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  1. This just needs to be reworked by DE. Exalted Weapons SHOULD deal damage to Arbitration Drones, ESPECIALLY in Titania's case, given how she's locked into a specific weapon set, and the Operator isn't exactly buff enough to tackle Arbitration drones surrounded by an invincible mob. As for enemy level? That could very well change here in the future, given how DE is (say it with me) FINALLY... FINALLY... ...FINALLY addressing enemy EHP scaling. The Dex Pixia could remain relevant for a far longer span than their current status. With Primed Expel mods, I have managed to to do okay up until enemy level 370ish; going further requires very specific Warframes and Loadouts, and I'm afraid Titania will never be one of those. At this point, my main concern is DE just doing SOMETHING MEANINGFUL for Titania soon, because if expanding the potential profits reaped from the next Prime Access isn't enough incentive for them to do something, then Titania may well end up like Atlas: DE made a half-hearted attempt, it failed, and as far as they're concerned there's no reason to ever try again.
  2. Limits gameplay? Like, to what? Shooting? How is that any different from flying around with another gun? I don't care what weapon is in the slot, so long as it is effective. This is really down to individual opinion. I do not have an issue with Exalted Weapons, because regardless of whether I'm wielding them or not, I'm still performing the same actions with the same intents. As for Lephantis being the "only" use for Dex Pixia, sure: if you consider farming a milestone, and those milestones are the metric you use to establish success. I don't. I consider what kills the highest level non-boss enemies fastest the metric to go by, because I enjoy the combat found in Endurance runs far more entertaining than farming bosses. Again, its all subjective. Razorwing also grants Razorflies, Evasion Buffs, and Flight. Putting some OP weapons in your hands is a bonus, as far as I'm concerned. How have you determined/established that the Weapons are the "Only" reason Razorwing has energy drain? I can't quite fathom how you arrived to this maxim. Is there Developer Dialogue explaining why Razorwing has a energy drain? If so, please, direct me to it.
  3. The issue with Vacuum negating energy orb efficiency isn't so much Energize (which only serves to exacerbate the problem), it's that Razorwing is a channeled ability. You could be at nigh max energy, and Vacuum will force you to pick up orbs worth 25 energy when you only need 1 energy to achieve max for 1 second. Conserving Orbs for when Titania is properly low on energy boosts the efficiency of Razorwing, even moro so when Energize is factored into the equation. I'd run a rank 1 Vacuum on my Titania, given the option. I'm not big on Titania's new flight mechanics; having grown quite familiar with the prior system, this new incarnation of flight controls feels even more awkward and clumsy, especially if you play toggle sprint on console to spare your thumbs the agony of clenching down on the left stick constantly. Collisions should automatically cancel sprint and instantly arrest all forward momentum. Either speed up the casting animation of Razorwing, or add I-frames throughout the animation period. Form swapping nuisances fixed. I don't know why people gripe about the Dex Pixia, I suspect that they either don't know how to mod, aim, or are establishing a myopic DPS metric based on God-Roll Rivens for God Tier Weapons. At the end of the day, the Dex Pixia are easily one of the most powerful ranged weapons available with the proper mod set (Cratus, Viral, Primed Bane, the Secondary Weapon Multishot/Base Damage Holy Trinity). What they lack in mob control potential (which can be improved via use of Punch Through mods), they make up for in raw firepower. Inflicting Viral status & stacking Bleed procs worth 8K apiece at mach 5 with Razorwing Blitz makes for one hell of a late-game killer. The Diawatta is junk presently, though an increase to its Crit and a guaranteed Slash Proc on its strong attack could make for a excellent Strong Attack build, giving it an actual use. As for Lantern? My recommendation is that the "Lantern" (the target of the effect that generates the Lantern Aura) can receive incoming damage and disperse said damage across the entirety of its effective radius. Going further with this concept, making enemies effected by the Lantern Aura attack the Lantern itself could dramatically improve the utility of this skill, making it functionally similar to Mag's Magnetize. It would also allow Titania to convert the Dex Pixia's DPS into CC damage by having Titania specifically targeting the Lantern to disperse the Dex Pixia's damage across Lantern's radius. One thing you missed: Entangle & Full Moon. Entangle needs to have a buffed effect (Bare min of 40% Slow) and the slow effect NEEDS to be applied to enemy fire rate and action speed, not just movement speed. Full Moon is just gawdawful, and needs a total rethink. Maybe granting free revives to companions, a chance of I-frames for companions when they take fatal damage, or a 90% Damage Resistance to companions would be far more appealing than the current 75% increase to diddly squat "buff" that Full Moon grants now. Spellbind is too situational to be useful, if you get hit with a status proc, you'd better be close to a surface in order to cast