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  1. wow new end mission screen for squad look worse! For end of mission new UI the Inventory tracking is wayyyy more important to showcase the none existing teamwork/squad or awarding snowflake flavored award. 10 reward shown is not enough make it 15 or 20 seen at first glance and don't dare make me hover with mouse on the resources/item to figure out how much I got/which ones. You could easily view stat and item view on one screen if there was no glamour picture of the whole squad. It look fine as it is with a full squad but think of how much wasted space its gonna have for a solo player. I get it the proposed end mission screen look more fun it can show micro transaction err character customization but i want more a practical boring screen. Just looking at recent stuff like the parazon UI Lich hunting is a freaking mess that require juggling between the navigation Kuva Lich tab and the Parazon arsenal tab. Why its not on ONE screen? No decent way to filter vaulted relics when cracking fissures... Those issues are not even mentioned in your wall of text. DE you communicate a lot but your not listening. edit. also I feel the Dojo/decoration/building UI need improvement way more then the end mission ui
  2. My Face when I realised a second elevator was not enough for Dry dock
  3. taking a break 'till the rng reduction implemented... because am at my 3rd Drakgoon in a row 🤮
  4. oof guess my status strun wraith riven gonna get destroyed. Time to rebuy/forma Mk1 Strun. 🤣
  5. wow Ember is amazing! no longer a fragile frame! AoE armor stripping Team player ability! shes no longer a lazy farm frame! End game ready 💖 Please no tweak/change! Immolation drain 4 life! Big D R!
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