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  1. what Minecraft has going for it is a fun gameplay loop and creativity. the artstyle is never why i played the game. nor anyone i know either
  2. i think the person is arguing that gameplay is more important than graphics. so just because it dosent look the best dont mean it wont get eyeballs on it
  3. i found that if you move between places the fish spawn alot faster. seems wierd but it works
  4. the operator activation buttom. that should work for console since its both bumpers at once
  5. i would like a system that is simple. you play vauban and want to throw out a flettchet orb. so you press 2 and then 2 again for the orb. but then you want to use a damage boost orb so you press 2 then 4.
  6. okay just reached rank 5 and i were wrong here the enterati got the captura scene as a rank 5 reward.
  7. i ment what the other person explained better they havent done that from what i noticed when ranking up any syndicate in the game so.
  8. they usually dont give landscapes as rewards anywas so you aint missing anything. its usually gem blueprints or animal calls thats given as rewards so
  9. hey rather pre nerf and potential for buff without loss of investment. rather then nerf after people invested. or am i wrong in that reasoning?
  10. i agree fully. also on the skin part i want a more traditional mech skin
  11. why bother with vazarin if the amp is a full heal? the enemies dont do alot of damage over time so invunrability is abit of over kill anyways
  12. tysis got corrosive as base so you can add viral and heat to it. plus pretty good status chance on the basterd
  13. you need to shoot it out. and if you dont have a warframe with alot of damage reduction or temporary immortality try using your shield gating to help you take it out.
  14. i believe that when the next part of deimos with the boss/bosses drops the mod drops will be placed on enemies we will face then when we can use them for more things. because atm they are strong enough for the open worlds already
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