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  1. Question: How long will it take DE to realize that the token system is terrible and it needs to be replaced ASAP? Next Question: Necramech drop tables/chances. Why are they so low? For an enemy type this rare, an exclusive drop table is just silly; low drop chances transcend silly and achieve the apotheosis of infuriating. When is DE going to make Necramech mods and parts more accessible? Next question: Mining, Conservation, & Fishing. Why are non combat activities a thing in Warframe, and why is it mandatory for progression? Final Question: Isolation Vaults. Why are the rew
  2. Don't mistake grind for content; you can make grind entertaining, but the entertainment is what gives that grind its value. DE has failed to make an entertaining grind. I'd rather have a content drought than this garbage. At least a drought allows me to take a sabbatical from Warframe with hope that the next update will be worth my time. This garbage drives me to sabbatical with a vengeful spite.
  3. Conservation. You know, when I think about a game that's tagline is "Ninjas play free", I'm not thinking about spending HOURS sniffing dung and whistling with a tranq rifle jammed up my bum. You guys made a game that caters to mainstream hack & slash enthusiasts, and then you decided to introduce non-combat systems to the game to appeal to a niche audience. Fine. If that's what you want to waste your corporate resources on, then by all means, do so. Expecting me to waste MY resources playing your incredibly unappealing non-combat grind systems, just to advance in a syndicate far
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