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  1. With the Melee 3.0 rework are scythes seeing a complete rework? The current ones are hatchets at most, their damage is lackluster and their combos are arguably some of the worst in the game
  2. They never gave mastery, thats the thing, even though theyre supposed to, Ive put 15 levels into my k drive and maxed a moa (gilded) and no mastery at all
  3. #1 Sentinal Weapons are trash to begin with, noone cares about them, and 20K is just some sad excuse for a man trying to make something worth his life, while the artax may have the best sentinal weapon its only decent use is spreading cold procs for condition overload, with all companions receiving vaccuum sentinals will be a thing of the past mostly as most kavats and kubrows provide more to the table than sentinals except that they dont have regen. But they can be revived an infinite amount of times safely with void mode on the operator and honestly if youve modded them with decent survivability they will rarely die anyway until you hit endurance level mobs. Which there is no reason to do anymore because void keys dont exist anymore. #2 Primed Chamber, is also trash, because Riven mods made it obsolete, you can 100% more damage on every shot with even more stats on a riven, and by the time you fit on the rest of your build there is no slot for primed chamber, its purely an item of status, tbh it shouldnt be tradable at this point because theres no use in having it in terms of modding but rather as an item to say "I did the event and I was one of the best" unless you already bought it. Both points are obviously for your own agenda towards something selfish and not for the community or in the interest of balance. Besides its not like you dont have people who have 200,000+ plat, which I know you do, so all youre trying to do most likely is buy it for cheap and scam someone else as per usual. I could state more but I think I've made my point.
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