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  1. no all i say is you think that DE is perfect and they are listening to every one and all what we will say will never convince you talking with you is like talking to a stone ^^ you can say what you want the fact that players know exactly what type of rewards they want and they always telling to DE via partners and forums..etc and they chose to ignore them players ask for content DE give them more cosmetics player wanted more raids DE Delete them for X period of time they do what they want and that will never change
  2. i don't say that they aren't listening to player they are listening to casual player and making contente for casual because they give more money partners and veterans are ignored any partners will tell you the same thing they give a lot of feedback in every update all they receive is ''thank you for your feedback'' and nothing change at all Stop making excuses like DE is perfect and you have all the answers because all i see her is a Fanboy making a post to tell the player who want a better rewards to shut their mouth
  3. they never asked us that question they have partners that give them a lots of feedback about rewards but 90% of them are ignored remember when we wanted scaling reward in kuva survivel
  4. but how it work? -in survivel each 5min 6% or just the first 5min or 5wave on defense? - In regards to the spawn rate percentages, is it 4% / 6% per player, or 6% when full squad?
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