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  1. I have the same bug too de and it has gotten worse since you ignored it just today I switched to my khora and all her colors were not only wrong and metallic but regardless of what I changed them to well let me ask this you know of the computer art program on every windows computer "paint" and when you use I think it was ctrl+I command that did the negative invert color deal well right now as I am typing this that is affecting my khora. so I am done asking: MAKE FIXING THIS YOUR TOP PRIORITY I AM SICK OF IT GETTING IGNORED LIKE EVERY OTHER PROBLEM IN MY LIFE. sorry about the lashing but truely every problem I bring up tends to get ignored until it becomes problem for someone else. just please please fix this it affects a lot more of the game than I would like. random arsenal things (warframes, helmets, armor, syandanas, pets, robots, and weapons) star map planets, mission graphics, enemy transmission videos, and even certain decorations (dojo and orbiter) please I am sick and tired of it being overlooked in the game probably because you haven't run into it yourselves. so please fix it and soon before it gets even worse than it already is Update: i recently learned this bug really triggers after a mission or returning from/to a relay or relay type area (fortuna, nekralisk, cetus, etc.) i hope this filters where you need to search for the problem
  2. ok i just found this and would really like to know if it involves just me or if anyone else has the problem. i just found the menu option where we can customize our HUD colors and i tried to change it 5 times now and everytime i change even a single color it and try to apply changes it ends up freezing my cursor and i am unable to leave the options menu because the game doesn't recognize me pressing either the back button nor the apply button and there is no buffer wheel again this has happened every time i tried to change my HUD colors and it is really annoying it forces me to shutdown my game and restart it however i do see that it applyed my colors oh and you want to know the aggravating part it doesn't matter where i do the change it has same result [DE] Fix this also i noticed that not all my changes are applied like when i change the damage number colors like for crits and super crits etc. it made all of them the same damn color so i don't know what is wrong with it but would appreciate a fix LIKE YESTERDAY!!!
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