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  1. The issue is that Warframe has a loot system in line with most games, enemies drop loot where they die to be picked up at leisure. The issue is pacing. In a game like diablo once I've cleared a room I can check loot and find what I want, picking only that up. Warframe lacks an inventory cap so there is no reason not to pick up everything. However this is at odds with the games pacing. This is a fast game, and running round searching every corner for loot doesn't fit that super space ninja fantasy. This is why carrier is so popular, you don't have to do that searching, you can keep running and killing while you autoloot everything. Personally I don't use carrier, I am too stubborn to get rid of my shade, but I acknowledge how much better running carrier makes the game. Splitting vacuum into three mods just makes sentinels who are already squishy and weak that much weaker. Kubrows and Kavats have much more utility than sentinels, hit harder and can be revived if they go down. Sure they require care, but in pure gameplay terms they massively outclass sentinels Just make vacuum a general sentinel mod and be done with it.
  2. Sweet, Mirage got buffed, her only ability might see some actual use now Other changes all make sense too, nice update.
  3. Welp, that's the final nail in the coffin for Banshee I guess. A passive that does pretty much the same thing as her third ability. Top notch. I guess the one positive is that I can remove my Banshee loadout now for an extra slot.
  4. Sixty5

    2016 Events at a Glance!

    Ooo coming to the land down under this year. I might have to actually consider going
  6. Sixty5

    Rhino: Charge, Roar & Stomp.

    I'd honestly prefer it of iron skin got the same treatment as Snow Globe. A lot of what is wrong with Rhino comes down to Iron Skin. At low levels it makes him unstoppable. But later on it barely lasts any time at all. Lowering it's base HP, and then letting it scale off of his armour as well as damage taken in the first 5 seconds (as Snow Globe does) would cut down on some of Rhinos opressive early on power, while letting him scale much better into the late game The other changes are nice, especially Roar, but Iron Skin is really the big red x in his kit for me.
  7. Sixty5

    June 19Th: Community Hot Topics!

    The balance question is a hard one. There are a lot of aspects in the game that are balanced as well as plenty that are not so well balanced. Of all of the options, archwing is probably the best off, but the lack of missions and scarcity of parts etc there are an issue for me. In terms of the game as a whole, the biggest issue with Balance is endless missions. They are the meatiest part of the games content, yet by their nature are very difficult to balance. Enemies like Lancers get progressively more threatening, whilst other enemies like Nullifiers and Ancients become a huge pain to deal with once large swathes of enemies start spawning. Personally, I feel like most weapon, Frame and faction balance issues have their roots in scaling, but this means that problems there are very difficult to solve.
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    [Forum Game] Better Nerf Trinity

    I played Trinity This happened Better Nerf Trinity
  9. Sixty5

    [Forum Game] Better Nerf Trinity

    Mate, this thread is old as hell. Have you been living under a rock? Also; Two Trinities make nightmare trials easymode? Better nerf Trinity.
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    Pc Operation: Tubemen Of Regor

    I'm sorry Alad, but stealing stuff is a lot of work, and after so many pug runs, my back can't carry much more. You lose by default I'll enjoy blowing up your hopes for a cure almost as much as I enjoy shooting you in your ugly mug.
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    Insult The Frame/prof Icon Above.

    That's because I am a sexy beast, unlike you with your ugly mug.
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    Insult The Frame/prof Icon Above.

    Hey Ruk you gonna pick your arm up off the floor? You degenerate clone
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    Insult The Frame/prof Icon Above.

    Limbo, enough said.
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    Last Post Wins

    exp(​(‑(((x-​4)^​2+​(y-​4)^​2)^​2))/​1000)+​exp(​(‑(((x+​4)^​2+​(y+​4)^​2)^​2))/​1000)+​0.1*​exp(​‑(((x+​4)^​2+​(y+​4)^​2)^​2))+​0.1*​exp(​‑(((x-​4)^​2+​(y-​4)^​2)^​2)) Math
  15. I'd just like to point out, that while we cannot just take it at face value as cannon, there is no reason it cannot be taken into account as a piece evidence in crafting other Lore theories.