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  1. You earn xp faster when you play with others, and the first several mastery ranks whiz by when you're shotgunning it like cheap beer. I played and still play solo most of the time and am crawling up the mastery ranks. My brother hit MR 20 long before I did even though I had double his hours just because I played solo with weapons and frames i like while he was constantly leveling new gear in public squads. Don't trip, you're doing fine.
  2. Writing fanfic for fun... Yeah that's all the context there is lol. Is there in-universe profanity that Tenno, Corpus, and/or Grineer characters would reasonably shout? I mean I could just use real swears, but where's the fun in that?
  3. Loving the rework! I was skeptical about the 90% reduction instead of the nice round 100%, but it works great. The other changes are great, too. One thing, though, is that I feel like the initial cast animation for Divine Spears is almost too fast, now. The faster/different casts for fire walker and warding halo are much appreciated though.
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