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  1. I don't care what they are called as long as I get a blender for them.
  2. Probably, there is always more scope for event weapons.
  3. He sounds like a fool. You should have eaten him.
  4. Sixty5

    Better T4 Drops

    You win some you lose some. RNG is what it is, but in all honesty no drop is really that good to begin with
  5. Yes, crimson dervish Dakra Prime is insane in terms of damage. On the other hand it is boring, fairly slow and the combos feel clunky. I'd take a Cleaving Whirlwind Galatine over that Dakra any day of the week.
  6. Kickbotis manned by glen for the most part. He actually pops into council chat a fair bit. Always nice to chat
  7. Problem is that if you make a newbie channel for all those questions who would be there to answer them, and it would likely result in kicks for all those who didn't know better than to ask in region, which is hardly the best thing for new players. There are plenty of guides for new players out there, the only problem is getting them there.
  8. My standard setup: I also have one inspired by Kha-Zix which I kinda like.
  9. Which Event Rewarded players with the Snipetron Vandal A. Gradivus Dilemma B. Fusion Moa C. Informer D. Artifact Defense
  10. The thing is on some frames those defensive mods are not much use. Loki for instance with Max Redirection, Vitality and Vigor will hit 1260 total Health and shields, for the cost of three mod slots. However that Same Loki with a Quick Thinking and Flow will hit 1530 effective health and shields, for the cost of only two mod slots, with one of those slots helping towards the rest of the kit. Though because you are playing Loki you can give yourself and your team much more survivability through your abilities than through mods. By slapping on Rush and going fast you can avoid much of an enem
  11. I'd kinda like to see it changed to what Arson Eximus enemies do. Y'know that massive radial line of sight knockdown. Give her a bit more CC
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