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  1. Hallo , hast doch 2 ganz einfache Lösungen für das Problem mit dem im Boden versenken , 1. erst die Wände aufstellen , dann deine Bodenplatten , die sind ein wenig höher als der normale Boden und dann alles bespenden (solange die unbespendet sind kannst du auch in den rumgeistern und bauen 😉 ). 2. dreh die Wände kopfüber so kann du entscheiden wie tief du in den Boden möchtest mit beiden Wegen kannst du auf das 0.10m Grid gehen und damit sollte sich das Problem mit den Lücken auch gleich lösen 😸
  2. Hello Developers, in the last 2 Dojo Contests I looked at every single Contribution of the Clans, in the first Contest it looked a bit like random pick. Not much time to decide for the Winners and there was plenty of more Stuff to chose from, than could be viewed within just 4-5 Hours. After the Contest ended it looked like the Person that decided the best ones were the nature parts so just Stuff like that won. This time it was already a better since they voted as a Team, and they took their time over a whole Week, but there are still Problems that you didn't fix. You said, you will vote for Creativity and Quality. The things that I saw in some of the winners Dojos. The Quality is not given, many Things are placed wrong, asymmetrical and in different Sizes. The Creativity is another Thing. Many People like big Sculptures or Dragons, others like the Natural-style much more and People like us love the Orokin-style in Buildings and Things like this. After I saw the Dojos from other Clans that are under the top 3 with so many wrong placed Stuff or Stuff that is flickering because it stuck in each other. I think you just voted from a Hand full of Pictures. I think the Contest will be better with changes like the following : -don't make a Place 1,2,3 each Clan tier, make 3x Place 1 and split it to Categories like (Sculptures, Nature, Buildings or anything like this) -Give all 3 winning Clans the same amount of Platinum and the 3 Sculptures (Gold, Silver, Bronze) -Don't let Clans join the Contest again after they won it. You won't need to vote them every Contest again and every Clan has a real Chance to win. (Don't let it end like the Dark Sectors. Where a Hand full Clans will make it and switch every time, I think all the Dojobuilders and Players want to see more nice Dojos and the Love in it.) -When you have your favorites picked you should visit the Dojos and look at the Things from the Pictures/Video's, to check out how good the Work really is and then chose the Winners. I think this way it will be Fair for every Clan, to win with their own style, so you don't say ''hey we find Sculpture Dojos are better than Dragons, Natural-style, Buildings'' or whatever, so you can vote for the Quality in game and not like "best Picture will win" and so every Clan can have his moment at the Starchart but not every 6 Months again. It dosn't present the People with anything if they get 2 Times the same Place, just Plat for the Clanvault but.... yes that's not really the thing why People join the Contest. I don't say the Clans that won are not worth it. It's not a Thing of hate, I just think that it will be fairer for all and give every one a chance to show and shine with their Dojo. If anyone sees it like me feel free to make a Comment with ''agreed'', give an up vote or write what you think about it. And if you have nothing to say, please don't open a Discussion with other People in this topic. That's what PM's are for. 🙂🤷‍♂️ @[DE]Helen@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan
  3. Clan name : Miau after Tomorrow Clan tier : Shadow Clan rank 10 Clan platform : PC Clan role : Founding Warlord and the builder of the entire dojo Feature image : Album of all the rooms : https://imgur.com/a/pYljPbM It was hard for us to vote for a highlight because we have 4 Inspirations Halls that are done with TONS of Details and the biggest Problem is that i just can't make a screenshot from the entire room when it's not just one Building in it, we have a casino that have many games that can be used with Ludoplex in them and with many details, a big underground mining zone with separated caves and much more..... So we voted for one of the bigger things in 1 of our inspiration halls, it's our own Void style underground temple it has a big Chandelier and I managed to build an edgy roof with a round window in it without any clipping issues, flickering and open holes, a second stage to look down, a throne, a round stair, big round pillars that used around 35 parts each pillar, fountains with fishes in the