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  1. Mmmm, a suggestion for dealing with time constraints is organizing the grind and doing it on scheduled days. My days off are for the extracurricular. 3 days of the week can be spent on warframe if i want, 1 day for regular missions, 2 days for poe. If i dont feel like dealing with warframes bull, ill shrink that down, only just got back into the game. Its really not all that. You grind for what you want. They dont have anything i want. What do they have that you want? Im waiting for warframe to get it together. Also, just look up on youtube whatever your grinding for and try several methods. T
  2. To nit pick one little detail, you really cant. Maybe with infested, but most maps dont spawn enemies in ridiculous clumped swarms anymore. To break the rest of it down, this has nothing to do with wether you use one ability on your warframe or all 4 or if you consider your weapons, companions, items, the operator and passive as abilities and tell people you use all 17. I dont understand the people who get so hooked up on wether or not someone else is using the whole kit. I dont understand people who get so worked up over other peoples gameplay. But DE specifically had a proble
  3. I as a banshee once sat on venus with 2 nekros back when desecrate actually increased the amount of loot you got and a mag. I had something over 5,000 kills just sitting there. We got over a million credits and a couple hundred k of every resource. It was a 30 min run.
  4. People always ask for ev to get nerfed, but i think its mechanincs need to change.... Something silly even. Trade places with well of life, but allow for multiple targets to be affected, well of life causes an enemy to pulse (painfully) bleeding out over the duration, and energy vampire immobilises an enemy in the air giving energy while attacked. Casting link, and then casting energy vampire on self will energy blessing should give stacks of armor capped by strength and slow health restore, and possibly revive teammates, while changing her passive to increase ally revive speeds (of each
  5. nerfing....limiting her capabilities without fixing any issues or adding any utility....wont make her more fun to play. Its along the same lines as the people who complain hydroid is boring becauce the puddle increases attack damage or some such nonsense....you dont HAVE to do anything. Its just there. Could the mechanic be replaced with something better? Yeah. But simply asking for it to be removed is not helping saryn. Being worried about how other people are playing saryn is not helping saryn. Spores having less range, but remaining on the map longer, dealing less damage but increasing stat
  6. I did not read. I assumed. Damage weakness...someone somewhere said something about armor being on all units...the basic understanding i have and from what i have seen DE do in the past, is that some infested and some corpus actually do have armor, and with that i could legitely see someone giving the ability a pass as "ok" because it affects some things properly...alot of stuff is like that in warframe, but yeah, i definitepy agree fear is not doing enough in that regard.
  7. Terrify is cc enough. What the guy up top was saying. At this point i would usually go into how the frames kit as a whole is still lacking that nekromancer feel, how terrify could synergise with the other abilities, make soul punch useful or work the way it sounds like it should work in the descriotion and the way it works in titanias kit....but iv realised people are only usually ever asking for more cc, so more easy mode. And i have nothing positive to contribute to that.
  8. Maybe instead of the uselessness of iron jab, wukong can get his first to be a parkour ability.
  9. Maybe the application is different against different crowds, and for different players. I saw your statements on how you used it with bullet jump, but the way i remember it, it was never useful, even after invisibility was added. I know i threw him away, and it was a year or so before his rework which made me want to build him again and test it out...so in that year, maybe something happened to it to make it redeemable. As far as i remembered it, radial javelin was supposed to pin enemies to walls, but i guess that was only a chance, and only if it killed them. Yeah, damage abilities are
  10. Super jump was a terrible ability, even after the invisibilty thing...who wants that back? Are we nerfing bullet jumping? Maybe slash dash can be castable in any direction, or bullet jumping while slash dashing will result in a suoer jump, but as a stand alone ability replacing radial javelin? Really?
  11. Its literally stated in this video that if you have 2 zenuriks in a party, they do stack, and the 30 second timer can be refreshed by entering the aura again. In fact, theres no timer on when you can cast the aura, because its tied to void dash. I dont know why this post (the ops post) exists....
  12. Are we just going to forget about eximus enemies, and how they copy pasted Ember and frosts abilities and performed them better up until.a year or so ago?
  13. Actually, i like one thing they tried to do, which was the tesla coil concept applied to discharge, though the reworked ability itself was ill named.... Shocking discharged objects should have created an effect like an arc trap, if not even allowing shock to create and explode tesla coils itself. They could do more.
  14. Doesnt really do other frames wrong....mags makes no sense not affecting enemies and Saryns should work wether or not she has a melee equipped.
  15. reality distortion. I watched steve jobs the movie, it was awesome. Same thing. Steve jobs was pissed at a guy for nearly 20 years because he thought the guy had intentionally screwed him out of being on the cover of time magazine, when really, time magazine was never considering him. So to copy that situation and rip off the movie, you need to tell your side of the story to someone close to them that they will listen to....(i guess)... That or just do something else that might make more sense
  16. My favourite..... Maybe samurai champloo... Oooohhh Black lagoon...maybe...
  17. There was a Halloween alert once where someone put a bunch of saw blades on infested and had you run around with no weapons on a map looking for something. the only way you could kill them was by kicking open giant jackolanterns that would burst into Embers old fire blast ability. I S#&$e you not. They used to do stuff like that
  18. I thought it was hilarious. Can he be released into the game now and the a year later a female frame named garbage will be added?
  19. Wukong iron job can be considered Aoe? I guess I never put enough range in it then...cue surely he didn't get a buff. I'll try that out.
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