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  1. hey everyone i have a few friends that are new to warframe and i am fed up with trying to find a shield hellion dargyn so my new friend and clan members can have a very basic archwing build i know the drop chances are bad and i am more than likely asking too much for these but i really want to help them. if any of you have spares of the following mods please message me by finding my discord tag on https://switch.warframe.market/profile/Urim512 or look for my item that you are willing to offer me, or if i am in the game please pm me a message that you are willing to trade to me, and i will try to set up a meet in the game please note the times my shop is open are as stated on my profile i can try to do a special exception only on weekends monday and wednesday are unavailable for the moment. the mods and how many i need are: 4 energy amplifier 4 efficient transferral 2 system reroute 3 electrified barrel 1 automatic trigger 4 poisonous sting 2 galvanized blade 3 blazing steel 3 dual rounds 4 ammo chain 5 quick reload (these next few mods i doubt anyone would be willing to give but if you are willing to prove me wrong and help not only me but my friends/railjack crew, i would be ever thankful to know that there are souls out there who are as kind and selfless as you in the world.) 5 seering steel (60/60 heat archmelee) 3 magma chamber (60/60 heat archgun) 5 cryo coating (60/60 cold archmelee) 4 hypothermic shell (60/60 cold archgun) 3 contamination casing (60/60 toxin archgun) 3 infectious injection (60/60 toxin archmelee) 5 ion infusion (60/60 electric archmelee) 4 charged bullets (60/60 electric archgun) 4 archgun ace 4 sabot rounds 4 critical focus 4 marked target 5 deadly efficiency if any of you happen to offer me any of these mods for me or my crew you have my undying gratitude and heartfelt thanks for helping not only me but my friends who have been nothing but helpful to me in both the game and life when i needed someone to talk to. hope to get some if not all and yes i will update this list upon getting any of the mods.
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