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Eclipse Feedback Megathread


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February 23, 2024 Edit:
Hi Tenno!

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions on this topic.
Based on your feedback, we have decided to turn Eclipse into a Tap/Hold ability:

  • (TAP) Temporarily reduce the damage Mirage takes from enemies.
  • (HOLD) Temporarily increase Mirage's weapon damage.

It will no longer rely on the light level you are standing in. We talked about this a bit more in Devstream #177, found here (timestamped):


Hello Tenno!

As you may have seen in Devstream #176, we are looking at ways to change Mirage’s Eclipse ability (and related Helminth ability). To briefly recap the Devstream, we see consistent functionality issues with Eclipse in various in-game environments, as well as situations where Eclipse is unreliable.


First, Eclipse does not function correctly in every area of the game. In Open Zone content, it always acts as though it is in maximum light, even when it is nighttime. In Albrecht’s Laboratories, it always acts as though it is night, preventing Tenno from using the light portion of the ability. Here's what that looks like in practice:

Eclipse in Open World - Always Light

Eclipse in Albrecht's Laboratories - Always Dark


Second, Eclipse’s reliability is due to the boost being reliant on the area’s lighting, which means taking a step to the side could cut Eclipse’s boost in half. This can make it difficult to properly utilize shadow’s damage reduction. Here's an example of what we're talking about - even a few steps may switch Eclipse from dark to light.


We’re coming to you for your feedback because we see a few paths forward, and we would like your input on our current ideations for Eclipse.

  • We can fix the locations it doesn’t work correctly in (like Albrecht’s Laboratories and Open Zone areas) but leave everything else the same - including its unpredictability when moving. This would require extensive work to fix as it ties into our new lighting system but would allow Eclipse to work in these areas and any future environments.
  • We can change Eclipse to work more reliably, but may need to reduce its effectiveness when used as a Helminth ability by reducing its power, duration, or other factors.
    • Eclipse is already the 2nd most popular Helminth ability, so removing its main barrier to entry (reliability) would mean a rebalance is in order. This effectiveness reduction would not affect the ability for Mirage, only when applied from the Helminth.
  • We can redesign the ability, so it works on the same general theme but functionally is different. For example, it could spawn beams of light nearby - standing in them provides the light boost, while standing out of them provides the shadow boost.
  • Suggestions! We are open to unique suggestions from Tenno on this as well!

Please leave your feedback below. We’ll be reading it from the shadows (but also sometimes from the light)!

Thank you Tenno!

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