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  1. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Mining Tool Widgets, please?

    yes please, but the widgets should improve things like: -ore detection range on minimap while not in caves (in caves it's perfect) -the ability to make the slider go faster or slower for faster or more accurate mining, this will help people who don't have the synchronization needed to hit the right spots and those who want to rush stuff (and really reward those who want to go fast and have good clicking sync) -the ability to choose between ore grades: if i want low grade ores i can slap a widget and get more but not get any high tier ores (same goes for high tier ones)
  2. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Titania's Razorwing & Archgun

    can this please become a feature? it's the best fun i had on titania ever, this + her vacuum made me play her and actually enjoy her
  3. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    DE, for all the solo players out there i say Thank You! (please don't add self damage to the staticor ._. just nerf it to the way it was if now it's too op)
  4. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    Unfortunately sanctuary onslaught is a failed focus farm, doesn't matter how fast i kill enemies if my allies do no dmg i get very little focus. If my allies do dmg but i don't i get very little focus. If we all do dmg then i get decent amounts of focus but not even near to equinox adaro farm (tested both with 4 greater lenses equipped, on a 20 minute timer... and while adaro gave focus just for melee and equinox it still yielded more focus than elite onslaught) Dear Digital Extremes, if you plan on nerfing adaro focus farm then at the very least make a focus farm that can bring similar(even a bit lower) amounts of focus with the same repeatability (onslaught can be good if focus gains are measured by individual effort and buffed accordingly, so a solo player can get as much focus as a player in a team if their efforts are the same and the team member is not punished if the rest of the team does no dmg while he does)
  5. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Dear Digital Extremes, thank you for the amazing work. The latest update made my game not only run smoother but look a lot better. It even fixed a problem i had without me even saying anything! For a free game this is easily and steadily becoming the best game out there. Thank you for this game, for the support, for the community and for making my dull life a little bit more fun!
  6. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    the new gamemode already crashed for me and now for the second time i'm stuck in loading screen, you guys should have taken another week to iron out the crashes
  7. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    that made my day, thank you!
  8. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    did you plug it out and back in?
  9. Ryk_the_Wizard

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    please fix defection ai, the npcs keep getting stuck
  10. Some suggestions that could make the nerf not so bad 1-give it hp based on ability strength and armor (but also add energy spent to the ecuation: the more energy spent the stronger it gets so at max efficiency gara has a weaker wall than a non efficiency gara) 2-make it move together with gara (optional) this would make it too OP again 3- give gara the ability to channel it and while channeling 4 the walls repair taking more and more energy the more dmg they repair/take (so at some point it would be worth more to recast it rather than repair it) button mechanics: press 4 to activate, press 4 again to deactivate, press and hold 4 to activate heal channel after wall has already been activated (program the wall deactivation on key release so if 4 is pressed after it has already been activated but it's only pressed for less than 1 second then it will deactivate the ability(if it lasts more than 1 second in pressed position healing channel starts and lasts till the 4 key is released)) some sugestions that could make the nerf not so bad