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  1. Certainly makes the Railjack-content much more enjoyable. I do enjoy it even to this day, but playing it solo and as you mentioned, repeating the X-missions kinda sucks the fun out of it really quick. Thanks for the crystal clear workshop. Keep up the good work :D
  2. Hi! Would it be cool to be able to remove some aspects of an Ephemera? Say Baurahn Ephemera, I would love a version without the dragons (just the fiery effects) or Spore Ephemera (exclude the growing spores, keep the glowy effects) Why? Because it would be visually more satisfying and not overloaded. The Baurahn ephemera is my most used ephemera and I honestly hate the fact that it has too much in it. My suggestion is creating a toggle (or alternate version of the said ephemeras) to make some of them visually pleasing to the eyes. Opinions?
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