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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  2. Im getting a texture bug at the lake south west from the Transit Depot in the Orb Valis open world area. Before the update i was able to do my fishing from atop the partiliy submerged corpus ship. Now i just go through the ship when i try to get on it
  3. When i tried to fish the Eye-Eyes for the rotoblades, both the bait and the dye fell through the textures of the coolant and into the out of bounds areas
  4. Khora's default syandana is missing and even when it is equiped it is invisible. Anyone else having this problem or just me?
  5. I'm Latino, so I'd appreciate it if you would translate this. ___In order to what we are going, I do not understand why there are people who still defend DE, that if they are delayed by time they defend it, that if scarlett spear came out broken they defend it, that if the liches came out extremely broken it defends it, that if In 2019 we practically had no quality updates defend it, that if the latest warframe updates (not counting railjack revisited, glassmaker and mainline that were quite good for what are small updates) that came out broken they defend it only because they are fans of Digital extremes and of warframe, that is not good because you have to criticize the game so that it improves not to settle for what to bring broken, and do not come to tell me that they did not have time to polish deadlock protocol because they did have time, that the year was not enough 2019 of practically mediocre updates to polish the updates of 2020 ?, and do not come to me with Tio is that the covid-19 ruined everything, because you know and they know that it is not like that, DE n or it is knowing how to manage it as a triple AAA company that they are, and eye I accept that they bring me deadloock protocol this or maximum the other week, because I want it to go well and polished because I expect it a lot since we have not had large updates of great quality and hopefully That bad streak is broken with the deadloock protocol, but what I do not accept is that it takes about 4 weeks without bringing the next chapter of glassmaker, because I am already seeing that they will try to extend as much as they can and that it will ruin the story, that will ruin our interest and its consistency.
  6. Just got stuck in a bug. At some point in a mission I am unable to use any of my weapons or abilities. I can't even use the operator.
  7. My game's crashed twice so far because of server overload
  8. How about a warframe that uses dual glaives as its personal weapons?
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