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  1. these ideas are great tho the numbers might need some tweeking but i want these mods
  2. so i just bought and tried split flight and its a really interesting mod can see some really fun builds with it. but the duration should be increased from 2 seconds to 5 in my opinion. but i would like to see other mods like it for other weapon types/catagories so that you can swap out mods like serration, split chamber, fury ext with fun situational mods that function for more interesting builds edit: a suggestion for such a mod is one that would swap out pressure point. a mod that adds x amount of flat damage or procentile depending on what works best over time untill a cap and when you attack it resets to zero a mod that then works more on low usage with melee but when you do attack its much stronger (and you could make it so it lasts for one entier melee combo)
  3. i disagree i tried it on cernos prime and mutalist cernos and it makes them in to beasts when you spam shoot. but that said they should increase the duration a few seconds. (also mutalist cernos gas clouds reprocs the buff)
  4. i hope they fix this. imo more scarlet credits and more kill codes per condrix.
  5. I soloed the murex without a problem and got 720 in like 15 ish min
  6. tbh i think that most of the warframe youtubers (not all but most) ruin the attitude people have because i seen alot of arguments on the forums that when you start pondering them they make zero sence but they started because a youtuber said it. also when i introduced my fiance to the game i made sure not to spoil anything for her and she loves the game... regret that i showed her sancturay tho the power leveling were real XD
  7. Imo if you just start a game to meta game it and get to end game adap you are usually gonna have a bad time and it will feel empty and boring Discovery and mystic is a big part of what makes games so amazing
  8. well hirudos and gunsens heavy attacks are quiet good aswell and i havent even made heavy attack dedicated builds for them
  9. i made a heavy attack build with pennant and its really fun and interesting. so to me its a really awesome concept i could share it if you would want also sliding while using heavy attack lets you keep momentum so you dont stand still
  10. I noticed that the sticky grenade mod (what ever its called) bugges out napalm grenades
  11. Its not even out yet you havent seen how it plays out yet
  12. I play alot of mag and reasently harrow and the shield buff will make my already builds better. Should give your volt build a try tho always wanted to do something fun with him
  13. Imo not a bad idea but just pure damage for self damage is sorta over kill. Why not more aoe range or such?
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