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  1. you could try support but it can take a while. they sometimes help with accidental sales from what i know
  2. I think the best way to fix rivens would make them individual in disposition and make a week based system for reseting it. That would encourage players to use different weapons all the time and wouldent ruin something because someone else use it. So for example i use loadout A first and then it lowers the based on how many % of missions i use it. Then i use loadout B and it have maxed disposition since not used at all and then it would be 50/50 for them and max for everything else i havent used. Do my explination make sense?
  3. i think the support team are on holiday aswell over christmass so they are probably backed up now when they are back to work
  4. Mostly its people screaming when its used in my groups so
  5. Thats not a bad qol suggestion at all
  6. Look in the codex for the new quests is a good starting point. And visit the open world hubs and talk to people there.
  7. dident someone mention that they wanted the mechs for the third orb?
  8. 4th? you mean 5th right since we can also use a diffrent archgun with our warframe aswell.
  9. yea we should be able to use our melee with them. i want to use the kaszas to sweep through my enemies
  10. Me and my fiance would use this alot if it existed. So just because a low amount of people would use it dont mean its not a good idea.
  11. according to the wiki the parts have a 10% drop rate on the easiest and drop down to 8% on the hardest so where did you get your numbers?
  12. Also the mobility difference between a warframe and a mech is silly. And in war if your enemy cant hit you they cant kill you. Thats why alot of real life things like warships have gone from massive battleships to small and fast destroyers
  13. Boarders on saturn railjack can drop it they got a decent drop chance
  14. Personally i like all of it. And its nice that warframe got abit of everything. But i can see how some people dont like everything. And i think they should make trading of more things possible. Because i got a huge amount of those fishing, mining and conservation things i could share that i no longer need
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