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  1. AFAIK her thigh shield plates only appear when using her 3. Maybe she's using both 3 and 4 in the diorama.
  2. More like turn all archgun into having mini Tactical Visor from Overwatch
  3. I think you need to toggle the channeling to activate the blind effect now.
  4. Current iteration of Melee obviously favors the players that primarily uses guns with occasional quick melee. The removal of quick melee to automatically equip melee makes the transition from gun to melee smooth. Previous system didn't allow this hence why gun users stick with their guns more than mixing up with melee. In the eyes of those players, the new Melee system is a step forward. But for those who primarily use melee, this system is not a step forward. Reasons below: - No manual blocking (making some mods and builds lost functionality) - No aimgliding while in melee (loss of FOV, no blocking while in air) - Executing block combo is hard (have to time it really close melee attack to start the execution) So, to make the upcoming Melee 3.0 system to be friendly to melee mains as much as gun mains, here are some suggestions: - Bring back "hold F for full melee" if possible - Bring back manual blocking (not for melee only loadout like now) and assign it to R (clashes with gun reload so when pressing gun fire, either the gun auto reload because not having any bullets, or you fire a bullet which brings out the gun then pressing R will reload) - Allow full button customization (so us melee mains can rebound keys as we prefer, like mouse left click for melee attack, mouse right click to blocking and R for either gun fire or gun aim) Hope these suggestions reach your interest in making melee gameplay smooth for both gunblazers and bladeswingers.
  5. When melee attack is keybinded to mouse left click, Revenant's Danse Macabre unable to activate boosted damage (pressing left click while in Danse Macabre will increase damage while drains increased energy).
  6. Ash Sodom sounds good, but be careful not to add a "Y" at the end. But personally I like Ash Acheron for the repeating "A"s.
  7. Whenever Limbo use Stasis, Stein will get his PSTD triggered.
  8. Something about the white stripes on her shoulder and thigh feels off. For the thigh stripes I suggest you make it look parallel to the 2 "cartridges" at the side of the thigh. Hope this skin will continue the double metallic tint that other Corpra skins have too.
  9. Goblin shark: *exists* Evolution: Time for you to become intelligent.
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