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  1. Lesion is beyond insane. Especially on the hands of Status dmg dealing frames.
  2. Can't wait for the Ash, Saryn and Wisp skins also those operator face accessories...
  3. check if you have v-sync off. I'd turn it on if I were you.
  4. I believe some1 from DE said that rewards from Nightwave won't be exclusive to it. The armor set was taken as an example.
  5. I wish oneday DE would make a Public Testing Environment, you can squash the bugs if there are people helping. And as many have already pointed out, I rather go release 4tuna now and track as many bugs as possible so 4tuna can be playable during the weekend at the very least.
  6. It would be neat if Fortuna COULD be released today (because this is the only day this week I'm free) :C
  7. DE said they wont delay Fortuna cuz of Garuda. They will implement Garuda apart from Fortuna if need to be.
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