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  1. i just tried again to run after getting some sleep hoping the door virus would be put in quarantine and deleted from the derelict systems but i was severely disappointed to find that it got worse i could not even get to the first terminal because the door was still not opening and it is seriously starting to piss me off de please fix the doors in emissary derelict we all want to get standing plus some of us would like to scan the new enemies for our codex!
  2. same here DE don't just stand there fix our emissary derelicts!!!
  3. ok I notice a few things no one else has bothered to mention 1. the transmission videos like with darvo, and probably others have yet to confirm though would rather not, are too dark 2. the equinox UI theme and background make it too dark for me to make out almost all the colors and details on my warframe tried a few lighting effect option combinations none of which helped fix for matters 1 and 2 and I did try everyone I could even with the new volumetric lighting still didn't help 3. the floor path inside the operator room leading to it is glitching out like crazy changing from one texture to the next like one moment it is smooth the next it is sand then looks like a circuit board texture 4. everything else is that is mentioned is also affecting me (thinning operator, can't say for rest haven't looked for some(plasma drill bug) some I have but aside from thinning on hair couldn't tell difference) DE what happened that caused all this it was fine in previous update but now I cant think what to do while it is like this please im begging you fix the problems they are really bugging me too much. sorry if it appears im being rude with requesting a fix I just like to play warframe a lot more than any of my other games I really enjoy it and hate seeing it get glitches this bad right after an update
  4. when does nakak get the masks on switch the new contest ones of lotus and norg ive been checking daily and would like a window to look in so I don't waste more time worrying if i missed it or not
  5. [DE] plz return my blade of the lotus cosmetics for trinity and heavy blade they meant a lot to me I don't want to not have them before the New war event comes out I promised beastbuster I would use them in the event and he is my favorite designer I would also like my diva polearm mic skin back as well as my Sari syandana once you have the licenses for them I really don't want to not have them after I spent all that plat on them and if I have to spend plat for them all over again this is not going to make me happy it will make me furious to have to repurchase my absolute most favorite skins all over again just be cause you messed up and are making all of us pay for it that in of itself is already a PR nightmare for you it will get worse if you don't treat your players like you care about them I get the why you did it but that doesn't make it fair for the players like me to have to respend plat again
  6. I am in NA and I cant go for one sec past it checking for new content before it says update failed please fix
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