs and only used my Abilities six times the entire mission. So it's nice to see some input from an insight that I've never really explored. Yes, I can definitely see how Cast Time is an issue on Titania; thanks for filling me in.
  14. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Elite Onslaught is Pointless Boredom Because of Saryn

    They wouldn't have to pay me so much as a plat. Getting to break and exploit a new frame's mechanics before anyone else can? Hell, I'd that for free.
  15. (XB1)Vile Slanders

    Titania Revisted Proposition Revisted

    Buddy, I've been playing Warframe nonstop since it released on console; I can remember a time when the Gammacor was king, I can remember a time when Zephyr was unique because she was the only Warframe with a passive, I can remember a time BEFORE sorties were so much as a twinkle in DE's eyes. Hell, I can remember a time when DE adopted a certain Atlas Revisit proposition, and I can remember exactly who wrote that proposition and how they wrote it; because that person was me, and my solution was to make use of what was already on the table. All the Petrify Synergies, from the generation of Rubble, to the buffing of Tectonics, to the healing of Rumblers: this guy's idea; this guy's post. I've got a sneaking suspicion that due to Titania's criminally low level of usage and her upcoming deluxe skin, we'll be seeing a Titania revisit sometime in the future; probably after Nezha and Nyx (who are also getting revisits; interestingly enough, they're also going to be receiving deluxe skins, likely alongside their revisits; #DEGeneratesMarketingHype). And no, I don't misunderstand. I'm getting the impression that you're the one misunderstanding. What beats odds still kills you? Well at least the odds afford me a chance at survival, whereas there is no chance of survival with only damage reduction. That whole narrative about watching the uber tanks get one shotted? I've seen it all happen, and I can tell you right now, I'd take a 50% chance of not dying instantly over a 100% chance of instantly dying any day of the week. And having to resort to cheese at level 300? Really? Well, I guess me and everyone in my crew is crazy then, 'cause a two-hour plus jaunt in Mott with whatever weapons and Warframes we wanna bring is just another casual experience for us. We don't cheese unless we've got four consecutive hours to kill as a group. Hell, just me and my main man have dragged newbie duos through two hours of hell with non-meta frames and weapons. Funny enough, Tribute can also decrease enemy rate of fire (Entangle) & make you immune to status effects (which is the only thing Thorns is good for); with a little buff to Entangle and a new algorithm for Dust, you'd be getting shot at less, and evading more shots, while being immune to status effects (Ergo, no DoT); which would massively improve your survivability in endgame. Tribute could be fantastic with a few tweaks, and it could do so without being brokenly OP at low level. Yeah, the game isn't made to go as far as we do, but we find ways to do so anyways. Titania has the potential to go as far as the top caste in endgame; but a number of flaws & oversights hinder her from making it there. I've taken Titania as far as enemy level 1200, and so long as we had a Volt or Mag to support us, Titania had absolutely no problem maintaining a KPM high enough to conserve life support. If Titania's Lantern was actually reliable, and if Tribute wasn't borderline impossible to maintain while under duress, Titania could potentially fulfill a similar role to Mag and Volt in Endgame: keep the enemies from touching the team with hard CC and projectile redirection. It's all right there, already a part of her kit; it just needs to be adjusted so that it can be used reliably.