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  1. Slight look up on each pillars for shackles/handcuffs.
  2. I still think new Umbra warframes should follow the frames that Stalker's Acolytes use.
  3. 2 HANDED SCYTHE. Is that idea still being in the list or scrapped? Perhaps potential new melee category?
  4. Nova doing sumo stance while saying UwU will make me scary and ehem...
  5. Recently, I equip MK-1 Furax to rank up...it often do finishers during normal attacks...it's ok...but sometimes doing finishers near walls makes my warframe stuck inside walls...recently I played Invasion on Uranus and my warframe suck in walls...and I have to lose my Rending Crane stance coz I have to abort the mission...Plz fix this... Edit:Forgot to write dat i equip only melee and playing solo... :(
  6. Ancient could be Sentients...COULD BE...
  7. Immobilize a capture target-->Walk towards him like Lockdown
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