basin and much more little things that make the thing for us perfect. We love the orokin Void and its own style. I built for many days to create a dojo that my clan and i love to see and use, I built a shop that works with a trading post in the ground, I rebuilt all the labs, so that they look like a complete new room, I rebuilt the connector rooms to cover them complete in a pure void style, after that I built many more things like : a bar, Cetus as a primed version, quill as a primed version, our own treasure ship, a meeting room, a conference room, a little gallery, a hall of fame, a complete Casino with many games, a big snow area with underground crystal caves and a grinder for the stones with a house where the resources get stored before they go to the cat castle(other room in the dojo), a Vault section named ''Cat Castle'' with 6 vaults in it (a bank, a gallery of rare things, a single Vault for the Vitus Illumina from the arbitration, a Vault with a big safe door for exclusive stuff [prime noogles], a safe for our treasure boxes that we fill in our mining zone(another room in the dojo), and a room for big boxes to store stuff there and much more. Many people come to trade and get lost in the Dojo for a look around and chill there for like 30 minutes up to 2 hours just to look the details. I'm the only one that can decorate with just 1 reason : I HATE WRONG PLACED STUFF, so I placed the stuff 100 % Symmetrical and used hours to place everything at the perfect place with the perfect rotation and size of the items, without any Holes, clipping issues or wrong rotated, we didn't build the dojo for the contest and we won't change it for it. We like the void and we don't want to build big dragons, robots or stuff like that. The idea for my buildings come to me from time to time. I tried stuff and restarted the building. If I got the best way for my idea I start the final building. In the room ''Cat Castle'' I built the ceiling, pillars, stairs, door frames, treasure chests, tables with several hundreds of benches. Catwalk plates are use for the treasure chests as the box, orokin column are used as a part of the walls. I built with it a round tower for the stairs. I used many things in other ways than they were intended for, for all the details. There is to much to list up everything. I have a bunch of pictures for you and I hope you recognize all the little details.
  4. same here (25/30) ,all caves on the map and revistet after the fix
  5. - Clan name : Miau after Tomorrow - Clan tier : Shadow Clan - Clan platform : PC - Your Clan role : Clan Leader / Dojo Builder do not forget to load all 😜 https://imgur.com/a/74sW1be https://imgur.com/gallery/IjMnEO5 Just as a little Note : the trade Table and the Orokin Console in the Treasury room are useable😉 https://streamable.com/8nyfo https://streamable.com/fw82x and : the trade Table and the Portal for our own Quill Onko room are useable too 🙂 https://streamable.com/vf858 https://streamable.com/jk4kx and our newest highlight : The Grand Platin Casino https://imgur.com/gallery/ASKQHtG all arcade games are useable and other games too 😉
  6. May we get some statistics what was the complete earned credit amount during the event and maybe a top 100 creditfarmer?
  7. May we get some statistics what was the earned credit amount during the event and maybe a top 100 creditfarmer?
  8. finaly got my logo from jithvan and im very happy with it cant wait too see it ingame :3 https://www.pic-upload.de/view-35909667/neuesclanlogogro.png.html
  9. i like this one from you but it need to be bigger , and the cat just need to be placed in it best way make the rift first ,if i like it you just need to place the cats in it , you dont need to add golden accents bec i use other cats like the first one and you dont need to change how they sit or something
  10. The circle should have a golden border. What is now purple is to fill the entire circle from the golden edge. The cat should sit in the middle in front of the circle. I have considered changing the cat to simplify that and would have 3 images that you could test cut and insert to see which fits best. https://www.pic-upload.de/view-35753068/428745358debfdd3400b7dca4e236139.jpg.html https://www.pic-upload.de/view-35753072/a374da3fc814c20fcdaaccfe80fd01d8.jpg.html https://www.pic-upload.de/view-35753074/d2ed7e80500e634ee9d23ae694415373.jpg.html
  11. hell no, that is not what i mean , that i can easy make myself just asking out of curiosity: are you only able to create emblems by layering different pictures?
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