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  1. This system is seriously imbalanced. With alerts you could spent ~5-15min playing one mission and getting one reward, now you spend 30 minutes to an hour playing several missions and get some points, towards getting some other points, towards getting a reward. You can easily play 17 missions and get absolutely nothing in return: lets say you play 8 bounties for 3000 and 9 invasions 3000, that gets you 6000 points, which gets you... absolutely nothing. The next problem is wolf cred: You don't even get any wolf cred from playing all those missions, heck even if you got 10000 points and ranked up, there is still no guarantee that you get any wolf cred this rank, which means no rewards. Even if you were the luckiest person in the world, you'd would have to play at least 30 missions just to get your first batch of wolf cred, which is only enough to get 3 nitain extract. And then there is the huge problem of the store itself: because even if you fix the balance of the rest of the system, the idea of a store really falls apart when the currency is so hard to come by. Who's going to feel good spending weeks worth of grinding on a few piddly nitain? What player is ever going to spend their limited cred on some cosmetic statue when the store also has catalysts, reactors, nitain, and slots??? And of course the biggest problem is the tasks themselves: you have literally given players a list of chores. A list of banal, time filling chores. "Kill this many enemies, Scan this many things" who finds this fun? no one, I doubt even the people who support this system find those entertaining in any way. If you're going to give us the most boring fluff tasks, at least drop the numbers so its less monotonous. As far as I see it this system is a complete disaster, and frankly a slap in the face, but if you still want to support it, at least put alerts back in the game. As a player with 3000+ hours even just on the on steam edition, Alerts were honestly the only thing that had me coming back.
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