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  1. What will happen to the Zealot Derelict Codes? Will those keys and their missions disappear with the end of Nightwave? Or will we at least be able to keep the keys?
  2. Still no fix for finishers putting you under the ground if you execute them on a sloped surface.
  3. Is there any news about the return of Raids again?
  4. Yes, I am absolutely sure of it. Oestrus had only Axi relics in rotation B, and there was about a 14% chance for each. Before my run that motivated me to post this issue, I had never gotten anything other than an Axi relic from rotation B
  5. At some point in the past two hours, the drop tables for Oestrus Rotation B were changed. It used to be only Axi relics, but now it has a bunch of mods saturating it https://imgur.com/Al2ESKe
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