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  1. Even with the duplication protection, I came across a lot of constant Kuva Krakens and Kuva Tonkors in a row.
  2. But this is much better than unnecessarily create a Lich with a weapon you're not after, and killing said Lich just to have the extra larvling have a chance for a weapon n you're after. Without the weapon duplication - run a mission, kill larvling, see weapon, complete mission or redo mission. With weapon duplication - run a mission, kill larvling, complete mission, see weapon, do murmur hunting, try requiem order on Lich, get weapon, redo mission for another larvling.
  3. Honestly speaking, I don't think there will be more Umbra frames in near future. The only Umbra related stuff they could show is Echoes of Umbra.
  4. Both versions get changed. Now it's a beam like Atomos, instead of the old "cartoon radiowave" beam which I personally liked.
  5. Aaand here we have a party pooper.
  6. Not everyone run Zenurik (I run Vazarin), so it's nice for those want to play tactical like Vauban without having to worry about energy.
  7. Warframes have energy in place of cooldown, and DE told that her energy will revert to the amount you had before activating her 4.
  8. How did you made the cloth look ripped? Ripped section of cloth made translucent, perhaps?
  9. The examples you mentioned are "additional" details added by artists, like Excal having ponytail WHILE still having a horn, and Harrow having a hood WHILE retaining his long helmet design. ION Revenant helmet's "hair" is not "additional", it's "changes". If the helmet have the "hair" WHILE having some of the energy bits, it might haver a higher chance of being accepted. All the mentioned explanation are just the pattern I noticed. At the end, it's all up to DE to decide
  10. You have to remember, Saryn wad designed to have hair-like features in her helmet. Even her default helmet shows that. So her alt helments having hair-like features are acceptable. But for Revenant, not so sure. Those energy tendrils might be hair, but it's still energy bits. Maybe if the hair in ION helmet changed to be energy tendrils "hairs", then maybe it's acceptable thematically for Revenant.
  11. Anything default Oberon Prime is a crime. Also the Nightwave Infested ephemera.
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