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  1. Because grindframe want their players to never stop grinding and to not have fun. Unless you like never ending grinds. Then this games for you.
  2. Get bored and sht post in region chat is end game
  3. I’ve been off the forums for a long time and I remember quitting because of the update that changed the ui and got rid of notifications. I come back and it’s still the same way. Now I’m on mobile atm is it much better on PC. Cus the update on mobile is awful.
  4. I think in general they are fun and would be great to do on the side hence why they they are mini games but the way DE implemented the grind and makes mini games like the main quests of the game to get stuff I think is very flawed. The only problem with warframe is how DE implement the grind. Grinding in a grinding game is fine it’s just DE gives out a poor execution of it.
  5. The new forum is pretty garbage ngl
  6. Basically all the Vets that whine about endgame content?
  7. The forums not having any dang notifications still. But for real the I think my least favorite thing about warframe is the RNG is way too much. Other then that I like the content in warframe a lot just not the crazy amount of rng to everything.
  8. I have no clue what exactly your referring to to but in the digital age it’s alway been like that.
  9. Yep I do mean that. I don’t use desktop for the forums, just mobile. I like the he look of the update more but it feels like they took away a lot of good things and didn’t add anything of benefit to the update. Which I think is a huge let down.
  10. While I like the looks and the ui for the new forum. It really ruins it that we can’t properly access notifications and our profiles. I hope DE do fix this eventually cus it makes the forum almost unusable.
  11. While I think the mr locks time gates are stupid and are counterproductive to trading and the fact that it slows down the exploration of the game the rest of it is fine and works well the way it is. I like being able to do fissure missions and then sell prime parts and do index missions for credits.
  12. I believe you can revive your companions but they suck i think and are way inferior to sentinels that can heal your health and shields. Companion alway wonder and leave your side and end up needing to be revived. While sentinel always stay by your side and with the right mods will be more helpful support in combat. Pets are just fluff and to show off that’s it
  13. I think it’s better for the most part. De just needs to put the notifications back in and it would be all better.
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