Spellbind on it for the temporary immunity, and the CC ragdoll can easily tank the team's kills per minute by making targets HARDER to focus fire on (Try chaining headshots on an airborne ragdolled target; maintaining consistency becomes a time consuming chore); maybe adding a more "universally applicable" effect to it would make it more appealing, such as increasing the amount of damage that enemies receive while under the effects of Spellbind (say enemies receive 50% more damage while under the effects of Spellbind; Damage Bonus is unaffected by Power Strength mods). This should allow the team to maintain their KPM even with the floating ragdolled enemies handicap. Finally, make the status immunity effect separate from the ragdoll effect. The ragdoll effect remains projectile in function (aim and click), while the status immunity effect becomes an AoE radial effect with Titania at its center (Click for Buff); finally, remove the target requirement for the ability so that it can be cast freely, without a designated target so that Titania can acquire the status immunity buff regardless of combat or Titania's proximity to a surface. Finally, Tie Razorflies into Titania's Passive Ability; make it so Titania can generate (and maintain) Razorflies outside of Razorwing; maybe add a fancy Butterfly stencil meter that counts how many times Titania has cast her abilities, which resets and grants a single Razorfly once an established quota of casts has been met (Every 5 casts, Titania generates a Razorfly in and out of Razorwing; up to a cap of 10 Razorflies total; I.E. use Abilities 50 separate instances, receive 10 Razorflies.). Those, combined with the modular Razorfly suggestion listed above, comprise my recommendations for a Titania Rework; adjusting her present kit to accommodate performance expectations. Wukong & Nezha have received jaw droppingly well conceived Reworks that have elevated them from Bottom Tier to Top Tier. Adopting the adjustments listed above should achieve a similar result for Titania, by making every single skill of hers more valuable and less situational/hindering.
  4. They get nuked at super low enemy level tho, and they're not even remotely worth the energy cost of replenishing. I stand by what I asserted ages ago; make the Razorflies Exalted Companions, like Venari. That way, they're modular. We can increase their EHP, DPS, and general utility through companion mods. At the same time, we can scrap innate Vacuum on Razorwing, and reintroduce it as an option through Razorfly's Vacuum mod compatibility. That way, Energize users don't have to worry about inadvertently draining their supply of Energy Orbs.
  5. That’s like, your opinion man. Valkyr has a passive that prevents long fall recovery animation; Hysteria has a passive that grants I-Frames. Somehow, both passives are active during Hysteria. You’re confusing abilities with passives, which are completely unrelated by the very definition. A passive is always active; an effect granted by an ability is only active when that ability is active.
  6. So begins the Gripes: Spellbind & Lantern: Are useless; don't try to salvage them, scrap them entirely and design something new. Tribute: Dust & Thorns are okay; Full Moon and Entangle are not. Entangle could be salvaged if the Slow effect wasn't solely applied to enemy movement speed, but also their Action Speed & RoF stats, before being buffed to 40% Slow instead of 25%. Full Moon needs to be scrapped in its entirety. As it stands, Full Moon is the depressing punchline to the sad little joke known as Tribute. Razorflies: Better, more consistent replenishment is needed, as is better EHP, DPS, and capabilities. We're sacrificing a companion slot for these buggers, and these things can't heal Titania, restore/buff her shields, buff team crit, increase enemy drop rates or pickup quantity, strip armor, revive Titania, increase DR, or provide any form of meaningful compensation for the loss of a companion. Finally they get one-shotted as early as enemy level 35, making them some of the squishiest companions around. Their DPS is pretty timid too. Razorwing's Vacuum: Should be optional, not forced. Energize Builds can't practically conserve Energy Orbs when Titania sucks them up from 15 meters away. (I'm breaking my rule about recommendations, but I'm gonna offer a POTENTIAL solution for this one and the former gripe: Make Razorflies Exalted modular Companions, similar to Venari; that way, they can carry the Vacuum mod for Titania AND gain both Support Abilities with EHP & DPS Scaling via Companion Mods). Razorwing's New Controls: Deactivate sprint on collision. For those of us who play with Toggle Sprint, this is a must have. Otherwise you just grind face against a wall for 5 seconds while you deactivate sprint and decelerate. Cast Times: Are bad, especially for a squishy frame that can't sustain much return fire. This is exacerbated by the fact that almost all of Titania's Abilities have two-handed lock-in animations, which effectively prevent you from performing any other movements or actions while you stand still and take on hostile fire. Titania's Passive: Is Garbage because: A.) Titania is presently only effective while using Razorwing. B.) Titania's Passive has no effect on Razorwing & cannot be utilized while in Razorwing. Ergo, Titania might as well not even have a passive at this point. So ends the Gripes.
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