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  1. No, I'm not talking about Tenebrous. I'm talking about this swirling liquid. It would look so kewl on some Frames.
  2. Daziri

    Wisp Feedback

    Did you know that holding 2 when cast actually makes the decoy move MUCH faster and when recasting 2 you get 3s invulnerability -._O_.- Did you know casting 3 into one of Wisp's motes actually doubles the range + teleports to the mote -._O_.- I agree with her 1st being slightly annoying but nonetheless.
  3. Thank the Stars... Tenebrous Ephemera Removal and Future Acquisition: TEMPORARILY removed the Tenebrous Ephemera as a drop from Reinforced Sentient Containers aboard the Sentient Anomaly in Veil Proxima. The drop method is causing numerous issues in terms of connectivity stability and player frustration. We’re going to be changing the acquisition method that won’t involve a direct drop rate in a near future Hotfix/Update, and will instead be closer to a token system (complete X Anomaly missions to buy Ephemera from a vendor). The Tenebrous Ephemera will be coming back as soon as possible in a better acquisition method
  4. Depending on some colors... Using any color of teal causes some sort of green distortion making my fashionframe while ingame sufferable. It could be smaller for sure.
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