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  1. can't wait for Turbo man! Hope it won't be hard to find 😉
  2. why no grenade in your game? its a thing in warframe you know corpus and grineer like to use them when you stand still too much.why not tenno? NO Castanas and the like are more traps and mine. Am talking HAND GRENADE. RAMBOOOO but in space. Hey Vauban exalted weapon grenade maybe? To give him a cool damage buff tie in with vortex power?
  3. According to the study published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes journal, a good dose of sarcasm is healthy because making and understanding sarcastic comments forces the brain to switch to abstract thinking, which boosts creativity.
  4. Can't we just get rewards for 5 min in survival or 5 waves defenses now? well I guess you can balance by requiring 4 extractors too...💩
  5. so when is the deadline for wolf creds? This sunday? May the 15th? The next sunday after that?
  6. Archgun riven gonna end up into one blip riven in 9 month like kitgun🤣 why bother?
  7. can I revive my derpy kavat that way?
  8. am not really enthusiast about wisp cookie jar thingies. 6 buff slot is awfully lot to spam. Maybe cut it to 3 slots? The stand still cast spam will offset lot of the speed gain in a A to B mission tile. conflicted about the jar radial power will I bother setting it up when I have tHE pOWeR Of The SuN at my finger tip? On the fence really it might be really good, make the damage buff switch depending of the buff jar type? I like the teleport power want more synergy roll into it and I like how she disappear on bullet jump. Was expecting some kind of a mist/incorporeal state defense power throw in there was not expecting a death beam. meh.
  9. so floofing is a deviant thing...count to just 1.8 millions for 50 millions register loosers.
  10. Having a blast personally with no shortage of peoples doing Kuva hour survival, an hour is more elite sounding then 20 or even 40 minutes, just saying... I cringed more when I had to do 10 conservations perfect capture today, it was my first time hunting critters on Orb Vallis. Like DE_Steve said you only need to do 60% of it to get all the rewards. 60 minutes survival is not that bad it could be worse like 10 Conclave wins owo.
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