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  1. Any chance for Helminth IMBUED abilities onto lavos getting elemental imbues? casting fire blast (ember) or "firewalker" (nexha) as lavos and filling a local area with your elemental choice just seems cool. The other thing that would be nice is also allowing HOLD to select elemental imbue to still work with lavos if you have a helminth ablitity overwritten there.
  2. This is the area i'd like to see a little love programming wise, given that it's probably the most difficult to get right. Having the ability to make an acolyte with RANDOMLY generated abilities and make it not too strong or weak is the hard task, really cool if you can make it work. You have to break the abilities down into categories so the AI can use them appropriately and throw away the energy requirement and make them all LAVOS like. (with cooldowns) Buff (self) (aoe or not) Buff (ally) (aoe or not) (prioritizing significant allies) Attack Single At range
  3. Just thinking about lavos alchemy , colours and I think you missed a great chance to have a more colourful way to display the power abilities. If you choose default power colour then maybe it should choose the ability colours based on the elements selected. The HUD already chooses some colours for the combined abilities etc. The only question then comes what elements would have what colours. YOU COULD make a UI element in options letting people choose the colours so that other places in the game that shows that element use that palette. Or you could just force an appro
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