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  1. I'm not a fan of Graxx series (personal opinion), BUT I'm very interested artistically in seeing Graxx Hildryn and Graxx Nidus. I wonder how Faven will pull off a Grineer look on such techy-looking and infested looking frames.
  2. How about skip Ivara and go straight to Titania Prime
  3. Who enables Prime bits when customizing Oberon Prime anyway XD
  4. Must be the same people that doesn't destroy the reinforcement beacons and then complain about having too much mobs in the fight.
  5. I think the "heavy units" only drop archgun ammo in non-open world maps.
  6. How's the network out there? How fast your piss turns into solid snowcone?
  7. If you see his ability demo in previous devstream, pressing 3 will proc Cold which slows down enemies. Pressing 3 aagain after will freeze the enemies. Sorry, no proc rework.
  8. If you read her lore, it tales that she slay what once the collection of all Eidolons using a bomb crafted by the Unum, not by her own ability.
  9. Please give us an update on Melee 3.0, it's not fun for certain melee users to use melee in its current state. Some prefer the isolated and dedicated system the melee was.
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