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  1. I still loathe what was done to melee. You have no idea how much of an effort it's been to bother playing of late because of it. DE, I know you mean well, but this was one of those 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' moments. Melee was fine the way it was, it was the very thing that got me interested in the game in the first place even when it was pretty basic at the time. Now? Why do some devs think streamlining is a positive thing? It's why I left Guild Wars 2. I hate over simplifying. I hate dumbing down combat. I hate the concept of changing weapons like they magically appear with little to no animation? YOU ARE NOT IMPROVING YOUR GAME. Sure, I understand this is the first stage of the changes but, if this is a sign of things to come, I just go play For Honor instead.
  2. Easily your best cinematic questline, DE! This and Chains of Harrow. My only wish from this is we find a way to extend the umbra roster without too much wait. Don't get me wrong, while Umbra Excalibur's introduction was truly worth waiting for, his 'passive' is something I'd like to see available for all frames. How that will work in the grand scheme of things is up to you, but I could live with some form of universal questline that allows us to apply it to any non-umbra frames. Otherwise it may very well take over a decade before you manage to create a personal quest for each frame so far. Not that I'd complain because I loved the story for this, but still... But yeah, worth the wait. Looking forward to what's on the horizon. 😃
  3. DE, let me be one among many to say THANK YOU. This is an incredible change, I'm actually excited to have Limbo players around me again, which is no easy feat. Heck, tempted to pick up his Prime when it arrives. Your art team did a great job on his design. That and as a long time fan of the Destreza, thanks again!
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