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  1. BlackCoMerc

    New Player Experience Suggestions - 4 Months In

    More like using Link to stand in the middle of crowds. Start doing that early on, and you will soon start dying non stop while using other frames. Rhino's Iron Skin can also cause this, if its relied on heavily early.
  2. I was REALLY hoping Fortuna would offer something that would interest me. I miss the moment to moment game play. But I dont miss knockdown spam, staggering rollers and constant control interrupts and draining auras. And I certainly dont miss dealing with all of it in tiny little areas where I have to stay in a circle and defend something over and over again. This game used to be about Ninjas facing off guerrilla style against superior forces and running appropriate missions for this reason. Then came the lousy horde modes, and its drug the game down ever since.
  3. BlackCoMerc

    Profit-Taker? The mobs are the real threat!

    Yet another Example of how their continued refusal to balance their game, harms it in the long run.
  4. Horde modes were the worst thing to ever happen to this game. Ninjas infiltrate, spy, espionage, exterminate, assassinate and undermine. And occasionally assault. The game needs rewarding tactical missions with definitive end/success states. The endless horde mode fillers were a stand in for actual content and have held this game back for years.
  5. BlackCoMerc

    The repetitiveness of bounties.

    Bounties were my last straw. Boring, low effort, repetitive filler that wouldn't cut it as side content in other games. And made a feature mechanic in PoE. I had Hope's for Fortuna, but it's just PoE v1.5. No thanks.
  6. BlackCoMerc

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    Every update I watched frames get nerfed while enemies received buffs and input interrupts. I said years ago that pretty soon the game would reach a point of nigh unplayable status, as frames would be the weakest unit on the field. Here we are... I was considering reinstalling for Fortuna, but no. DE have learned nothing over the years.
  7. When the majority stop both grinding and buying the new crap, it will change. Until then, expect things to get progressively worse as the parent company tests just how far they can push things.
  8. The game has officially reached the point all FTP games reach: the grind crosses a line from lengthy but reasonable into "if you want it buy it, either direct or in trade, because except for a select few no lifers you arent getting it by playing." No thanks. Absolutely no reason to reinstall for Fortuna stage 2 then.
  9. BlackCoMerc

    Got enough knockbacks there, fortuna?

    I've long said the amount of control robbing enemy effects was making the game unplayable. Glad others are seeing it now.
  10. BlackCoMerc

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Its reached a point where the Warframes are the weakest unit on the battlefield. And its a direct result of DE's refusal to balance the game. There is literally no way to both challenge players, and leave them in control of their god tier Frames, with cheat code level powers. So, every enemy in the game has some form of cheap, frustrating and frankly stupid control robbing ability. Its pitifully bad game design, and its gotten worse over the years. Whether its the constant power Nullification of the anti fun Corpus, the constant knockdown/aim bot grapple hook spam of Grineer/Ancient or the seizure inducing screen fuzz of Infested missions, DE is not happy unless players can barely see and control anything in the game any more.
  11. Several teens in my family tried Warframe on PS4. All of them quit playing as soon as they realized they would never be able to have more than a couple of frames and weapons without either throwing cash at the screen...or spending half their evening play time in trade chat hoping to scope tiny amounts of plat. Most of them play Fortnite now, or some other game that focuses on fun as opposed to anti consumer business models.
  12. BlackCoMerc

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The game's complete lack of balance, coming back to bite it once more. If the game featured mini bosses on missions which required time and focused fire, you could use Enthrall to add minions, to help out. But with Warframe's gross lack of balance, 99.9% of content will always feature the question of "Why do X, when I can just kill all the things immediately instead?" Irrelevant Warframe abilities are what happens when you falsely think balance is a non issue in a PVE game.
  13. BlackCoMerc

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    I forgot that that is what we are calling people who want a publicly available product advertised as Fit for Purpose to actually function... Odd. We used to simply refer to them as "reasonable."
  14. BlackCoMerc

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    I think you can probably guess the answer to this one fairly accurately. Even on hiatus, I applaud this change. Being chained to old, obsolete (for gaming) 32-bit machines drags the game down. You cannot have improved AI, truly large, open maps or more complex quests/mission requirements on systems with a (likely) single core CPU that (are, definitely) capped at 3GB RAM. It just CANNOT be done. This was inevitable. And I strongly suspect that, officially or not, Venus will be the breaking point for 32-bit potatoes. This is why, instead of buying a $600 "Budget" gaming rig the minute I could afford one, I save another entire year and bought a future proofed current gen core i7 in a large case, with tons of RAM and an 8GB 1070 GPU. It set me back, sure...but I can play games on it for the next half a decade without much hesitation or thought to specs. All that said, I DO think DE should offer another one time account migration to console before they do this.
  15. BlackCoMerc

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Now if DE Could just get rid of grappling hooks - or at least fix their aimbot, terrain clipping, no LoS required behavior and add in a 1 second audio warning - Grineer missions would be tolerable without using Rhino/Atlas all the time.