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  1. Just saw this topic. With the approach of a second open Landscape, Bounties are very much on my mind. They are a tired, low effort system. A desperate attempt to cram the old rotation reward system into a new setting. And they failed. They failed to offer replayability. They were old and tired a week in. They failed to offer reliable game play. They are bug ridden and prone to failure for no reason. They failed to offer compelling interaction. You run each one the same way, every time...and there are very few of them. A couple of HOURS into Bounties, you have seen them all. The
  2. The new Zephyr is much improved. Really. Except for one...small (ok, not small; its huge) problem: I cant see what I am doing when Tailwind is active. Its (still) Zephyr's best ability...but its largely useless to me if i cannot also see and fire on enemies while its active. The visuals need to be toned down. Drastically. Just a small Windshield around Zephyr is sufficient. Really. This is one case where less really is more. That aside, though, the new Zephyr is nice. Air Burst is a great addition, allowing Zephyr to clear space, and helping against the frame's great weakness
  3. You CAN progress entirely for free. But you won't have much fun. Slots are few, so your play Experience will lack variety. And DE determines when Reactors and Catalysts are available, severely hampering Progression. So yeah, technically, it's free. But it won't be very enjoyable without money spent. More importantly, though - and I don't say this either lightly or often - if the grind is already bothering you...don't spend money. Uninstall and walk away now. You think you're grinding now, but you haven't seen anything yet... believe me, it gets worse. A lot worse.
  4. This is what shills for the status quo do: compare Warframe to worse games and then say "hey, it's ok, see" like everything is now justified. Don't worry, it will come round one day, when the paying players finally have had enough...like this one certainly has.
  5. Reactant is a broken mess. It causes issues with Excavation and Survival, adds nothing to game play, has problems with joining late...and yet, it's still a thing. Why? If something breaks your game, while adding NOTHING to it...drop it. There. Done. Repetitiveness is an issue because every mission spawns the same list of Enemies. If course it seems repetitive; you're fighting Nullifiers, Ancients and Boombards EVERY TIME. DE needs to cut Reactant, offer choices of mission instead of forcing Sabotage and Spy for 90 minute stretches, use ONLY enemies from the actual mission f
  6. I am, for the first time, very concerned about a Warframe Bug. The Mission Completion Freezing has been reported, discussed here and on Reddit...and not only has it gone unfixed. Its gone completely unacknowledged. But what concerns me even more than that...its getting worse. The lockups are happening much more frequently. Where in the beginning it was an hour or two (which is bad enough) now its ever 1-3 missions. Its becoming extremely frustrating to even play the game. Has anyone found a solution or workaround? Verifying the cache does not help. Making sure only DX11 is enabled
  7. Fair points. For Salvage, my intent was that you fight off Grineer and retrieve Salvage, surviving pursuits to return it to Cetus gate or a safe extraction Point. A Spy type mission is cool. That's one reason I added a mission specifically to retrieve something, without the outright Requirement to fight. But yeah, a Fortified cave would be great.
  8. Bounties are extremely repetitive and have grown extremely stale. Simply put, we NEED more missions in the Rotation And we need it soon. With that in mind, some ideas: Excavation. Grineer are Excavating. Hijack the operation. (Launches a 3-4 round Excavation). Patrol/Clear Out: Ostrons need to reach a point on the Plains. The Lotus will mark a series of points. Clear out the Grineer at each point along the route. Extermination: Clear a Grineer outpost/cave Espionage: The Grineer have valuable tech at a base. Grab it, and return it to an extraction point/Cetus gate. Yo
  9. Yeah, the fog obsession has to go. It works in moderation. This...and the Void...isn't moderation.
  10. Always these same, tired arguments. Anyone who wants the game to be different from your ideal version of it - ie, the way it is now - should just leave. Just quit. Never mind in that, if everyone who thought Warframe needed drastic improvements just quit, you'd probably not have a game to play. But hey...keep encouraging those who care enough to leave feedback and seek positive change to quit. One day, you'll get your ideal safe place echo chamber...just don't forget to turn out the lights shortly thereafter.
  11. Keep perpetuating the myth of your much loved emo kid and the small minority that hate it. Seriously, try going anywhere where real, actual criticism is allowed actual discussion. I assure, people disliking the operator, aren't nearly as small as group as you, or DE, want to think.
  12. Except that everything your Operator can do, one day, against level 30 enemies, after months of boring, repetitive grind... Your Warframe can do better, against level 50+ after an hour or two of play. And it's much more fun to use and move around in while doing it. We don't NEED operator. It's just an excuse for a new Skinner box. A new progression chain. What we needed from DE were more exciting, varied WARFRAME missions. New things to do in our WARFRAME. Not emo kids with bad voice lines, clunky movement, cumbersome, lag prone transitions that only half work on controller (ser
  13. So... Operators are good because we can grind for years to make them moderately durable on Earth missions? No thanks. They offer NOTHING a frame cannot do better, with far less grind.
  14. There's always Bullet Jump...until it starts costing Bird Feathers when you use it in Landscape maps...
  15. I see your point. If the stuff you expect to break line of sight really DID...Grineer range might not be such an issue. Fair enough. I just want Archwing Launcher scrapped. Quick melee into Peacemaker while falling from on high is seriously never getting old... And Mesa Nerf in 3,2,1...
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