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  1. Yup, I can confirm as well. It's why like most of the other content, I've begun soloing these as well. Sigh.
  2. The issue persists still as of Hotfix 26.1.3 Update: One way to reliably get back the bonus is to do heavy attacks. Once I lose the bonus, I immediately do a heavy attack (with 40 combo efficiency), the bonus comes back right away, seemingly resets whatever is causing it to deactivate. Update 2: Once the bonus disappears, if you wait for the combo meter to tick (using Naramon Power Spike), the bonus seems to come back reliably.
  3. As the image below shows, I got this +/- combo chance riven roll. As I've never seen other duplicate stats in a same riven before, I assume this is not intended to happen.
  4. Man, this has been plaguing all of my melee builds ever since the old blood dropped. Especially in high rounds arbitration where damage is crucial to one's survival. Getting the CC buff basically cuts my damage in more than half and thus killing me. Why is this still a thing?
  5. Yup, same thing here. My 100 SC Mara Detron fails to strip Demolyst armor after the update. However, the issue doesn't seem to happen in the simulacrum.
  6. My experience was even worse. After two rounds, I've decided to continue while all others chose to leave. Host migration done, I was stuck in the perspective camera - no ui, no ESC menu, there was nothing I could do except ALT+F4. On top of all the other progress and hard work lost to host migration, can't believe index now also bears the risk.
  7. Just did another few rounds of KUVA DISRUPTION, the problem still exists after the latest patch.
  8. Update: The cause for the bonus to vanish seems inconsistent. Sometimes it deactivates when the round is over, sometimes after void blasting the kuva guardian. But, if I spam the "5" button to get in n' out of operator mode, the bonus seem to come back, rather reliably. Also, if I get the CC buff from [Charm], for its entire duration, it overrides\removing my combo bonus completely. Oh my goodness, thought I was going crazy. Was doing 20 round of kuva fissure (Disruption) when all of the sudden I lost all my combo buffs and could not damage nothing. I can confirm this happening to me as well.
  9. I cannot believe this is still happening... Also same as K-Ze.Frame, arbitration disappeared from star chart.
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